Content of Volume


Chabada, M. Boethius of Dacia: The Vision of a Blessed Life in His Writing On the Highest Good, or On the Life of the Philosopher and the Condemnations of 1277 [Abstract] [PDF] 1-10
Volek, P. The Influence of Aristotelianism on the Explanation of Action by Thomas Aquinas and Raymund Lullus [Abstract] [PDF] 11-23
Nemec, R. Signification in William Ockham [Abstract] [PDF] 24-34
Novotný, D.D. F. Suarez: His Theory of Beings of Reason and Its Reception [Abstract] [PDF] 35-48
Machula, T. Human Being as Animal Rationale and an Embodied Spirit. Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Thomistic Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 49-58
Landa, I. Conditions for Knowing God in the Philosophy of G. W. F. Hegel [Abstract] [PDF] 59-73
Čana, T. Later Wittgenstein on Logical Rules [Abstract] [PDF] 109-121
Palovičová, Z. Social Work and Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 122-132
Dimopoulos, B. Nietzsche on History and Historical Education through Tragic Sense [Abstract] [PDF] 133-140
Baç, M. The Controversy Over Res in Philosophy of Science and the Mysteries of Ontological Neutrality [Abstract] [PDF] 141-153
Castelão-Lawless, T. Phenomenotechnique in Historical Perspective: Its Origins and Implications for Philosophy of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 154-166
Perrin, C. J. P. Sartre: Condemned To Be Free [Abstract] [PDF] 209-221
Azeri, S. Locke on Personal Identity: The Form of the Self [Abstract] [PDF] 222-239
Lee, T.H. Was Hume an Atheist? A Reconsideration [Abstract] [PDF] 240-257
Myšička, S. Protagoras and His Theory of Social Contract [Abstract] [PDF] 258-267
Korený, P. On Tolerance and Intolerance [Abstract] [PDF] 301-314
Čáp, J. The Awareness of Mortality: The Other in Us? [Abstract] [PDF] 315-324
Dubnička, J. The Theory of Quantum Gravitation and the Theory of Relativity [Abstract] [PDF] 325-335
Lee, H. - Yun, S.W. Antoine Berman’s Philosophical Reflections on Language and Translation: The Possibility of Translating without Platonism [Abstract] [PDF] 336-346
Moghaddam, A.R.H. Stewart Cohen and the Contextualist Theory of Justification [Abstract] [PDF] 347-352
Panayides, C. The Socratic Quest for Definitions and the Emergence of the Theory of Forms. A Discussion Note [Abstract] [PDF] 353-366
Hrubec, M. A Critical Conception of International Order. Axel Honneth on Recognition between States [Abstract] [PDF] 405-422
Flachbartová, L. The relationship between Cynicism and cynicism [Abstract] [PDF] 522-534
Cepko, J. Antisthenes and Paideia. On the Socratic Model of Education [Abstract] [PDF] 535-544
Suvák, V. Antisthenes between Socrates and Diogenes [Abstract] [PDF] 545-557
Sokolová, J. Styles of Existence: True Life and the Other World. The Reconsi- deration of the Ancient Cynicism in the European Philosophy of the 20th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 558-570
Marcelli, M. Text, Network and Other Impurities [Abstract] [PDF] 623-633
Michalovič, P. Events, Speech Genres and Stories [Abstract] [PDF] 634-643
Fulka, J. Poetry and Dream-work: On Lowes’ Account of Coleridge [Abstract] [PDF] 644-654
Oniščenko, J. The Real in Film and Its Impact [Abstract] [PDF] 655-666
Fišerová, M. A Text Which Subverted the Order of Its Own World [Abstract] [PDF] 667-682
Zouhar, M. Unarticulated Constituents of Semantic Content and Syntactic Ellipsis [Abstract] [PDF] 725-745
Bielik, L. “The New Riddle of Induction” and Testing of Qualities [Abstract] [PDF] 746-754
Dubnička, J. The Theory of Quantum Gravitation and Quantum Field Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 755-768
Sedová, T. Towards Selected Aspects of Interpretivism in Social Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 769-781
Černík, V. Disputes on the “Natural Character” of and “Freedom” in Contemporary Capitalism [Abstract] [PDF] 782-793
Palovičová, Z. The Concept of Social Functioning [Abstract] [PDF] 833-844
Barány, E. Justice as a Relational Concept [Abstract] [PDF] 845-855
Smreková, D. On Insincerity and Self-Deception [Abstract] [PDF] 856-867
Šajda, P. The Choice of Oneself: Revisiting Guardini’s Critique of Kierkegaard’s Concept of Selfhood [Abstract] [PDF] 868-878
Weberman, D. Sartre on the Authenticity, Required if My Choices are to Be Truly Mine [Abstract] [PDF] 879-889
Muránsky, M. On the Concept of Freedom of Will in Ernst Tugendhat [Abstract] [PDF] 890-905
Wagner, Z. Caring, Temporality and Agency: An Analytic and a Continental View [Abstract] [PDF] 906-917
Čičić, D. The Conflicting Aspects of Hugh McCann’s Theory of Action [Abstract] [PDF] 918-927
Višňovský, E. - Gál, E. Rorty's Place in the History of Western Philosophy   [PDF] 957-962
Voparil, C.J. Reading Rorty Politically [Abstract] [PDF] 963-970
Mihina, F. R. Rorty: Philosophia pro futuro? [Abstract] [PDF] 971-980
Šíp, R. R. Rorty and a Pragmatic View of public versus private Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 981-991
Mészáros, O. Neokantianism and the Theory of Values in Hungarian Philosophy on the Treshold of the 20th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 994-1002
Rathmann, J. Pál Makó: A Representative of New Mathematical an Logical Ideas (An Anniversary of the Foundation of the University of Trnava) [Abstract] [PDF] 1003-1012
Martinkovič, M. A Historicist Conception of Slavism in Political Thinking of S. H. Vajanský [Abstract] [PDF] 1013-1023

Moral Philosophy Today

Mauri, M. Self-respect and Honesty [Abstract] [PDF] 74-82
Akvinský, T. Summa Theologica: Part I, Question 1, Articles 1 – 10   [PDF] 83-99
Diogenés zo Sinopy Fragments   [PDF] 577-590


Chabada, M. Heider, D.: Who was Francisco Suarez? The Life and Work of the Doctor Eximius et Pius (in Czech)   [PDF] 100-102
Flachbartová, L. Ahbel-Rappe, S.: Socrates: A Guide for the Perplexed   [PDF] 103-105
Zouhar, M. Marvan, T.: The Question of Meaning. The Routs of the Analytical Philosophy of Language (in Czech)   [PDF] 186-190
Farkašová, E. Funda, O. A.: Reed Fluttering over the Surface (in Czech)   [PDF] 190-194
Gerbery, T. Foucault, M.: Birth of the Clinic (in Czech)   [PDF] 194-196
Prorok, V. Dinuš , P. et al: Marx and Social Changes after 1989 (in Slovak)   [PDF] 197-201
Kutáš, M. Dennett, D. C.: The Mystery of Consciousness (in Slovak)   [PDF] 201-204
Kuna, M. Scruton, R.: Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged (in English)   [PDF] 281-283
Labuda, P. Karfíková, L.: Ideas and Words. Studies of Augustin, Plotinus, Abelard, Dionysius Aeropagita and Anselm (in Czech)   [PDF] 284-287
Poláková, K. Buraj, I. (et al.): Ancient Democracy, Liberty and Our Times (in Slovak)   [PDF] 287-291
Jusko, Š. Mičaninová, M.: The Crown of the Kingdom by Rabbi Shlomo ben Gabirol with a Commentary (in Slovak)   [PDF] 292-295
Šarkan, M. Chabada, M.: Johannes Duns Scotus: Selected Problems of His Epistemology and Metaphysics (in Slovak)   [PDF] 295-297
Galovičová, L. Fraassen, B. C. van: Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective (in English)   [PDF] 386-390
Dvoranová, E. Henrich, D.: The Basic Structure of the Modern Philosophy (in Czech)   [PDF] 391-394
Gerbery, T. Capra, F.: Hidden Links (in Slovak)   [PDF] 395-397
Tokárová, M. Petr Jemelka - Slavomír Lesňák - Andrej Rozemberg: Environmentalism and Slovak Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 398-400
Münz, T. Nandrásky, K.: Jesus and Our Times (in Slovak)   [PDF] 502-505
Gerbery, T. Dreyfus, H. L. – Rabinow, P.: Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics (in Czech)   [PDF] 505-508
Kobová, Ľ. Young, I. M.: Against Oppression and Domination. Transnational Challenges of Political and Feminist Theories (in Czech)   [PDF] 508-512
Fraňo, P. Antisthenes (in Slovak)   [PDF] 611-612
Cepko, J. Rossetti, L. – Stavru, A.: Socratica 2008. Studies in Ancient Socratic Literature (Collana di Studi e Testi “Le Rane”, 54)   [PDF] 613-615
Flachbartová, L. Shea, L.: The Cynic Enlightenment. Diogenes in Salon   [PDF] 616-619
Michalovič, P. Marcelli, M.: A Place in Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 713-717
Chlebová, Z. Zuska. V.: A Remorseless Light, Wonderful Shadow: Aesthetics and Film (in Czech)   [PDF] 718-720
Sedová, T. Špelda, D.: Transformations of the Historiography of Science (in Czech)   [PDF] 818-820
Petríková, D. Kluvánková-Oravská, T.: From Government to Governance? New Governance for Water and Biodiversity in Enlarged Europe   [PDF] 820-821
Novosád, F. Gordon, P. E.: Continental Divide: Heidegger, Cassirer, Davos   [PDF] 822-825
Novosád, F. Henrich, D.: Werke im Werden. Über die Genesis philosphischer Einsichten   [PDF] 944-947
Piaček, J. Karul, R.-Sťahel, R.-Toman, M (eds.): Identity - Difference (in Slovak)   [PDF] 947-950
Farkašová, E. Kalnická, Z.: Philosophy and Feminism (in Czech)   [PDF] 1039-1041
Pružinec, T. Jonášová, G.: Violence and Non-Violence as Conceived by Slovak Tolstoyans (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1042-1044

Scientific Life

Fernando Gil International Prize 2010 Winner is from Slovakia   [PDF] 106
Rajský, A. Philosophy of Education in Historical and Current Perspectives   [PDF] 205-207
Poláková, K. A Symposium Behind the Mirror of Modernity. A Report   [PDF] 298-299
Šajda, P. Concepts of Choice and Freedom in Continental and Analytical Philosophy: A Report from an International Workshop   [PDF] 401-402
An International Conference Philosophical Thinking in the Central Europe Region: Traditions and the Present Taking Place in Košice   [PDF] 403
Projecting Freedom: An Invitation to a Conference   [PDF] 446
The Nature of Contemporary Philosophy and Its Method: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 513-519
Applied Ethic and Professional Practice: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 721-722
A Conference Husserl and Thomas Aquinas in Edith Stein’s Work   [PDF] 723
Dialogues between Science and Philosophy in the 20th Century: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 826-827
An International Conference on Science in the Romantic Period: A Report   [PDF] 827-830
VIIth International Hungarological Congress in Romania (A report from its philosophical section)   [PDF] 951-953
XXth French Summer Universitz of Jan Hus Foundation   [PDF] 954-955
Winners in Student Scientific Special Convention in Philosophy   [PDF] 1038
The Workshop "Life and Work of Edmund Husserl in Central-European Context"   [PDF] 1045-1046
Editor's Announcements   [PDF] 1046

Inaugural Lectures

Gáliková, S. Peripety and Prospects of the Study of Human Mind in Contemporary Philosophy   [PDF] 167-173
Kuna, M. The Significance of Virtues in the Context of Social Practices and Institutions   [PDF] 268-272


Kaliský, Ján Ancient Scepticism in the 16th Century Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 174-185
Šulavíková, B. Losski's "Organic Concrete Ideal-realism"   [PDF] 1024-1030
Karol Kollár Remarks on Environmentalism in Slovak Philosophy   [PDF] 1031-1038

Discussions - Polemics

Remišová, A. Yes to a Constructive Criticism, No to Disparaging the Authors   [PDF] 273-275
Halas, J. Double Character of the Work of an Academician   [PDF] 276-280
Volek, P. Objects as Substances   [PDF] 367-373
Schmidt, M. Can the Analysis of Language be Labeled Metaphysics?   [PDF] 374-377
Hrkút, J. The Myth of a Negative Method and the Critique of a Falsifiable Theory   [PDF] 378-385
Zouhar, M. Saul Kripke in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors   [PDF] 431-446
Šedík, M. A Work of Art, Experience, Knowledge (An Answer to J. Hrkút)   [PDF] 591-600
Miloš Taliga On the Experiential Knowledge in Science (An Answer to J. Hrkút)   [PDF] 601-610
Cmorej, P. Language Practice, Or Philosophical Prejudices? Bewildering Lightness of Rejecting   [PDF] 794-817


Sedová, T. The Rise and Fall of the Idea of Progress. Reading The Decay of the Idea of Progress by Zdzisław Krasnodębski   [PDF] 423-430
Desmond, W. Ancient Cynicism and Modern Philosophy   [PDF] 571-576
Petříček, M. The Potential of a Text [Abstract] [PDF] 683-688
Kříž, J. The Chains of Words and Fullness of the World   [PDF] 689-695
Labuda, P. Origins of the Notion of Free Will in Ancient Thought [Abstract] [PDF] 928-934

Young Philosophy

Gogora, A. A City and a House, an Engineer and a Noise [Abstract] [PDF] 447-451
Žiak, J. Structuralism in the Pragmatism of Ch. S. Peirce or A Short Story of a Lost Vision [Abstract] [PDF] 452-457
Šimeček, D. Toulmin’s Concept of „Reasonableness“ [Abstract] [PDF] 458-462
Kekeli, V. Cavell’s Revision of Later Wittgenstein [Abstract] [PDF] 463-468
Žáčková, E. Humans as Products of Artificial Experience? [Abstract] [PDF] 469-474
Šabíková, K. Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 475-480
Cíbik, M. Kant and Rawls on the Neutrality of a Liberal State [Abstract] [PDF] 481-485
Prokešová, E. Identity Crisis and Strong Evaluation [Abstract] [PDF] 486-490
Hudecová, A. A Libertarian View of the Ownership of Human Body [Abstract] [PDF] 491-496
Lipták, M. On the Phenomenology of Art and Its Application on Conceptual Art [Abstract] [PDF] 497-501


Starobinski, J. Racine and the Politics of Perspective   [PDF] 696-707


Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art (An Interview with Vlastimil Zuska)   [PDF] 708-712


Lipták, M. Early Merleau-Ponty in a Dialogue with Naturalism and Psychology [Abstract] [PDF] 935-943