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Volume 74 (2019)

Suvák, V. Aeschines of Sphettus: Socratic or Fraudster, Author or Plagiarist [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Zelinová, Z. - Kalaš, A. Alcibiadesʼ Pedagogical Erôs? [Abstract] [PDF] 13-27
Škvrnda, F. Socrates and Telauges – Aeschinesʼ Socratica between Platonism and Cynicism [Abstract] [PDF] 40-51
Bureš, O. The Future of Humanity in the Age of Postnational States: Conditions and Prospects of the Cosmopolitan Constellation [Abstract] [PDF] 81-94
Greif, A. Drug Laws, Ethics, and History [Abstract] [PDF] 95-110
Griffith, J. Thinking Descartes in Conjunction, with Merleau-Ponty: the Human Body, the Future, and Historicity [Abstract] [PDF] 111-125
Hanzel, I. The Unfinished Project of Transparent Intensional Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 126-138
de Bravo Delorme, C. Socrates’ Dialectic Therapy According to Plato’s Aporetic Dialogues [Abstract] [PDF] 169-180
Pavlovkin, K. On the Question of the Distinction of Intellectual and Moral Virtues in Aristotle´s and Thomas Aquinas´ Ethics and their Significance for the Present [Abstract] [PDF] 181-193
Machura, P. Practices, Virtues and Embedded Moral Cognition [Abstract] [PDF] 194-208
Sepczyńska, D. Post-Truth from the Perspective of Hannah Arendtʼs Political Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 209-222
Švihura, L. You Have to Become a Work of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 223-237
Cepko, J. From Conflict to Excellence. Aeschines and the Socratic Education [Abstract] [PDF] 28-39
Review Articles
Flachbartová, L. Socrates, Aeschines and the Socratic Dialogue [Abstract] [PDF] 52-63
Back to the Sources
Kalaš, A. - Cepko, J. - Suvák, V. Selected Fragments of Aeschines of Sphettus (Translated by: A. Kalaš; Commentary: J. Cepko, V. Suvák)   [PDF] 64-73
Škvrnda, F. Wollner, U.: Prolegomena to Plato’s Gorgias   [PDF] 74-77
Sluková, T. Fišerová, M.: Deconstruction of Signature. Jacques Derrida and the Repetition of the Unrepeatable   [PDF] 78-80
Gálik, S. MARCELLI, Miroslav: Myslenie v sieti (in Slovak)   [PDF] 163-168
Tomašovičová, J. Milan Zigo: Príbehy veľkých myšlienok a tých, čo ich tvorili   [PDF] 252-254
Fraňo, P. Matúš Porubjak: Praktická protofilozofia Tyrtaia a Theognida   [PDF] 255-257
Discussions - polemics
Mikušiak, M. On the Classification of Definitions [Abstract] [PDF] 139-153
Karul, R. Lissarrague and Schnapp, Bažant and Frontisi-Ducroux on a Shift in Representing and Seeing in Ancient Greece [Abstract] [PDF] 154-162
Muránsky, M. On the Ambiguity of the Concept of Responsibility [Abstract] [PDF] 238-251