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Insufficient Solutions of the Problem of Individuation According to Johannes Duns Scotus

(Original title: Nedostatočné riešenia problému individuácie podľa Jána Dunsa Scota)
Filozofia, 2004, vol. 59, No 5, pp. 356-365.
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Scotus\' theory of common nature is the basis of his solution of the problem of indivi_duation. The common nature itself is indifferent regarding the modes of universality and singularity, there is no conflict in its being "this" and "non-this". The ground of universality is reason; the principle of individuation, which is the ground of singularity, was determined later, after the critical discussion of the conceptions of his predecessors. It leads him to a conclusion, that the principle of induividuation must be positive (against the double negation), intrinsic (against the existence), substantial (against the accidents), occurring rather in the order of form (against matter). This criticism suggests his own original way of the resolution of the problem of individuation.

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