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Thomistic Version of Christian Philosophy in the Dialogue of Worldviews

(Original title: Tomistický smer kresťanskej filozofie v dialógu svetonázorov)
Filozofia, 2017, vol. 72, No 3, pp. 215-227.
Language: Slovak
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The paper deals with the history of Christian philosophy and its two main versions, Thomistic and Augustinian, as well as the criteria of the rationality of a worldview. The comparison of the two versions of Christian philosophy enables us to argue that the Thomistic version of Christian philosophy is more conductive to the dialogue with other worldviews than its Augustinian counterpart. Further, the article introduces the criteria of the rationality of a worldview and addresses the question whether Thomistic version of Christian philosophy meets them.


Augustinianism, Christian philosophy, Rationality of a worldview, Thomism, Worldview

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