Content of Volume

Gahér, F. Editorial     689
Suvák, V. Aeschines of Sphettus: Socratic or Fraudster, Author or Plagiarist [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Zelinová, Z. - Kalaš, A. Alcibiadesʼ Pedagogical Erôs? [Abstract] [PDF] 13-27
Cepko, J. From Conflict to Excellence. Aeschines and the Socratic Education [Abstract] [PDF] 28-39
Škvrnda, F. Socrates and Telauges – Aeschinesʼ Socratica between Platonism and Cynicism [Abstract] [PDF] 40-51
Bureš, O. The Future of Humanity in the Age of Postnational States: Conditions and Prospects of the Cosmopolitan Constellation [Abstract] [PDF] 81-94
Greif, A. Drug Laws, Ethics, and History [Abstract] [PDF] 95-110
Griffith, J. Thinking Descartes in Conjunction, with Merleau-Ponty: the Human Body, the Future, and Historicity [Abstract] [PDF] 111-125
Hanzel, I. The Unfinished Project of Transparent Intensional Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 126-138
de Bravo Delorme, C. Socrates’ Dialectic Therapy According to Plato’s Aporetic Dialogues [Abstract] [PDF] 169-180
Pavlovkin, K. On the Question of the Distinction of Intellectual and Moral Virtues in Aristotle´s and Thomas Aquinas´ Ethics and their Significance for the Present [Abstract] [PDF] 181-193
Machura, P. Practices, Virtues and Embedded Moral Cognition [Abstract] [PDF] 194-208
Sepczyńska, D. Post-Truth from the Perspective of Hannah Arendtʼs Political Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 209-222
Švihura, L. You Have to Become a Work of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 223-237
Gahér, F. Is Mill Really the Forerunner of the Well-Known Explanation of Counterfactuals? [Abstract] [PDF] 259-277
Park, S. The Descriptive and Normative Versions of Scientific Realism and Pessimism [Abstract] [PDF] 278-290
Čana, T. On Metalinguistic Rejection of the Evil Genius [Abstract] [PDF] 291-307
Tamura, A. What does the Premise “a Deceiver Deceives me” Conclude? - Descartes’ Deceiver Argument Reconsidered [Abstract] [PDF] 308-317
Mihina, F. Human Nature – One of Anthropological Insolubilia? [Abstract] [PDF] 318-333
Sťahel, R. Lovelock՚s Concept of Sustainable Retreat and its Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 352-365
Hrubec, M. From Social and Environmental Conflicts to Positive Alarmism [Abstract] [PDF] 366-377
Gümplová, P. [Abstract] [PDF] 378-393
Blecha, I. Fink and Heidegger on Reading Parmenides [Abstract] [PDF] 427-439
Leško, V. On the Question of Being – Heidegger versus Hegel [Abstract] [PDF] 440-455
Stewart, J. Hegel’s Theory of the Emergence of Subjectivity and the Conditions for the Development of Human Rights [Abstract] [PDF] 456-471
Fraňo, P. Cicero and the Sources of Stoic Argumentation in the Work Stoic Paradoxes (Cic. Parad. 20 – 26) [Abstract] [PDF] 472-484
Sýkora, P. Towards the Posthuman Through the Editing of Genes for Cognitive Capabilities [Abstract] [PDF] 511-529
Petit, J.L. Memory and Brain: Bergson’s Error [Abstract] [PDF] 530-542
Siegel, L. Limits of Rawlsian Approach towards the Theory of Justice in Conceptions of Eva F. Kittay and Martha C. Nussbaum [Abstract] [PDF] 543-555
Zolcer, Š. Whitehead in Historical Context – Process Philosophy and Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 556-570
Kocourek, D. Paradox of Ravens as an Ontological Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 571-581
Muránsky, M. Liberalism, Civil Rights and Economic Unfreedom (On the Tugendhat’s Concept of Human Rights in the Context of People with Disabilities) [Abstract] [PDF] 593-607
Smreková, D. On the Problem of Collective Moral Responsibility of Unstructured Groups [Abstract] [PDF] 608-621
Foltin, M. Reasoning of Human Rights in the Concept of Effective Altruism [Abstract] [PDF] 622-636
Smolková, E. On the Philosophical Bases of Current Models of Health Care [Abstract] [PDF] 637-651
Glavaničová, D. Hyperintensionality of Deontic Modals: An Argument from Analogy [Abstract] [PDF] 652-662
Bielik, L. Kinds of Disagreement and Their (Semi)Formal Reconstruction [Abstract] [PDF] 690-704
Halas, J. Abstraction, Idealization, and The Use of Arguments [Abstract] [PDF] 705-720
Gahér, F. Mill’s Mistaken Objection of Petitio Principii Against Deductive Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 721-734
Marko, V. The Promises and Procedures [Abstract] [PDF] 735-753
Zouhar, M. Subjective Taste and Argumentation [Abstract] [PDF] 754-767
Kollárik, T. Is Disagreement Between Compatibilists and Incompatibilists Merely Verbal? [Abstract] [PDF] 768-784
Kiymaz, T. Phenomenal Concepts and Physical Facts: A Dialogue with Mary [Abstract] [PDF] 797-807
Tomeček, M. Mandeville and Berkeley – a Missing Dialogue [Abstract] [PDF] 808-822
Tee, S.H. Diagrams, Difference-Makers, and Background Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 823-840
Glavaničová, D. The Food Thief: Alleviation of Responsibility in Terms of All-Things-Considered Obligations [Abstract] [PDF] 841-851
Šajda, P. The Limitation of Enmity as Education to Humaneness: Carl Schmitt and Ernst Jünger [Abstract] [PDF] 852-865
Review Articles
Flachbartová, L. Socrates, Aeschines and the Socratic Dialogue [Abstract] [PDF] 52-63
Back to the Sources
Kalaš, A. - Cepko, J. - Suvák, V. Selected Fragments of Aeschines of Sphettus (Translated by: A. Kalaš; Commentary: J. Cepko, V. Suvák)   [PDF] 64-73
Škvrnda, F. Wollner, U.: Prolegomena to Plato’s Gorgias   [PDF] 74-77
Sluková, T. Fišerová, M.: Deconstruction of Signature. Jacques Derrida and the Repetition of the Unrepeatable   [PDF] 78-80
Gálik, S. MARCELLI, Miroslav: Myslenie v sieti (in Slovak)   [PDF] 163-168
Tomašovičová, J. Milan Zigo: Príbehy veľkých myšlienok a tých, čo ich tvorili   [PDF] 252-254
Fraňo, P. Matúš Porubjak: Praktická protofilozofia Tyrtaia a Theognida   [PDF] 255-257
Horyna, B. ASSMANN, Jan: Achsenzeit. Eine Archeologie der Moderne   [PDF] 343-347
Smolková, E. SŤAHEL, R.: The Concept of Crisis in Environmental Thinking   [PDF] 414-418
Horyna, B. GARVEY, J.: The Ethics of Climate Change: Right and Wrong in a Warming World   [PDF] 419-424
Foltin, M. SEDOVÁ, Tatiana, PALOVIČOVÁ, Zuzana: Disabilities in the Context of Human Rights. A Philosophical Reflection   [PDF] 501-504
Tuboly, A.T. MORRIS, Sean: Quine, New Foundations, and the Philosophy of Set Theory   [PDF] 505-508
Lesňák, S. PAVLIČÍKOVÁ, Helena: František Mareš. From Physiology to Philosophy   [PDF] 582-585
Siegel, L. SMREKOVÁ, Dagmar: Forms of Responsibility. Philosophical Reflections on Current Social Problems   [PDF] 586-588
Foltin, M. DE LAZARI-RADEK, Katarzyna and SINGER, Peter: Utilitarianism: A Very Short Introduction   [PDF] 669-672
Kišoňová, R. LEŠKO, Vladimír – MAYEROVÁ, Katarína et al.: Heidegger and Metaphysics in the 20th Century   [PDF] 673-676
Valach, M. HALAS, Juraj: Abstraktion and Idealization (in Slovak)   [PDF] 785-789
Petkanič, M. CHAVALKA, Jakub, SIKORA, Ondřej: Nietzsche on Virtue (2nd Special Issue of The Philosophical Journal 2/2018)   [PDF] 790-794
Porubjak, M. HOBZA, Pavel: Milesian Philosophy as an Aristotelian Construction (in Czech)   [PDF] 876-880
Gálik, S. DVOŘÁK, Tomáš et al.: Epistemology of (New) Media (in Czech)   [PDF] 881-885
Discussions - Polemics
Mikušiak, M. On the Classification of Definitions [Abstract] [PDF] 139-153
Sivák, J. Heidegger and the Question of Existence of Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 485-500
Vacek, M. Fictional Characters as Alien Individuals [Abstract] [PDF] 663-668
Karul, R. Lissarrague and Schnapp, Bažant and Frontisi-Ducroux on a Shift in Representing and Seeing in Ancient Greece [Abstract] [PDF] 154-162
Muránsky, M. On the Ambiguity of the Concept of Responsibility [Abstract] [PDF] 238-251
Horyna, B. When Philosophy is Actual [Abstract] [PDF] 334-342
Horyna, B. Suffering of Topicality [Abstract] [PDF] 394-404
Špirko, D. Responsibility Full of Fear and Hope from Future – Jonas՚s and Skolimowski՚s Contribution to Environmental Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 405-413
Ševčík, M. Kindness and Bitterness of Humor in the Reflections of Louis Cazamian [Abstract] [PDF] 866-875
Sedová, T. - Smreková, D. Ľubica Hábová (7. 7. 1950 – 20. 3. 2019)   [PDF] 348
Scientific Events
Kollárik, T. Issues On The (Im)Possible II   [PDF] 589-590