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Appearing and Givenness. Marginal Commentaries on Contemporary Conceptions of Phenomenality

(Original title: Jevení a danost. Poznámky na okraj současných konceptů fenomenality)
Filozofia, 2007, vol. 62, No 5, pp. 434-450.
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The postclassical conception of phenomenality, which represent the new French phenomenology is marked by an „expropriation“ of phenomena, certain autonomy of appearing as related to the subject of the (intentional) consciousness, as well as by certain autonomy of appearing as related to the world. A twofold question is asked about the appearing as such; it is this question the paper tries to outline: „a phenomenon and nothing else but it“ (M. Richir) and „giving the phenomena them selves“ (donation) (J.-L. Marion). In spite of their different starting points and different ways these and other authors deal with the problems they share one point: fundamentally appearing is an event: in its origin a phenomenon is not an instantiation of something else, i. e. a particular case of becoming, an actualization of some general, structure of potentialities, given in advance (i. g. of world, being, life, consciousness). Therefore it is always its own principle and so, in a sense, an „ultimate“ principle of Phenomenology.

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