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Antisthenés a paideia. K sókratovskému modelu výchovy

Filozofia, 2011, roč. 66, č. 6, s. 535-544.
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The article focuses on Antisthenes’ concept of paideia, which, undoubtedly, must have been inspired by Socratic tradition. The decisive fragment – “the beginning of education is the research in names” – points to a connection between logic and ethics as it is witnessed in Xenophon’s and Plato’s dialogues. However, there are several differences as well. The author compares Antisthenes’ paideia with the rhetorical ideal of Isocrates. Then he displays several variations of the Socratic model inside the Socratic circle. Antisthenes shows no interest in the metaphysical development of his Teacher’s thought and offers a positive ethical ideal to be followed. This is the point where Cynics and Stoics carried on the Socratic tradition, the former putting stress on ethics and the letter completing it with logical studies.

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