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"Etické", "estetické" a dobrý život

Filozofia, 2005, roč. 60, č. 4, s. 230-240.
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Due to penetrating of marketing practices into the life attitudes a shift is felt in the perceptions of limits of tasteful behaviour and action. There is a tendency to see life as a sequence of „clips-like“ chances and to prefer a short run high effect. The picture of a „good life“ is shifting towards the dynamic world full of adventures. This lack of good taste can be find in all spheres including work relationships, where the democratic conditions regarding the needs of economic prosperity were not yet able to create the new limits and contents of the taste. With coming sounder and more clear-cut of the parameters of „good taste“, as the author believes, these will more widely a deeply reflect the positive (local and European) cultural values and in proper extent correspond to esthetical and authentic dimension of human action on its ethical background.

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