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The Ontology of a Work of Visual Art as a Process

(Original title: Ontológia výtvarného diela ako procesu)
Filozofia, 2008, vol. 63, No 7, pp. 600-610.
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The essay outlines a non-substantialist ontological conception of the work of art, which should grasp the process-like nature of the works of visual art. This process-like ontological model of the work of art draws on following conceptions: (a) the conception of the work of art as an experience in J. Dewey; (b) the conception of the virtual and actual existences as developed in informatics; (c) the conception of a semantic gesture of Jan Mukařovský. In this conception the work of art is seen as a product created by the author/authors together with the viewer/viewers, as an experience, which could be shared inter-subjectively. The whole process is controlled by the semantic gesture, which is unique in each work of art, and which is our guide in actual experience.

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