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Problems of Perichronosophy

(Original title: Problémy perichronozofie)
Filozofia, 2008, vol. 63, No 3, pp. 206-218.
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The paper offers the first and the most comprehensive outline of perichronosophy, i.e. a theory of timelessness and its practicing, which are to be taken as a theoretical (perichronology) and practical (atemporalistics) grounds of syncriticism. The fundamental concept of perichronosophy is perichrony expressed by the term peri- chronosopheme. This concept has been articulated in recent years by applying the syncritic method in the examination of various pre-temporal, intra-temporal, and beyond-temporal units of timelessness, as well as their various timeless qualities, linkages and processes taking place in various spheres of timelessness: in pre-temporality, intra-temporality as well as between time and timelessness. Peri- chronosophy goes back mainly to Plato’s theory of timelessness oscillating around the notions of exaiphnes and metaxy.

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