Content of Volume

Karul, R. - Tomašovičová, J. - Vydrová, J. Introduction: Interiority, Exteriority, Responsivity   [PDF] 1
Drengubiak, J. - Karul, R. Avant-propos     5-6
Drengubiak, J. - Karul, R. Avant-propos     7-8
Koubová, A. Introduction   [PDF] 357


Šajda, P. The 200th Birth Anniversary of S. Kierkegaard   [PDF] 1-2

I. Phenomenological Interpretations

Waldenfels, B. The Birth of Ethos from Pathos. The Ways of Responsive Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 4-15
Bierhanzl, J. A Trace of Sincerity Left by Words. Shedding light on the difference between what one says and saying itself in late Levinas [Abstract] [PDF] 16-24
Starzyňski, W. Phenomenologically Determined Interiority in Phenomenological Cartesianism [Abstract] [PDF] 25-35
Vydrová, J. I and Alien-to-I: An Archaeological Approach to the Core-Structure in Husserl’s Texts on Time Constitution [Abstract] [PDF] 36-44
Rokoee, R. Lived World According to Hayy ibn Yaqzan and the Lifeworld [Abstract] [PDF] 45-59
Calin, R. Pretence, Intentionality, and Subjectivity in Bachelard [Abstract] [PDF] 60-70
Vydra, A. Intimacy in Bachelard’s Fragment d’un journal de l’homme [Abstract] [PDF] 71-80


Šajda, P. Kierkegaard’s Contribution to Buber’s Philosophy of Judaism and His Theories of Patriotism and Political Groups [Abstract] [PDF] 5-16
Bornadel, F. From the Individual to the Individuation, from the Family Togetherness to Opening Oneself to the Universal [Abstract]   9-21
Stewart, J. Kierkegaard’s Relation to Hegel and Quellenforschung: Some Methodological Considerations [Abstract] [PDF] 17-26
Drengubiak, J. The Decline of the Family and the Identity Crisis as the Signs of the End of the Civilization in the Writings of Richard Millet [Abstract]   22-33
Schreiber, G. Kierkegaard’s Account of Faith as ‘the New Immediacy’ [Abstract] [PDF] 27-37
Fulka, J. The Individual and the Family in the Pedagogical Fictions of the 18th Century [Abstract]   34-46
Burgess, A.J. Kierkegaard’s Socrates, the Corsair Affair, and the Martyrdom of Laughter [Abstract] [PDF] 38-49
Turnbull, J. Kierkegaard, Philosophy, and Aestheticism [Abstract] [PDF] 50-61
Malinovská, Z. Hyperbole as an Expression of the Freudian unheimlich [Abstract]   54-61
Pechar, J. The Individual and the Family [Abstract]   62-70
Petkanič, M. Kierkegaard: Passion as the Will to Existence [Abstract] [PDF] 62-73
Starzyňski, W. The Correspondence of Irena Krońska with Jan Patočka as an Important Evidence of the Czech-Polish „Family“ Philosophical Life [Abstract]   71-80
Tureková, A. Literary Relatedness in the Form of the Women’s (Re)Writing: Madam de Tencin as an Example of a Woman Novelist of the 18th century [Abstract]   89-102
Fraňo, P. Cicero’s Reflections on Chrysippus’ Theory Peri Sympatheias in His De Fato (IV, 7 – V, 11) [Abstract] [PDF] 93-104
Beránková, E.Voldřicho Decadent Families: Social, Political, Lite- rary and Linguistic Portraits of the fin de siècle Writers [Abstract]   103-111
Manda, V. The Concept of Freedom in Locke [Abstract] [PDF] 105-113
Panayides, C. Aristotle on Chance and Spontaneous Generation. A Discussion Note [Abstract] [PDF] 114-123
Martínez, J. Slavery and Citizenship in Aristotle’s Politics [Abstract] [PDF] 124-131
Zouhar, M. Semantically Relevant Pragmatic Processes (1): Minimal Indexicalism and Saturation [Abstract] [PDF] 181-193
Leško, V. Heidegger and Greek Thinkers [Abstract] [PDF] 194-204
Palovičová, Z. A. Sen and His Theory of Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 265-275
Porubjak, M. The Notion of Human Nature in Theognidea [Abstract] [PDF] 276-284
Mihina, F. Making Metaphysics Legitimate: Peirce and His Project of Scientific Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 285-295
Zouhar, M. Semantically Relevant Pragmatic Processes (2): Tests and Methodo- logical Aspects [Abstract] [PDF] 296-308
Čana, T. Wittgenstein on Epistemological Status of Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 309-318
Jeler, C. Do Elliott Sober’s Arguments for Group Selection Really Account for the Causal Effect of Natural Selection? [Abstract] [PDF] 319-331
Dávila, M.E.Alarcó From Hands to the Whole of the Body. Husserl’s Double Sensation in Thinking and Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 358-366
Puc, J. The Body as Expression. A Creative Gesture According to Merleau-Ponty and Its Revision Based on Experiencing the Improvisation [Abstract] [PDF] 367-375
Lockenbauer, J. The Task of Philosophy and the Question of Its Limits in Two Merleau-Ponty’s Writings [Abstract] [PDF] 376-384
Fridmanová, M. Creative Not-Knowing [Abstract] [PDF] 385-392
Koubová, A. Experimental Investigation of the Structure of Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 393-401
Chabada, M. Individuation in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy and in Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 457-469
Nemec, R. On Some Problems of Mental Language in Ockham and Fodor [Abstract] [PDF] 470-480
Vašek, M. Abelard: Inter-Religious Dialogue Rendered Philosophically [Abstract] [PDF] 481-492
Blaščíková, A. Patience as a Virtue of Tolerating According to Thomas Aquinas [Abstract] [PDF] 493-501
Zouhar, M. Truth-Conditional Relativism and Faultless Disagreements [Abstract] [PDF] 549-561
Bielik, L. Theory-Laden Observations and Empirical Equivalence of Theories [Abstract] [PDF] 562-570
Zervan, M. Analysis and Interpretation of Architecture in the Work of Peter Eisenman [Abstract] [PDF] 571-582
Šedík, M. Interpretation, Creativity and the Limits of a Work of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 583-594
Palovičová, Z. Social Exclusion from the Perspective of Normative Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 595-605
Szapuová, M. The Social Turn in the Philosophy of Science and Its Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 641-651
Buraj, I. Political Change according to Alain Badiou [Abstract] [PDF] 652-664
Plašienková, Z. Anthropological-Ethical Problems in the Essays of Teodor Münz Published in the Journal Filozofia [Abstract] [PDF] 665-678
Nuhlíček, M. Gettier’s Problem and Its Importance after Fifty Years [Abstract] [PDF] 679-690
Sucharek, P. An Artist: Pontifex Oppositorum [Abstract] [PDF] 729-740
Petit, J.L. Diltheyian Turn in Phenomenology: Ricœur and Husserl [Abstract] [PDF] 741-751
Sivák, J. Paul Ricœur: A Methodologist of History. With regard to his Time and Narration [Abstract] [PDF] 752-765
Smreková, D. P. Ricœur on Guilt and Forgiveness [Abstract] [PDF] 766-778
Lipták, M. Transcendental Function of Art in Husserlian Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 779-789
Cmorej, P. From Descriptions to Their Referents [Abstract] [PDF] 825-848
Zouhar, M. Relativism about Truth and Perspective-Neutral Propositions [Abstract] [PDF] 849-858
Gálik, D. Biosemiotics: A New Science of Biology? [Abstract] [PDF] 859-867
Vacek, M. Modal Realism and Philosophical Analysis: The Case of Island Uni- verses [Abstract] [PDF] 868-876
Tassseva, E. Determinants of Meaning: Invisible, though Ubiquitous Context [Abstract] [PDF] 877-889
Petrov, V. Bertrand Russell’s Criticism of Bergson’s Views about Continuity and Discreteness [Abstract] [PDF] 890-904


Katreničová, A. Woman and Family in Medieval Philosophy [Abstract]   47-53
Yun, S.W. - Lee, H. Hermeneutic Turn in Antoine Berman’s Philosophy of Translation: The Influence of Heidegger and Ricœur [Abstract] [PDF] 205-219


Žitný, M. Kierkegaard’s Work and Its Reception in Slovakia   [PDF] 74-81


Králik, R. - Pavlíková, M. The Reception of Kierkegaard’s Work in Slovakia   [PDF] 82-86
Marcel, G. Death and Immortality   [PDF] 220-231
Jacquemond, O. Learning the Art of Novel: Roland Barthes   [PDF] 232-237
Rozemberg, A. The Astronaut Astrid and Her Poor Cat: Several Notes on the Theory of Our Indirect Duties to Animals [Abstract] [PDF] 332-342

II. Topology of Natural and Cultural Bonds

Prévost, B. Interiority, Exteriority and Appearence in Adolf Portmannn [Abstract] [PDF] 82-90
Karul, R. Animal Soul and Human Soul: Reading Plotinus [Abstract] [PDF] 91-99
Urban, P. To See the Mind in Other Body [Abstract] [PDF] 100-111
Pauer, J. Philosophy, Dwelling and the Common World [Abstract] [PDF] 112-121
Nitsche, M. The Conception of Space and Its Influence on Conceiving Transcendence: The Development of Heidegger’s Explanation of the Sacred Space from an Empty and Open to a Topological One [Abstract] [PDF] 122-132
Koubová, A. The Topology of the Interior and the Exterior in Authorial Acting [Abstract] [PDF] 133-143
Bartha-Kovács, K. The Concept of Intimacy in the 17th Century Painting: Poussin’s Self-Portraits and Vermeer’s Genre Scenes [Abstract] [PDF] 144-156


Petkanič, M. Stewart, J. (ed.): Kierkegaard and Existentialism (Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources, vol. 9)   [PDF] 87-90
Trajtelová, J. Šajda, P. et al.: Affectivity, Agency and Intersubjectivity   [PDF] 90-92
Hrnčiarová, K. Kolman, V.: Idea, Number, Rule (in Czech)   [PDF] 166-169
Sucharek, P. Levinas, E.: Œuvres 1. Carnets de captivité et autres inédits   [PDF] 169-173
Vydra, A. Canguilhem, G.: Œuvres complètes 1: Écrits philosophiques et politiques 1926 – 1939   [PDF] 174-176
Bosáková, K. Kisiel, T., Sheehan, T.: Becoming Heidegger. On the Trial of His Early Occasional Writings, 1910 – 1927   [PDF] 255-257
Bocanová, Z. Nitsche, M.: Z příhodného. Fenomenologická interpretace Heideggerových Příspěvků k filosofii   [PDF] 257-260
Sucharek, P. Levinas, E.: Œuvres 2. Parole et silence   [PDF] 260-264
Vydrová, J. Merz, P. – Staiti, A. – Steffen, F. (eds.): Geist – Person – Gemeinschaft. Freiburger Beiträge zur Aktualität Husserls   [PDF] 351-353
Fraňo, P. Kalaš, A., Wollner, U.: Philological and Philosophical Propaedeutics for the 1st Book of Lucretius’ De rerum natura; Kalaš, A.: Philosophical Propaedeutic for the Poem of Titus Lucretius Carus   [PDF] 353-356
Mičaninová, M. Davies, D.: Method and Metaphysics in Maimonides’ Guide for the Perplexed   [PDF] 539-541
Mlčúchová, A. Machula, T., Filip, Š. M.: 24 Theses Thomism (in Czech)   [PDF] 541-543
Zouhar, M. Cappelen, H.: Philosophy without Intuition   [PDF] 625-628
Haluška, J. Vörös, L.: Analytical Historiography vs. National History   [PDF] 628-632
Labuda, P. Čáp, J., Palenčár, M.: Death and Realizing the Mortality (in Slovak)   [PDF] 716-718
Dunaj, Ľ. Čarnogurská, M.: Laozi and the Origins of Dao De jing (II. diel) (in Slovak)   [PDF] 718-721
Tomašovičová, J. Vydrová, J.: The Ways of Phenomenology. The Phenomenological Method of Later Husserl (in Slovak)   [PDF] 812-813
Kompiš, M. Ajvaz, M.: Tracing the Origins of Sense. Genetic phenomenology of Edmund Husserl (in Czech)   [PDF] 814-815
Karol Kollár Turčan, Ľ. – Klobucký, R. (eds.): Anton Štefánek: A Scientist, Politician, Journalist (in Slovak)   [PDF] 816-818
Halas, J. Novosád, F. – Smreková, D. (eds.): The History of Social and Political Thought (in Slovak)   [PDF] 819-822
Sivák, J. Novotný, K. (ed.): What is a Phenomenon? Husserl ́s Phenomenology in France (in Czech)   [PDF] 911-914
Sivák, J. Novotný, K. – Schnell, A. – Tengelyi, L. (eds.): La phénoménologie comme philosophie première (in French)   [PDF] 915-919

Discussions - Polemics

Gahér, F. Is Justification Really Useless?   [PDF] 132-138
Nuhlíček, M. What is Justification? (A Response to M. Taliga)   [PDF] 139-150
Szapuová, M. On the Conditions of a Meaningful Philosophical Polemic   [PDF] 151-156
Mikušiak, M. A Dispute over the Dispute Principle. Comments on J. Peregrin’s Ideas   [PDF] 157-165
Bielik, L. Goodman’s Riddle (Unsuccessfully?) Resolved: A Respond to R. Maco   [PDF] 343-350
Miloš Taliga On the Uselessness of Justification for a Meaningful Critical Debate (A Response to F. Gahér and M. Szapuová)   [PDF] 606-614
Drobňák, M. Empirical Evidence of Hypothese   [PDF] 615-620
Peregrin, J. Humans, Rules and Incompatibility Revisited   [PDF] 905-910

III. Forms of Social Space

Janssen, P. Philosophical Aspects of Some Current Theories of the Social World as a Societal System [Abstract] [PDF] 158-169
Novosád, F. Subjectivity and the Patterns of Coordination [Abstract] [PDF] 170-174
Hauser, M. Adorno Cataloguing the Exteriority [Abstract] [PDF] 175-186
Tomašovičová, J. Preconditions of the Social Dimension in Heidegger’s Being and Time [Abstract] [PDF] 187-196
Zvarík, M. Relativism and the World from the Perspective of the Phenomenology of Political World [Abstract] [PDF] 197-205

Scientific Events

The Members of the 2012 - 2014 Slovak Philosophical Association Commitee   [PDF] 165
Javorská, A. General Assembly of Slovak Philosophical Association (Slovak Academy of Sciences)   [PDF] 177
Kompiš, M. Man and Animal, between Anthropology and Phenomenologies: A Report from the Conference   [PDF] 178-179
Winners of Student Scientific Competition in Philosophy   [PDF] 179
SPhA Conference   [PDF] 469
Adámal, J. - Galovičová, L. - Klimová, I. - Kompiš, M. - Vacek, M. A report from a conference included in the program of the Xth year of the project The Nature of Contemporary Philosophy and Its Methods   [PDF] 544-547
Višňovský, E. Richard Rorty: The Future of Philosophy. A Report from an International Symposium   [PDF] 633-635
Sivák, J. The Value of Liberty in World Cultures. A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 635-637
Kalajtzidis, J. - Komenská, K. Emerging Ethical Issues in Science and Technology: A Report from an International Conference   [PDF] 637-639
Szapuová, M. XXIIIrd World Philosophical Congress: A Report   [PDF] 722-724
Králik, R. - Repar, P. Kierkegaard and the Existential Turn: A report from an international conference   [PDF] 823
Drsková, K. XXIInd French Summer University Held by Jan Hus Educational Foundation   [PDF] 920-921

Discussions - polemics

Leško, V. Being versus Existence   [PDF] 238-241
Sivák, J. Comments on the Translations of J.-J. Rousseau’s Discourses   [PDF] 242-247


I am not a God. An interview with G. Vattimo (not only) about weak thinking   [PDF] 248-254
Koubová, A. Thinking and Philosophy. An Interview with Ivan Vyskočil   [PDF] 452-456
Gärdenfors, P. - Démuth, A. Geometrizing the Meaning. An Interview with Peter Gärdenfors   [PDF] 621-624

Projects of Performative Philosophy

Gauss, E.Maria - Felgenhauer, K. Interspaces: Philosophical Performances. What for? Embodiment and publicity of philosophical thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 402-411
Han, C.S. Heidegger and a Bridge [Abstract] [PDF] 412-418
Dornberg, M. Talking about the Bridge: What for? [Abstract] [PDF] 419-425
Böhler, A. Philosophy as an Art-Based-Research. Philosophy on Stage [Abstract] [PDF] 426-440
Granzer, S.Valerie Porous Bodies [Abstract] [PDF] 441-447
Elberfeld, R. Philosophy and the Practice of the Arts. Philosophical-Intercultural Experiment, Summer 2012, Hildesheim University [Abstract] [PDF] 448-451

Back to the Sources

Scotus, J.Duns A Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics, 1. IX, q15   [PDF] 502-516
Plutarchos Socrates’s Daimonion   [PDF] 691-703

Young Philosophers

Nuhlíček, M. Controversies on the Nature of Justification in Contemporary Analytic Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 517-522
Vacek, M. Concrete Impossible Worlds [Abstract] [PDF] 523-529
Bánovský, J. On the Attribution of Mental States [Abstract] [PDF] 530-538


Višňovský, E. Rorty’s Conception of the Social Role of Intellectuals   [PDF] 704-715
Zozuľak, J. The Study of Byzantine Philosophy and Its Expansion in Great Moravia (The 1150th Anniversary of the Mission of Saints Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius) [Abstract] [PDF] 790-799
Gogora, A. Actor-Network Theory and the Concept of Translation [Abstract] [PDF] 800-811


Kiczko, L. - Szapuová, M. - Sabela, L. Jaroslav Martinka (1930 - 2013)   [PDF] 725-728