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Dve koncepcie vzťahu psychológie a filozofie

Filozofia, 2001, roč. 56, č. 10, s. 703-713.
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The paper offers a comparison of the understanding of the realtion between psychology and philosophy in classical and alternative psychologies. In the "externalistic" vision, connected with the classical psychology, the philosophy is seen mainly as a discipline "outside" of psychology: philosophy is not neither to exert a direct influence on psychology, nor to enter into the the psychological inquiry. This approach implies the priority of empirical experience as well as shoving up the theoretical reflection beyond the framework of psychology. Contrary to that the "internalistic" conception underlines the unity of the theoretical and empirical le_vels of knowledge, which are inseparable and mutually connected. This approach accepts the fact, that the philosophy does exert an influenc on the epistemological processes of psychology and does enter into them. Thus philosophy does not exist only "outside" of psychology as an academic disciplne, but also "inside" it, directly influencing the process of knowledge.

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