Content of Volume


Sťahel, R. Environmental Responsibility and Environmental Security [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Vydra, A. Why Do We Need Vitalism? Canguilhem’s Reinterpretation of One Concept [Abstract] [PDF] 13-22
Hacking, I. Canguilhem amid the Cyborgs [Abstract] [PDF] 23-37
Šarkadyová, L. Canguilhem and Jacob on the Living [Abstract] [PDF] 38-46
Zvarík, M. The Horizon of Life and the Problem of Man in Hannah Arendt [Abstract] [PDF] 47-58
Lysoňková, M. A Pluralistic World of States and a Vision of Global Unity: To- ward Kant’s and Habermas’ Versions of Cosmopolitanism [Abstract] [PDF] 81-93
Čáp, J. A Person ́s Death from an Axiological Perspective: Thought Experiments [Abstract] [PDF] 94-106
Myšička, S. Democritus on the Nature of Soul and Its Death [Abstract] [PDF] 107-118
Urban, P. Enactivism and Care Ethics: Merging Perspectives [Abstract] [PDF] 119-129
Zahrádka, P. The Heteronomy of Aesthetic Value [Abstract] [PDF] 130-144
Zouhar, M. Logical Form of Definitions [Abstract] [PDF] 161-174
Kvasz, L. Chess as a Metaphor for Mathematics [Abstract] [PDF] 175-187
Hanzel, I. Qualitative Predicates versus Scientific Laws, Explanation and Testing [Abstract] [PDF] 188-201
Haas, A. On the Implications of γνῶθι σαυτόν [Abstract] [PDF] 202-214
Fišerová, M. Drift of Deconstruction [Abstract] [PDF] 215-228
Šajda, P. A Dispute about the Interpretation of the 19th Century: Carl Schmitt’s Remarks on Kierkegaard and Donoso Cortés [Abstract] [PDF] 245-257
Zouhar, M. The Method of Defining [Abstract] [PDF] 258-271
Stewart, J. Hegel’s Criticism of the Enlightenment and Romanticism: The Problem of Content in Religion [Abstract] [PDF] 272-281
Yun, S.W. - Lee, H. Ricœur and the Paris School: An Imaginary Encounter on the Notion of Interpretation [Abstract] [PDF] 282-294
Smreková, D. Ricœur on Practical Reason [Abstract] [PDF] 295-306
Sivák, J. Responses to Ricœurʼs Time and Narrative [Abstract] [PDF] 307-320
Sýkora, P. The Ethics of Biotechnological Interventions into Human Genome: Arguments of High Risk and Destroying Human Nature [Abstract] [PDF] 329-342
Višňovský, E. The Idea of "Human Enhancement" from the Perspective of the Philosophy of Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 343-355
Tomašovičová, J. Biosociality: Social Consequences of Biosocial Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 356-366
Odorčák, J. Copying: Killing Personal Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 367-377
Šmihula, D. - Hrabovský, M. Current Challenges in the Examination of So- Called Race Question and Racism. The Fall of Old Paradigm of Multiculturalism and a Deadlock in Humanities Regarding the Fight against Racism [Abstract] [PDF] 378-397
Blecha, I. Patočka’s Care of the Soul: From Socrates through Plato to Aristotle [Abstract] [PDF] 409-419
Sobotka, M. Patočka’s Lecture on Hegel’s Phenomenology of the Spirit from the School-Year 1949/50 [Abstract] [PDF] 420-428
Leško, V. Patočka, Heidegger and the Question of Being [Abstract] [PDF] 429-439
Ritter, M. Towards an Ontology of the Movement of Existence: A Comparison of Plato’s and Patočka’s Visions of Human Being [Abstract] [PDF] 440-448
Sivák, J. „Life in the Idea“: Idea as Life according to Jan Patočka [Abstract] [PDF] 449-457
Chvatík, I. Approaching Patočka’s Politics of a Spiritual Person [Abstract] [PDF] 458-464
Višňovský, E. Peirce and Rorty: An Attempt at a Reconciliation of Two Versions of Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 497-504
Buraj, I. - Palenčárová, S. Michel Foucault: Past and Present (Selected Problems of Social Control) [Abstract] [PDF] 505-517
Maco, R. Mathematical Objects: Discovered or Invented? [Abstract] [PDF] 518-530
Greif, A. Is Skepticism still Worth Attention? [Abstract] [PDF] 531-545
Halas, J. Abstraction and Idealization in the Philosophy of Science I [Abstract] [PDF] 546-559
Cmorej, P. Possible Individuals and Possibilia [Abstract] [PDF] 585-600
Schmidt, M. Continuants and Temporal Parts [Abstract] [PDF] 601-609
Miloš Taliga The Problem of Demarcation and the Three Dogmas of Empiricism [Abstract] [PDF] 610-619
Čana, T. Boghossian on the Unjustifiability of the Epistemological Claims of Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 620-632
Halas, J. Abstraction and Idealization in the Philosophy of Science II [Abstract] [PDF] 633-646
Gahér, F. Interpretation in Law I [Abstract] [PDF] 647-658
Šuch, J. On Two Approaches to Historical Narratives and Plurality of Their Representations of the Past [Abstract] [PDF] 659-669
Jančovič, I. The Functions of Fictional Narrative and the Reader’s Activity [Abstract] [PDF] 670-679
Vydra, A. Social Pathology: Philosophical Notion, Or Incorrectly Chosen Metaphor? [Abstract] [PDF] 693-702
Tomašovičová, J. Heidegger’s Analysis of Modern Thought and Bio-Scientific Research [Abstract] [PDF] 703-714
Nitsche, M. The Topology of Transformative Localizing: Deriving the Perspec- tive of a Group from the Ambivalent Perspectives of the First and Second Persons [Abstract] [PDF] 715-725
Šajda, P. On the Condition of the Age: Kierkegaard’s Public and Jaspers’ Mass [Abstract] [PDF] 726-735
Karul, R. Non-Authenticity: The Paradigm of Contemporary Art [Abstract] [PDF] 736-747
Dufourcq, A. Merleau-Ponty’s Aesthetics [Abstract] [PDF] 748-758
Palovičová, Z. Ambivalence of Human Rights and Vagueness of Their Concept: A Philosophical View [Abstract] [PDF] 759-769
Gahér, F. Interpretation in Law II [Abstract] [PDF] 789-799
Cmorej, P. Possible Individuals and Possibilia [Abstract] [PDF] 800-816
Zouhar, M. Rigid Designation and the Stability of Naming Relation [Abstract] [PDF] 817-830
Vydrová, J. Phenomenology and Cubism: Possible Rapprochements [Abstract] [PDF] 831-841
Hampton, A.J.B. Herder’s Concept of Being and the Influence of Kant’s Pre-Critical Consideration of the Ontological Argument [Abstract] [PDF] 842-852
Plašienková, Z. Milan Zigo’s Philosophico-Literary Activity in the 1960s [Abstract] [PDF] 853-864


Trnka, J. Close to Human Being [Abstract] [PDF] 59-65
Pirc, T. Auto-Mobilization and the Post-Metaphysical Myth of Progress [Abstract] [PDF] 145-155
Sedová, T. Social Theory and Social Reality. On the Way to Knowledge and Self-Knowledge: Reflections on František Novosád´s Book What? How? Why? Social Theory: Questions and Answers   [PDF] 229-236
Jusko, Š. Patočka: Time, Myth, and Critical Philosophy of History   [PDF] 465-471
Bierhanzl, J. Body Ethics and Politics. Trying to Read Levinas from Foucaultian Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 770-777


Procháska, L. Life, Science, and the Metaphors of the Living. An interview with Anton Markoš   [PDF] 66-71
Stojka, R. Democracy is no Bed of Roses. An Interview with Ivan Chvatík on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of Jan Patočka’s Archive   [PDF] 472-478
Gáliková, S. Philosophy of Love. An interview with Ronald de Sousa   [PDF] 873-878


Zolcer, Š. Višňovský, E. (ed.): University, Society, Philosophy: Reality versus Values (in Slovak)   [PDF] 72-74
Horyna, B. Belás, Ľ.: Kant and Machiavelli. Historical-Philosophical Analysis and Comparation (in Slovak)   [PDF] 75-78
Zozuľak, J. Brodňanská, E.: Gregory of Nazianzus: Verse Letters (in Slovak)   [PDF] 156-158
Feber, J. Čechvala, O.: Banality of Evil: A Threat to the Meaningfulness of Human Action (in Slovak)   [PDF] 158-160
Molnárová, Z. Beran, O.: „Middle“ Wittgenstein: The Way to Phenomenology and Backwards (in Czech)   [PDF] 237-239
Sucharek, P. Levinas, E.: Œuvres 3. Eros, littérature et philosophie (in French)   [PDF] 240-243
Cepko, J. Šíma, A.: The World Delimited and Unlimited. The Principles of Nature in the Philosophy of Philolaus of Croton and in Early Pythagoreans (in Czech)   [PDF] 321-323
Petkanič, M. Šajda, P.: Buberʼs Dispute with Kierkegaard: On the Relationship between Religion and Ethics or Politics (in Slovak   [PDF] 323-327
Porubjak, M. Wollner, U. - Cepko, J. (eds.): Homer in Ancient Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 398-401
Mihina, F. Višňovský, E.: Studies on Pragmatism & Neopragmatism (in Slovak)   [PDF] 401-404
Nemec, R. Chabada, M.: Selected Chapters from the History of Medieval Philosophy I. Christianity and Antiquity (in Slovak)   [PDF] 404-407
Sedová, T. Leško, V. – Schifferová, V. – Stojka, R. – Tholt, P. et al.: Patočka and Modern Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 479-482
Kolberová, T. Patočka, J.: Plato’s Care of the Soul and the Just State (in Czech)   [PDF] 483-485
Kompiš, M. Zahavi, D.: Self and Other: Exploring Subjectivity, Empathy and Shame (in English)   [PDF] 485-488
Sivák, J. Frogneux, N.: Jan Patočka. Liberty, Existence and the Common World (in French)   [PDF] 488-493
František Škvrnda Suvák,V.: Kynicism Greek and Modern I (in Slovak)   [PDF] 575-577
Karol Kollár Plašienková, Z. (ed.): European Philosophyʼs Reflection in 20th Century Slovak Philosophy. The Work of Teodor Münz Seen by Contemporary Philosophers (in Slovak)   [PDF] 577-580
Geremešová, G. Gluchman, V.: Humanist Ideas in the History of Ethics in Slovakia. Christian Humanism before the 2nd Half of the XXth Century: An Outline (in Slovak)   [PDF] 580-583
Drappanová, H. Perelman, Ch.: Juridical Logic. The New Rhetoric (in Slovak)   [PDF] 685-688
Dunaj, Ľ. Dinuš, P., Hohoš, L., Hrubec, M. et al.: Revolution Or Transformation? (bilingual Slovak – Czech ed.)   [PDF] 689-691
Palovičová, Z. Solík, M. (ed).: Contradictions and Alternatives of Global Capitalism. Polemics (in Slovak)   [PDF] 778-780
Čengeri, M. Vydrová, J., et al.: The Care for the Soul. Lives of Subjectivity and Patterns of Thought (in Slovak)   [PDF] 781-784
Lysý, J. A Society with a Released Safety-Catch. Dialogues about the Social Change Needed (in Czech)   [PDF] 879-881
Dragašek, J. Šmahel, F. – Pavlíček, O. (eds.): A Companion to Jan Hus (in English)   [PDF] 882-885

Scientific Events

Šarkadyová, L. - Haloun, M. Canguilhem and Grasping the Living. A report from a conference   [PDF] 79
Sign and Affectivity in the Philosophy of Gill Deleuze. A Conference to be Held   [PDF] 448
Stacho, K. An International Conference on Kant: A report   [PDF] 494-495
Zozuľak, J. An International Conference Historical Milestones of Byzantine Philosophy   [PDF] 785-787
Announcement   [PDF] 243

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Apuleius On the God of Socrates   [PDF] 560-574


Zouhar, J. Literary Work as a Subject of Philosophical Interpretation [Abstract] [PDF] 680-684
Karol Kollár On Some of the Keystones of the Formation of National Philosophy in the 19th Century Hungary [Abstract] [PDF] 865-872