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On the Distinction between Knowledge and True Opinion (Theaet. 201a-c)

(Original title: K dištinkcii medzi vedením a pravdivou mienkou (Theaet. 201a-c))
Filozofia, 2016, vol. 71, No 5, pp. 379-388.
Language: Slovak
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The paper deals with the problem of distinction between knowledge and true belief in Plato’s dialogue Theaetetus. It is focused on the part Theaet. 201a-c, where according to some commentators, Plato specified the necessary and sufficient conditions for achieving knowledge. The aim of the paper is to find out, whether talking about nec-essary or sufficient conditions is relevant in the wider context of the other dialogues and also in Theaetetus itself.


Knowledge, Necessary condition, Plato, Sufficient condition, Theaetetus, True belief

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