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Fenomén ľudskej dôstojnosti, jej pojem a vzťah k ľudským právam

Filozofia, 2021, roč. 76, č. 5, s. 317 – 332.
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The article deals with the issue of human dignity with regard to its relationship to the idea of human rights. The study is based on Arendt's understanding of human dignity as a normative expression of the position of man as a member of the political order and analyzes the phenomenon of dignity and its transformation in the history of ideas, especially in connection with the concept of person. Special focus is on Kant s approach and on the challenges for the thus formulated concept of human dignity with regard to the de transcendentalization of Kant's autonomy and freedom in Habermas s intention.

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Arendt, Autonomy, Concept of a person, Dignity of human being, Freedom, Habermas, Human dignity, Human rights, Kant, Nussbaum