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Philosophy in the Global Dialogue between Pragmatism and Chinese Thinking

(Original title: Filozofia v globálnom dialógu pragmatizmu a čínskeho myslenia)
Filozofia, 2006, vol. 61, No 3, pp. 208-230.
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Long before the multiculturalism and globalism became the well-known controversial slogans of our time, Michel Foucault in a brief and otherwise not important interview expressed a courageous idea, that the future of philosophy, finding itself in a deep crisis at present, might depend on its encounter with Asiatic thinking. In 1978 during his stay in Japan Foucault proclaimed the end of Western philosophy. According to him if any philosophy is to exist in future, it will have to come to existence aside Europe or as a result of the encounter of European and Non-European thinking. One way or other, the author is deeply convinced, that it is from this encounter that the most shining future of philosophy is to expect.

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