Content of Volume


Sýkora, P. Altruism in Biomedical Donorship Reconsidered [Abstract] [PDF] 1-14
Tomašovičová, J. Organ Transplantation Seen From the Perspective of the Phenomenology of Corporeality [Abstract] [PDF] 15-25
Višňovský, E. Panrelationism As the Ontological Basis of the Ethics of Altruism and Reciprocity [Abstract] [PDF] 26-34
Porubjak, M. Tyrtaeus and the Social-Political Role of Reciprocity [Abstract] [PDF] 35-46
Halas, J. The Categorial Framework of the Marxian Theory of Surplus Value I [Abstract] [PDF] 93-103
Bohunická, L. A Need for Certainty Or An Openness for Changes? (On the Ethical Conception of R. Rorty) [Abstract] [PDF] 104-111
Plašienková, Z. Evolutionary Ontology and Dynamic Substance in Teilhard de Chardin’s Conception [Abstract] [PDF] 112-123
Katina, J. Corroboration in Popper’s Theory of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 124-135
Mihina, F. Kant and Peirce [Abstract] [PDF] 181-194
Andreanský, E. Kant’s Philosophy of Religion and Practical Rationality [Abstract] [PDF] 195-207
Halas, J. The Categorial Framework of the Marxian Theory of Surplus Value II [Abstract] [PDF] 208-220
Kosterec, M. Anafora ako premenná? [Abstract] [PDF] 221-229
Clark, A. - Chalmers, D.J. The Extended Mind [Abstract] [PDF] 230-242
Blamauer, M. Does the Fundamentality of Consciousness Entail Its Ubiquity? [Abstract] [PDF] 243-253
Hála, V. Responsibility According to Ágnes Heller [Abstract] [PDF] 269-281
Puškarić, K. Cartesian Idea of God as the Infinite [Abstract] [PDF] 282-290
Manda, V. Property in Locke’s Political Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 291-302
Froschner, M. A Community of Faith. Remarks on Kant’s Conception of Church [Abstract] [PDF] 303-314
Hlavinka, P. Origins of Phenomenology: Brentano and Husserl [Abstract] [PDF] 315-322
Mitterpach, K. From the Place to the Glance. The Phenomenological Approach of E. Casey [Abstract] [PDF] 323-334
Špecián, P. World and Science by Ludwig von Mises: On Misesian Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 335-346
Hrkút, J. Aesthetic Normativity and Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 353-361
Šedík, M. Realism in the Ontology of a Work of Art [Abstract] [PDF] 362-374
Odorčák, J. Realism, Perdurantism and Its Practical Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 375-386
Wójcik, B.H. Is Odysseus Cunning? [Abstract] [PDF] 387-397
Javorská, A. The Dynamics of a Human Approach to the World in the Work of Jan Patočka [Abstract] [PDF] 398-408
Malachowski, A. Did Rorty Take Analytic Philosophy Too Seriously? [Abstract] [PDF] 433-441
Krémer, A. Richard Rorty’s Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 442-449
Małecki, W. What Do Thermonuclear Bombs Have To Do with Intercultural Hermeutics?, Or on the Superiority of Dickens over Heidegger [Abstract] [PDF] 450-459
Hofmeyr, B. On Escaping the Seemingly Inescapable: Reflections on Being in Levinas [Abstract] [PDF] 460-471
Zouhar, M. Predicates of Taste and Their Semantics [Abstract] [PDF] 518-529
Bielik, L. The Possibilities and Limits of the Demarcation of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 530-544
Gálik, D. Tautologism in the Theory of Evolution [Abstract] [PDF] 545-556
Dubnička, J. The Quantum Gravitation Theory and Its Ontological Basis [Abstract] [PDF] 557-569
Palovičová, Z. Amartya Sen’s Interpretation of Human Well-Being [Abstract] [PDF] 570-581
Sedová, T. Do We Necessarily Need the Concept of Rule in Defining Social Phenomena? [Abstract] [PDF] 582-591
Hedžet Tóth, C. Negative Dialectics as a Model Analysis [Abstract] [PDF] 618-629
Ocepek, M. The Possibility of Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 630-645
Zupančič, A. An Appendix: Comedy and Love [Abstract] [PDF] 646-658
Dolar, M. What, if Anything, Is the Other? [Abstract] [PDF] 659-669
Žižek, S. Neighbor – Thing [Abstract] [PDF] 670-676
Komel, D. Multiculturalism and Interculturality. A Phenomenological Distinction [Abstract] [PDF] 677-688
Repar, P. The Existential Dialectics of Decision and the Scandalon [Abstract] [PDF] 689-702
Zouhar, M. Indexicalism, Semantic Minimalism and Truth-Conditional Content [Abstract] [PDF] 705-717
Neština, M. Semantics and Pragmatics of the Language in the Law [Abstract] [PDF] 718-730
Marcinková, H. Extreme Poverty: The Failure of Negative Duties of Global Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 731-742
Mészáros, O. Marxist Philosophy in Hungary after 1945 [Abstract] [PDF] 785-804
Tonkli, A. The Political in Other Phenomenal Forms: Hannah Arendt [Abstract] [PDF] 805-818
Pozo, A.G. Art and Philosophy in Adorno: Their Difference and Inseparability [Abstract] [PDF] 819-831

Phenomenological Studies

Urban, P. Derrida’s Criticism of Husserlian Philosophy of Sign and Language [Abstract] [PDF] 47-60
Šlomo ben Jehuda Ibn Gabirol Fons Vitae   [PDF] 61-71
Farkašová, E. - Kiczková, Z. Teodora Kuklinková (11. 11. 1930 – 25. 3. 2012)   [PDF] 515
About the Authors   [PDF] 703-704


Hubina, M. Rationalism and Empiricism in Buddhist Canon [Abstract] [PDF] 72-82
Xiaoping, W. Distribution and Redistribution as the Embodiments of Different Principles of Justice (A Marxian Analysis with Regard to Present Economic Transformation in China) [Abstract] [PDF] 160-169

Inaugural Lectures

Porubjak, M. Socrates and the Interpretation of the History of Philosophy   [PDF] 83-88


Sedová, T. Noras, A. J.: Kant and Neo-Kantianism: Baden and Marburg Schools (in Slovak)   [PDF] 89-91
Hohoš, L. Hrubec, M.: From Disregard to Justice. A Critical Theory of the Global Society and Politics (in Czech)   [PDF] 170-173
Lalíková, E. Pavlincová, H.: Karel Vorovka. A Mathematician’s Road to Philosophy (in Czech)   [PDF] 174-176
Mikušiak, M. Peregrin, J.: Humans and Rules. Where Do Reason, Language and Freedom Come from? (in Czech)   [PDF] 177-179
Šajda, P. Petkanič, M.: Søren Kierkegaard’s Philosophy of Passion (in Slovak)   [PDF] 262-264
Komanická, I. Karul, R. et al.: Subjectivity/Intersubjectivity (FILOZOFIA Supplement 2) (in Slovak)   [PDF] 265-266
Vašek, M. Brague, R.: On the God of Chritians and One or Two Another Gods (in Czech)   [PDF] 347-349
Mitterpach, K. Nitsche, M.: From Ereignis. A Phenomenologica Interpretation of Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy (in Czech)   [PDF] 349-351
Komanická, I. Muránsky, M. et al.: Religion and Nihilism from the Perspectives of the Philosophy of Existence and Phenomenology (Filozofia Supplement I) (in Slovak)   [PDF] 426-428
Janošovský, J. Soames, S.: What is Meaning? (in English)   [PDF] 507-509
Kováčová, J. Zeleňák, E.: Constructivism and Plurality in History (in Slovak)   [PDF] 602-604
Zouhar, M. Swanson, C.: Reburial of Nonexistents. Reconsidering the Meinong-Russell Debate   [PDF] 604-609
Neština, M. Zouhar, M.: Meaning in Context   [PDF] 761-763
Mestek, J. Heider, D.: Suárez and His Metaphysics: From Existence through the Transcendental Unity to the Sorts of Transcendental Unity   [PDF] 764-766
Bocanová, Z. Nielsen, C. – Sepp, H. R.: Welt Denken. Annäherung an die Kosmologie Eugen Finks   [PDF] 766-768
Sucharek, P. Meitinger, S. (ed.): Henri Maldiney – une phénoménologie à l’impossible   [PDF] 769-772
Molnárová, Z. Bax, Ch.: Subjectivity after Wittgenstein: The Post-Cartesian Subject and the „Death of Man“   [PDF] 773-775
Karol Kollár Pichler, T.: Ethnos and Polis. From Slovak and Hungarian Political Thought   [PDF] 852-854
Karol Kollár Novosád, F.: Fragments about Slovakia. Our Era Rendered Apolitical   [PDF] 854-857
Volek, P. Heider, D.: Suárez and His Metaphysics. From Existence through Transcendental Unity to Various Kinds of the Latter   [PDF] 857-859

Discussions - Polemics

Maco, R. Goodman’s Riddle Resolved?   [PDF] 136-140
Démuth, A. Can a Sceptic Really Question Everything? (A Response to M. Taliga)   [PDF] 141-146
Nuhlíček, M. - Szapuová, M. Notes on Scepticism Or: What a Sceptic Questions and What He Does Not   [PDF] 147-159
Miloš Taliga What Are Arguments Good for? A Response to A. Démuth, M. Nuhlíček and M. Szapuová   [PDF] 417-425
Peregrin, J. Humans, Rules and Incompatibility   [PDF] 472-475
Chabada, M. - Maco, R. - Marcelli, M. - Mičaninová, M. Translation in the Humanities as Scientific Work   [PDF] 848-851

Scientific Life

SPhA Lectures 2012   [PDF] 169
An International Conference: Philosophical Responses to French Revolution 1789   [PDF] 302
Socratica III. A Conference on Socrates, the Socratics, and the Ancient Socratic Literature     429-431
Prokešová, E. Young Philosophy IX: A Report from the Conference   [PDF] 510-511
Solík, M. Philosophy and Social Science: A Report from the Conference   [PDF] 511-513


Nizhnikov, S.A. On the Specific Traits of Russian Kantianism [Abstract] [PDF] 254-261
Mičaninová, M. Metaphors according to Hans Blumenberg [Abstract] [PDF] 592-601
Šulavíková, B. The Conditions of the Acceptance and Development of the Intuitive Realism in Slovakia   [PDF] 841-847


Zeleňák, E. On the Czech Translation of Hayden White’s Metahistory   [PDF] 409-416
Sedová, T. Remarks on the Basis of J. Habermas’ Communication Theory of Action [Abstract] [PDF] 743-750
Pauer, J. Oligarchic Manipulation of the World (Dis)Order I   [PDF] 751-760
Pauer, J. Oligarchic Manipulation of the World (Dis)Order II   [PDF] 832-840

Young Philosophy

Benediktová Větrovcová, M. The Kantian Motives of Space in Gauss’ Differential Geometry [Abstract] [PDF] 476-484
Gogora, A. Latour and Sartre in Café de Flore [Abstract] [PDF] 485-490
Mlčúchová, A. The Theory of Intentionality of Thomas Aquinas in the Context of Epistemological Debates [Abstract] [PDF] 491-497


Vydrová, J. The Future of Phenomenology Is in Its Focusing on Problems (An Interview with Anthony J. Steinbock)   [PDF] 498-506

Scientific Events

SPhA Assembly and Scientific Conference "Human Nature: reason, Will, Emotion   [PDF] 514
Hrubec, M. Laudation to Professor Johann Paul Arnason   [PDF] 610-611
Komenská, K. Minding Animals Conference 2: A report   [PDF] 776-777
Gluchmanová, M. A Conference The History of Ethical Thinking in Slovakia III   [PDF] 778-779
Ďurčík, V. Making the Ethical Counseling in Slovakia Professionalized: Theoretical and Practical Prospects   [PDF] 780-781
Pružinec, T. - Sťahel, R. Philosophical Reflections on French Revolution (1789). A report from a conference   [PDF] 860-861
Čarnogurská, M. Classical Taoist Theory of Being: An Interesting Inspiration for Contemporary World. Three scientific events on one theme   [PDF] 861-863
Sucharek, P. Human nature: Reason, Will, Emotions (The 300th Birthday Anniversary of J.-J. Rousseau). A report from SPhA conference   [PDF] 863-865


Repar, P. - Repar, S. Stories about Otherness: Slovenian Philosophy in Slovak   [PDF] 613-617

Editorial Board Announcements

A New System of Referencing in Filozofia   [PDF] 782-783