Content of Volume

Marcelli, M. Introduction: Semiotics in the Lap of Philosophy   [PDF] 1
Mihina, F. Introduction   [PDF] 293-294


Marcelli, M. Communication and Rhythm [Abstract] [PDF] 2-10
Fišerová, M. Postponed Meaning. Derrida on Semantic Construction and De- struction [Abstract] [PDF] 11-21
Klinkenberg, J.M. Cognitive Semiotics [Abstract] [PDF] 22-32
Michalovič, P. Word behind Image or Word and Image? [Abstract] [PDF] 33-41
Lévy, P. Algorithmic Mediation [Abstract] [PDF] 42-51
Šafaříková, R. Pictures as Vital Signs: Communicative Potential of Visual Messages [Abstract] [PDF] 52-62
Švantner, M. On One Storm in a Teacup: Ch. S. Peirce, U. Eco and Semiotic Metaphysics of Objects [Abstract] [PDF] 63-76
Sluková, T. The Role of Representation in Deleuze’s Considerations on Painting [Abstract] [PDF] 77-88
Češka, J. Death of the Author as a Non-Conceptual Metaphor (On the One-Way Nature of Literary Communication) [Abstract] [PDF] 89-100
Bielik, L. - Kosterec, M. - Zouhar, M. The Model of Method (1): Method and Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 105-118
Hofmeyr, B. Is Facebook Effacing the Face? Reassessing Levinas’s Ethics in the Age of Social Connectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 119-130
Ruisel, I. Marian Váross in the Context of Slovak Psychology [Abstract] [PDF] 131-142
Buraj, I. A Small Study of Fanaticism (Inspired by a Large Study of Fanaticism by Marian Váross) [Abstract] [PDF] 143-153
Mistrík, E. Marian Váross on Artistic Function [Abstract] [PDF] 164-172
Sedová, T. Reconstructing Váross’s Views on Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 173-177
Bielik, L. - Kosterec, M. - Zouhar, M. The Model of Method (2): Instruction and Imperative [Abstract] [PDF] 197-211
Vydra, A. Canguilhem’s Analyses of Normality: Challenges to Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 212-221
Mihina, F. Methodeutic Inspirations in Ch. S. Peirce’s Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 295-306
Višňovský, E. Peirce’s Version of Pragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 307-317
Colapietro, V. Peirce Today [Abstract] [PDF] 318-331
Misak, C. Exploding a Myth: C.I. Lewis, Pragmatism, and the Given [Abstract] [PDF] 332-341
Žiak, J. Associationism in Pragmatism: Peirce ́s Reconstruction of British Empiricism [Abstract] [PDF] 342-354
Šajda, P. Haecker’s Criticism of the Liberal Press Inspired by Kierkegaard [Abstract] [PDF] 378-387
Petkanič, M. On Kierkegaard’s Concept of Self-Choice in His Either/Or [Abstract] [PDF] 388-398
Dolar, M. Kierkegaard and Psychoanalysis [Abstract] [PDF] 399-408
Uršič, M. „Unhappy consciousness“ in Kierkegaard’s The Seducer’s Diary [Abstract] [PDF] 409-415
Tonkli, A. Kierkegaard: The Scandal of Faith [Abstract] [PDF] 416-422
Lozar, J. Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Us Moderns [Abstract] [PDF] 423-433
Komel, D. Kierkegaard and Gadamer: On Contemporaneity [Abstract] [PDF] 434-442
Žalec, B. Nazism and Stalinism in the Light of Kierkegaard’s Thought [Abstract] [PDF] 443-450
Ule, A. Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard in and on Paradox [Abstract] [PDF] 451-457
Tomašovičová, J. Life in the Zone of Biopower: Ethical and Biopolitical Discourses on Transhumanism [Abstract] [PDF] 461-471
Odorčák, J. Deep Brain Stimulation, Identity, Perdurantism [Abstract] [PDF] 472-481
Jemelka, P. Ethical and Axiological Reflections on the Life of and with Animals (Several remarks on the issue) [Abstract] [PDF] 482-492
Majerník, J. Becoming what One Is as Becoming Noble [Abstract] [PDF] 493-502
Cohen Shabot, S. Philosophy as Grotesque: The Case of Nietzsche [Abstract] [PDF] 503-513
Koubová, A. The Ethics of the Rejected and the Victim’s Morality: On Human and Inhuman in Adorno, Butler and Améry [Abstract] [PDF] 549-557
Sucharek, P. The Human as an Open and Rhythmical Unity. Henry Maldiney [Abstract] [PDF] 558-568
Bizoň, M. On so Called „Mutuality“ and I-Thou Relationship in Martin Buber [Abstract] [PDF] 569-580
Novotný, K. Human and Non-Human in Levinas’ Criticism of Heidegger [Abstract] [PDF] 581-590
Urban, P. Social Cognition in Humans and Other Great Apes [Abstract] [PDF] 591-603
Nitsche, M. On What We Can See in the Fog. A Phenomenological Essay on the Unrepresentability of Non-Human [Abstract] [PDF] 604-612
Karul, R. Human Soul and Non-Human Intellect [Abstract] [PDF] 613-622
Bielik, L. - Kosterec, M. - Zouhar, M. The Model of Method (3): Instruction and Method [Abstract] [PDF] 637-652
Zervan, M. A Phenomenological Interpretation of Architecture in Christian Nor- berg-Schulz [Abstract] [PDF] 653-665
Šedík, M. Interpretation of a Work of Art and the Potentiality of Our Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 666-677
Todorova, P. Liguistic Elements as Generated and Reflected in Modern Frag- mented World [Abstract] [PDF] 678-686
Chung, H. Understanding Rationality in Hobbes and Hume [Abstract] [PDF] 687-696
Dufourcq, A. The Ontological Imaginary: Dehiscence, Sorcery, and Creativity in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 708-718
Mészáros, O. The History of National Philosophies in Central-European Context (Several methodological remarks) [Abstract] [PDF] 725-736
Bielik, L. - Kosterec, M. - Zouhar, M. The Model of Method (4): Applica- tion and Classification [Abstract] [PDF] 737-751
Barker, J. Master Signifier: A Brief Genealogy of Lacano-Maoism [Abstract] [PDF] 752-764
Slováček, P. The Essence of Material Beings in Psychological Context in Tho- mas Aquinas. Remarks on the Relationship between Psychology and Metaphysics in De ente et essentia [Abstract] [PDF] 765-776
Kalaš, A. - František Škvrnda Homer and Pre-Socratic Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 813-823
Suvák, V. Socratic Therapeia: The Role of Socrates [Abstract] [PDF] 824-834
Flachbartová, L. Kynic Parrhesiastic Practicies. Diogenesʼ Performative Wisdom [Abstract] [PDF] 835-846
Sucharek, P. Self-Awareness and Openness: Reconstruction of Phenomenologi- cal Approach in Psychotherapy [Abstract] [PDF] 847-858
Sisáková, O. “You Must Change Your Life”: The New Anthropology of Peter Sloterdijk [Abstract] [PDF] 859-868


Sluková, T. Borecký, F., Fišerová, M., Švantner, M., Vaáša, O.: Reason, Non-Reason and the Persuasiveness of Pictures (in Czech)   [PDF] 101-103
Wollner, U. D a n e š, J.: Political Aspects of Greek Tragedy (in Czech and English)   [PDF] 193-195
Chovanková, A. Bobonich, Ch. (ed.): Plato’s Laws. A Critical Guide   [PDF] 286-288
Deraj, I. Montiglio, S.: From Villain to Hero – Odysseus in Ancient Thought   [PDF] 289-291
Vydra, A. Lipták, M.: Possibilities of Artistic Critique (in Slovak)   [PDF] 374-376
Krcha, M. Démuth, A. et al.: Treatises on Hume ́s Philosophy (in Slovak   [PDF] 458-460
Palovičová, Z. Vladyková, Ľ.: Ethics on the Relationship between Humans and Earth (in Slovak)   [PDF] 543-545
Fraňo, P. Jemelka, P.: Introduction to Bioethics. Selected Problems of Applied Ethics III (in Slovak)   [PDF] 545-547
Martinkovič, M. Hamada, M.: Critical Commentaries I- IV (in Slovak)   [PDF] 632-634
Sedová, T. Elster, J.: The Cement of Society. A Study of Social Order (Czech translation)   [PDF] 719-721
Halás, M. Palovičová, Z.: Moral Dilemmas in Social Services (in Slovak)   [PDF] 722-723
Karol Kollár Hollý, K., Martinkovič, M. (eds.): Slovak Political Thinking 1848 – 1914 (in Slovak)   [PDF] 806-808
Simanová, J. Trajtelová, J.: The Mystique Remote and Close (in Slovak)   [PDF] 808-811
Flachbartová, L. Boys-Stones, G., Rowe, Ch.: The Circle of Socrates. Readings in the First-Generation Socratics   [PDF] 888-890
Zelinová, Z. Kalaš, A. – Suvák, V.: Antisthenis Fragmenta /Antisthenesʼ Fragments. Introduction, Greek and Latin texts, Slovak translation and commentaries to fragments (in Slovak)   [PDF] 891-894
Fraňo, P. Porubjak, M.: The Earliest Patterns of European Ethics in Ancient Period. Applied Ethics II (in Slovak)   [PDF] 894-896


Gerát, I. Váross’s Concept of Artistic Image in the Light of Contemporary Iconology [Abstract] [PDF] 154-163


Kaliský, Ján The Form of Scepticism in the Works of Agrippa von Nettesheim [Abstract] [PDF] 178-187


Mičaninová, M. - Kolberová, T. Platonism: A Philosophy and a Way of Life (An Interview with John M. Dillon)   [PDF] 188-192
The Philosophy of Philosophy. An Interview with Timothy Williamson   [PDF] 366-373
Dunaj, Ľ. - Suvák, V. Individualization, Social Pathologies and the Care of the Self. An interview with Axel Honneth   [PDF] 883-887

Homer in Ancient Philosophy

Kubok, D. Skepticism and Negative Dogmatism in Homer and Xenophanes [Abstract] [PDF] 223-235
Cepko, J. Plato’s Phaedo: A Revenge on Poets for the Case Socrates? [Abstract] [PDF] 236-245
Fraňo, P. Cicero’s Interpretation of Homeric Motifs: The Story of Philoctetes [Abstract] [PDF] 246-255

Back to the Sources

Suvák, V. The Genre of Epideictic Speeches and Gorgias’s Palamedes [Abstract] [PDF] 256-266
Gorgias Palamedes’s Defence   [PDF] 267-273


Wollner, U. Two Interpretations of Pindar’s Verses [Abstract] [PDF] 274-280
Porubjak, M. Plotinus’ Boys, Meno’s Slave Boy and Moral Dilemmas [Abstract] [PDF] 526-535
Rozemberg, A. The Gift of the Body in Brahminical Ethics and Its Contemporary Forms [Abstract] [PDF] 536-542
Sedová, T. On Evil, Violence, Power, and Their Relationship and Dissimilarity: Three Authors, Three Perspectives [Abstract] [PDF] 777-785

Discussions - Polemics

Škoviera, D. Specialized Translation as a Scientific Work   [PDF] 281-285
Sýkora, P. Criticism of Theological-and-Teleological Concept of Human Nature as a Reason for Repudiating Transhumanism [Abstract] [PDF] 514-525

Scientific Life

Symposium on the Life and Work of Bernard Bolzano   [PDF] 292

Intercultural Dialogue

Zágoršeková, M.B. Intercultural Dialogue: A Sign of Postmodernity? [Abstract] [PDF] 355-365


Repar, P. - Šajda, P. Slovak and Slovenian Philosophers on Kierkegaard in the 20th Century Context   [PDF] 377


Pauer, J. Meeting with the World in a Human Manner [Abstract] [PDF] 623-631

Scientific Events

Gluchmanová, M. - Gluchman, V. An International Conference on the Ethics of Development   [PDF] 635-636
Hajko, D. Considering Death on Interdisciplinary Basis   [PDF] 812


Using Merleau-Ponty. Renaud Barbaras in an Interview with F.-D. Sebbah   [PDF] 697-707


Hajko, D. Indian Philosophy at the Turn of the Millennium [Abstract] [PDF] 786-796
Karol Kollár Recent Researches in the History of Slovak Philosophical Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 797-805

Review Articles

Kuchtová, A. - Glavaničová, D. Translations of Antisthenes Or On the Criteria of a Correct Translation [Abstract] [PDF] 869-882