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The Limitation of Enmity as Education to Humaneness: Carl Schmitt and Ernst Jünger

(Original title: Obmedzenie nepriateľstva ako výchova k ľudskosti: Carl Schmitt a Ernst Jünger)
Filozofia, 2019, vol. 74, No 10, pp. 852-865.
Language: Slovak
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The aim of the paper is to present the principle of limited enmity as education to humaneness. In the first part I focus on Schmitt’s presentation of this principle as a corrective to the natural human inclination to discriminate and defame one’s enemy. He points out a line of thought in international law that humanized war by defining enemies as equals and rejecting the tendency to completely annihilate one’s enemy. He sees it as a counterbalance to the totalitarian ideologies of the 20 th century that promoted the absolutization of enmity. In the second part I examine Jünger’s autobiographical reflections on his military involvement in World War I. I demonstrate that both his personal maxims and his practical conduct conformed to the principle of limited enmity. In the third part I highlight four common features of Schmitt’s and Jünger’s reflections that I consider relevant for education to humaneness in the political conflicts of our age.


C. Schmitt, E. Jünger, Education to humaneness, Limitation of enmity, Protection of the enemy, Regulated war