Content of Volume

Szapuová, M. Facts and Values: On the Problem of Value Neutrality of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 693-706
Rönnedal, D. The Aporia of Perfection [Abstract] [PDF] 707-716
Urban, P. - Koubová, A. The Relational Account of Moral Subjectivity between the Ethics of Care and Donald Winnicott’s Theory of Play [Abstract] [PDF] 717-730
Smolková, E. On the Question of Hans Jonas’s Influence on Current Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 731-741
Buraj, I. Manipulation as Power, Manipulation and Freedom [Abstract] [PDF] 742-754
Hanyš, M. Gender, Privacy, Intersubjectivity: On J. S. Mill’s The Subjection of Women [Abstract] [PDF] 755-766
Sťahel, R. Environmentalism as a Political Philosophy for the 21 st Century [Abstract] [PDF] 1-13
Šmajs, J. Is It Now the Proper Time for a Biofile Spiritual Turn? [Abstract] [PDF] 14-23
Kwiatkowski, P. Consensual Foundations of the Policy of Protecting the Genetic Information [Abstract] [PDF] 24-35
Gahér, F. Counterfactuals [Abstract] [PDF] 36-50
Ogilvie, B. Negative Anthropology? Extermination as the Starting Point of the Reconsideration of Philosophical Anthropology [Abstract] [PDF] 51-62
Fišerová, M. Writing Act. Derrida and Searle on Parasitical Performativity [Abstract] [PDF] 63-74
Kalaš, A. - Škvrnda, F. From Zoroaster to Socrates: Ancient Philosophy and Magic in the 5 th and 4 th Centuries B.C. (I) [Abstract] [PDF] 85-96
Wollner, U. Who Are the Phronimoi in Plato’s Gorgias? (Gorg. 489e3-491d3) [Abstract] [PDF] 97-107
Aguirre, J. - Lavilla de Lera, J. The Philosopher against the Rhapsodist. Socrates and Ion as Characters in Plato’s Ion [Abstract] [PDF] 108-118
Zamora Calvo, J.M. The Crafting of Mortal Soul in Plato’s Timaeus [Abstract] [PDF] 119-132
Zelinová, Z. Aristotle – the Author of Plato’s Dialogues The Stateman and The Sophist? [Abstract] [PDF] 133-144
Machura, P. Flourishing vs. Market: Towards the Aristotelian Concept of Education [Abstract] [PDF] 145-157
Slováček, P. Polemos as Carl Schmitt’s Response to the Modernity Crisis [Abstract] [PDF] 169-178
Stewart, J. Hegel’s Criticism of Schleiermacher and the Question of the Origin of Faith [Abstract] [PDF] 179-190
Sváčková, K. The State of Nature in Rousseau’s Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 191-200
Palenčár, M. Pascal’s philosophy of Human Finitude: Fundamental Characteristics [Abstract] [PDF] 201-211
Kalaš, A. - Škvrnda, F. From Zoroaster to Socrates: Ancient Philosophy and Magic in the 5 th and 4 th Centuries B.C. (II) [Abstract] [PDF] 212-223
Rozemberg, A. Memory, Recognition and Personal Identity in Classical Indian Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 224-234
Višňovský, E. Philosophy of Science in Classical Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 257-268
Maco, R. Philosophy is Dead. Long Live Physics! [Abstract] [PDF] 269-281
Chabada, M. The Relationship between Reason/Philosophy and Faith/Religion in Medieval Philosophy (Averroes, Boethius of Dacia and Thomas Aquinas). Searching for Parallels in Contemporary Approaches [Abstract] [PDF] 282-293
Pavlovkin, K. Rationality and Morality [Abstract] [PDF] 294-304
Berdinesen, H. Future Generations and Concepts of Well-Being [Abstract] [PDF] 305-317
Volek, P. Methods of Metaphysics and Natural Sciences: On their Similarities and Differences [Abstract] [PDF] 345-355
Zeleňák, E. Philosophy of History between Prescribing and Describing [Abstract] [PDF] 356-365
Labuda, P. On the Nature of Philosophy: A Historical-Pragmatist Point of View [Abstract] [PDF] 366-377
Hrkút, J. Eddy Zemach’s Meta-Aesthetic Solution of the Dispute between Classification and Evaluation Concept of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 378-388
Kuna, M. The Importance of the Principle of Subsidiarity for MacIntyre's Vision of Politics [Abstract] [PDF] 389-399
Gahér, F. Backtracking Counterfactuals [Abstract] [PDF] 400-407
Sýkora, P. Modern Return to Aristotle: Hylomorphic versus Historical Essences [Abstract] [PDF] 425-436
Tomašovičová, J. New Forms of Life? Philosophical Reflections on Synthetic Biology [Abstract] [PDF] 437-448
Odorčák, J. Neuro Administrative Devices and Personal Autonomy [Abstract] [PDF] 449-457
Rozemberg, A. Past Lives of John Locke: Moral Responsibility and the Memory Criterion of Personal Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 458-468
Čana, T. Dummett on the Circularity in the Argumentation [Abstract] [PDF] 469-480
Leduc, C. Leibniz and the Idea of System [Abstract] [PDF] 501-508
Duchesneau, F. Monad as the Principle of the Composition of an Organic Body [Abstract] [PDF] 509-519
Rey, A.L. Moral Certainty in Leibniz´s Natural Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 520-528
Andreanský, E. Leibnizian Inspirations in Kant´s Concept of Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 529-539
Makovský, J. The Idea of Dialogue in the Thought of G. W. Leibniz [Abstract] [PDF] 540-554
Labuda, L. The Basis of Will Kymlicka´s Liberal Conception of Minority Rights [Abstract] [PDF] 555-565
Otisk, M. Anselm’s Dialogue De grammatico as an Introduction to Dialectics [Abstract] [PDF] 566-579
Zouhar, M. The Indexical Nature of Epistemic Modals [Abstract] [PDF] 589-605
Schmidt, M. On a Less Radical Approach to Meaning, Essences, and Modalities [Abstract] [PDF] 606-619
Gahér, F. Open Texture of Concepts – the Original Meaning and the Critique [Abstract] [PDF] 620-635
Taliga, M. Justification Can Be Neither Discovered nor Created by Argumentation [Abstract] [PDF] 636-646
Šedík, M. On the Nature of Knowledge in Art [Abstract] [PDF] 647-659
Lohmann, G. On the Methodological Issues of Anthropology and “the Image of Man” with “Human Dignity” [Abstract] [PDF] 660-674
Muránsky, M. Ernst Tugendhat on Heidegger’s Problem of Truth [Abstract] [PDF] 675-688
Zarka, Y.C. Does the Concept of Human Nature Still Make Sense? [Abstract] [PDF] 777-789
Muránsky, M. Tugendhat's Problem of “Truth“ in Confrontation with Heidegger [Abstract] [PDF] 790-803
Šajda, P. Schmitt’s Theory of the Enemy as a Challenge for Kierkegaard’s Theory of Nonpreferential Love [Abstract] [PDF] 804-817
Juchniewicz, N. Dialectical Technology – Hegel on Means, Tools and the Machine [Abstract] [PDF] 818-830
Blaščíková, A. - Vašek, M. The Problem of Intention (Intentio) in the Works of Peter Abelard and Thomas Aquinas [Abstract] [PDF] 831-843
Kret, P. Gray, J.: Seven Types of Atheism   [PDF] 767-770
Vašek, M. Funda, O. A.: K filosofii náboženství (in Czech)   [PDF] 771-774
Lesňák, S. Jemelka, P.: Environmental Problematics in the History of Czech and Slovak Philosophy (in Czech)   [PDF] 75-79
Skačan, J. Javorská, A. − Kocinová, L. − Wagnerová, S. (eds.): (Meta)philosophy − Practice (in Slovak)   [PDF] 79-83
Tomašovičová, J. Leško, V., Stojka, R. et al.: Heidegger, Metaphysics, and the Greeks (in Slovak)   [PDF] 158-160
Škvrnda, F. Suvák, V.: Antisthenes: Four Studies (in Slovak)   [PDF] 161-164
Zvarík, M. Lear, J.: Aristotle. Yearning for Understanding (in Czech)   [PDF] 164-167
Kyslan, P. Pollmann, A. − Lohmann, G. (eds.): Human Rights. An Interdisciplinary Handbook (in Slovak)   [PDF] 254-256
Švec, J. Palovičová, Z.: Ambivalence and Ambiguity of Human Rights Seen from a Philosophical Perspective (in Slovak)   [PDF] 338-341
Sabela, L. Greif, A., Nuhlíče k, M.: Epistemic Intuitions (in Slovak)   [PDF] 341-344
Kuna, M. Heinze, E.: Hate Speech and Democratic Citizenship (in English)   [PDF] 418-420
Chedia, I. Kocka, J.: Capitalism: A short History (in English)   [PDF] 421-423
Černý, M. Damasio, A.: The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling, and the Making of Cultures (in English)   [PDF] 481-484
Wollner, U. Sørensen, A. D.: Plato on Democracy and Political techné (in English)   [PDF] 485-487
Takáč, P. Fraňo, P.: Cicero´s Stoic paradoxes (in Slovak)   [PDF] 488-490
Gálik, S. Charvát, M.: On New Media, Modularity and Simulation (in Czech)   [PDF] 491-495
Kocinová, L. Henčová, K. – Javorská, A. – Sťahel, R. – Špirko, D.: From the History of the Environmental Thought (in Slovak)   [PDF] 584-586
Pavlovkin, K. Olfert, Ch.: Aristotle on Practical Truth   [PDF] 689-692
Zozuľak, J. Kalaš, A.: Pyrrhon – a Blessed Philosopher without Values (in Slovak)   [PDF] 861-864
Pichler, T. Karol Kollár (25. 1. 1948 – 14. 7. 2018)   [PDF] 775
Critical Notice
Nežinská, E. Novosád’s Book "Ideas in the Marketplace" [Abstract] [PDF] 235-242
Sedová, T. Janusian Face of Human Rights: Between Human Dignity and the Right to Have Rights (Remarks on three books on human rights) [Abstract] [PDF] 318-328
Gálik, S. The Temporality of (New) Media [Abstract] [PDF] 408-417
Back to the Sources
Akvinský, T. Summa Theologica I, q. 82 „Of the Will“   [PDF] 243-253
Discussions - Polemics
Alfieri, F. Whose is “the Black Peter Card” in the Case of Heidegger's Black Notebooks? A Report on the Prominent Participants of Current Controversy   [PDF] 329-337
Novák, A. “There never has been Phenomenology”: Heidegger’s Criticism of Phenomenology in his Self-Critical Continuous Remarks on ‘Being and Time‘ [Abstract] [PDF] 844-853
Scientific Events
Mentel, A. - Jerotijević, D. International Workshop on the Evolution of Rituals   [PDF] 496-498
SPhiA Conference Invitation: Intuition and Imagination in Philosophy and Science   [PDF] 500
Škára, M. Leibniz Today. An Interview with Paul Rateau about the State of Leibnizian Research   [PDF] 580-583
Dunaj, Ľ. On the Philosophical Works of Egon Bondy. An Interview with Peter Kužel   [PDF] 854-860