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The Quantum Gravitation Theory and Its Ontological Basis

(Original title: Teória kvantovej gravitácie a jej ontologická báza)
Filozofia, 2012, vol. 67, No 7, pp. 557-569.
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For the time being the quantum gravitation theory is a hypothetical theory having its objective the unification of general theory of relativity (GTR) and the field quantum theory (FQT) into one system with a single language describing and explaining the structures, properties, relations, development and laws of the universe. The ontological basis of the future quantum gravitation theory should take into account the limitations imposed on it by GTR and FQT and at the same time be able to explain and predict phenomena explained and predicted by the two theories. The paper discusses the philosophical and methodological aspects which determine the creation of such a conceptual system.


Ontological basis, Ontology, Physical vacuum, Quantum, Quantum field, Quantum field theory, Quantum fluctuation, Quantum gravitation, Space-time, Theory of relativity

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