Content of Volume


Gálik, D. Scientific Rationality and Scientific Method [Abstract] [PDF] 1-8
Nemec, R. Gadamer’s subtilitas applicandi versus Whitehead’s Symbolic Reference [Abstract] [PDF] 18-27
Hála, V. Fortunes of the Relationship between Spirit and Nature in the Philosophical Conception of Vittorio Hösle [Abstract] [PDF] 28-38
Chabada, M. Reception and Modification of Aristotelism in Some Areas Concerned in John Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 9-17
Mester, B. Hungarian Philosophy in Slovak: After Sixteen Years   [PDF] 93-96
Laczkó, S. The Present Situation of Philosophy in Hungary (Philosophical Institutions, Orientations and Attitudes) [Abstract] [PDF] 97-106
Faragó-Szabó, I. The Analytic-Continental Debate [Abstract] [PDF] 107-113
Klima, G. Teleology, Intentionality, Naturalism [Abstract] [PDF] 114-122
Robinson, H. Two Berkelian Arguments about the Nature of Space [Abstract] [PDF] 123-132
Boros, G. Molière, Descartes, générosité [Abstract] [PDF] 133-143
Laki, J. Institutionalist Sociology of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 144-154
Egyed, P. The Question of Community in the Communitarian and Traditional (Intracommunity) Discourses [Abstract] [PDF] 155-165
Kiss, L.A. Chances of Human Ecology [Abstract] [PDF] 166-176
Piaček, J. Applicability of Syncritiscism [Abstract] [PDF] 183-194
Pechar, J. Phenomenology of M. Merleau- Ponty [Abstract] [PDF] 195-206
Kanichová, R. Naming Strategies in the Terminology of Martin Heidegger [Abstract] [PDF] 207-218
Zouhar, M. From Language Users to Semantics [Abstract] [PDF] 297-311
Longino, H.E. Navigating the Social Turn in Philosophy of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 312-323
Šmajs, J. The Nature of Evolutionary Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 324-338
Marcelli, M. Communication: Thinking on a Large Scale [Abstract] [PDF] 410-419
Michalovič, P. Restless Hearts of the Modernists [Abstract] [PDF] 420-428
Bystřický, J. Concept, Image and Mediality [Abstract] [PDF] 429-435
Zuska, V. A Monologue, a Dialogue and the Attention Paid to Ego [Abstract] [PDF] 436-442
Fulka, J. Desire, Pleasure and Communication [Abstract] [PDF] 443-453
Fišerová, M. The Crisis of Representation [Abstract] [PDF] 454-464
Suvák, V. Antisthenes: The Study of Language and Logical Paradoxes [Abstract] [PDF] 520-526
Urbancová, E. Morality versus Utility in Cicero’s De officiis [Abstract] [PDF] 527-534
Andreanský, E. The Fortunes of Modal Realism [Abstract] [PDF] 535-544
Cehelník, M. Critical Rationalism as a Moral Decision [Abstract] [PDF] 544-551
Dupkala, R. Philosophizing in Slovakia: Reflections and Contexts (On the Receptivity of the Philosophical Thought in Slovakia) [Abstract] [PDF] 552-559
Gluchman, V. Political Ethics of Martin Rakovský: Between Machiavelli and Luther [Abstract] [PDF] 560-567
Sedová, T. Presuppositions and Conditions of Constructing the Fact in Social Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 613-624
Zeleňák, E. Historical Fact, Realism and Constructivism [Abstract] [PDF] 625-633
Popper, M. Some Evolutionary Views on Social and Moral Norms [Abstract] [PDF] 634-645
Hanzel, I. Qualitative, or Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences? [Abstract] [PDF] 646-657
Dubnička, J. Philosophical and Methodological Problems in Building the Theory of Quantum Gravitation [Abstract] [PDF] 658-668
Raclavský, J. Individuals in Thoughts-Propositions: Tichý’s Approach [Abstract] [PDF] 669-679
Šajda, P. Hegel’s Thesis of the Unphilosophical and Unscientific Character of the Theology of That Time and Its Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 717-727
Stewart, J. Kierkegaard’s Use of Genre in the Struggle with German Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 728-738
Zálešák, T. On the Significance of the Anthropological Sources for Political Science [Abstract] [PDF] 817-826
Kuna, M. The Significance of Practice for Theory: A Reconstruction of Alasdair MacIntyre’s Argument [Abstract] [PDF] 827-838
Pauer, J. The Sublime, Conflict and Its Transformation [Abstract] [PDF] 839-848
Lysý, J. Remarks on Rationality in the Context of the Reconstruction of Social Siences and Humanities [Abstract] [PDF] 849-860
Bakoš, V. Currents of Intellectual Modernism (100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Journal Prúdy) [Abstract] [PDF] 913-928
Mészáros, O. Philosophy and Philosophers in the Royal Academy in Presburg on the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries [Abstract] [PDF] 929-938
Pichler, T. Miloš Štefanovič: Modern Slovak Political Thinking before Hlasists [Abstract] [PDF] 939-948
Viceník, J. - Zigo, M. I. Hrušovský and His Analyses of the Development of Scientific Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 949-959
Šulavíková, B. Philosophy of Psychology in Realistic Intuitivism [Abstract] [PDF] 960-970
Martinkovič, M. Conceptual Parallels in the Liberalism of Karel Havlíček Borovský and Ján Palárik [Abstract] [PDF] 971-983

Scientific Life

An International Philosophical Workshop     69
XXIInd World Philosophical Congress: A Report   [PDF] 88-91
SPhA Lectures     194
4th World Penomenological Congress: A Report   [PDF] 294-295
The Conference Patterns of Philosophising Past and Present: A Report   [PDF] 405-407
The Conference Reality and Fiction (Smolenice, October 12. – 13. 2009): An Invitation     512-513
An International Conference on Ethics: An Invitation     576
An International UNESCO Regional Conference on Bioethics   [PDF] 609-611
A Symposium on Problems of Cosmopolitism     624
The 4th International Conference Transformation of Human Identity in Central Europe after 1990     679
An International Kantian Conference Humans – History – Culture III   [PDF] 813-814
Marián Cehelník (1954 – 2009)   [PDF] 815
Hudecová, A. - Matejková, E. A SPhA Conference Reality and Fiction: A Report   [PDF] 909-911

Pohľad za hranice

Savelova, E.V. Myth in the Philosophy of A. F. Losev [Abstract] [PDF] 39-44
Kyeong-Seop Choi, Phenomenology without „Phenomenon“ – Ernst Cassirer’s Case [Abstract] [PDF] 262-274
Pozo, A.G. Utopia in Black. The Negative Aesthetics of Adorno and the Contemporary Black Art [Abstract] [PDF] 481-491
Azeri, S. Kant’s Rejection of the Right of Revolution [Abstract] [PDF] 592-603
Gasparatou, R. High Standard Epistemology and the Appeal to Intuition [Abstract] [PDF] 680-692
Wagner, Z. Intentions and Agency [Abstract] [PDF] 739-747
Harris, E. Nationalism and International Order: A Contemporary Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 861-875
Dogan, A. On the Universality of the Principles of Distributive Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 876-888


Malík, B. From Myth to Story: The Origins, Advancement and Breakdown of Grand Stories [Abstract] [PDF] 45-56
Aimová, I. Communication between Body and Image [Abstract] [PDF] 465-469
Šafaříková, R. „Reading” or Interpretation? Image at the Hands of a Semioticist   [PDF] 470-473
Mihina, F. Humanum errare est Or The Praise of Doubt   [PDF] 568-576
Cmorej, P. Some Reflections on the Book of Marián Zouhar Essentials of Logic for Social and Human Sciences   [PDF] 704-710
Koubová, A. The Other and the Structure of Experience: Between Blanchot and Levinas [Abstract] [PDF] 774-780
Sucharek, P. Boundary Experience of Reading: Maurice Blanchot [Abstract] [PDF] 781-792
Vydra, A. From Applied Rationalism to Applied Phenomenology: The New Scientific Pedagogy of Gaston Bachelard [Abstract] [PDF] 793-803
Labuda, P. Heidegger and the Incorporation of Greek Metaphysics into Christian Theology [Abstract] [PDF] 804-809
Karul, R. How to Conceive of the Perceivable? Hades as a Metaphor of the Sensible World in Plotinus [Abstract] [PDF] 894-902
Pauer, J. Democracy and Tragedy (Skeptical and Critical Reflexions in an Uncertain Time of Crisis) Part I   [PDF] 996-1000


Bendlová, P. Marcel’s Far-famed Fridays in de Tournon Street   [PDF] 57-66
Čapková, A. Conversations with Kierkegaard   [PDF] 67-69
Levinas, E. An Exercise on The Madness of the Day   [PDF] 229-237
Lefort, C. Postface (to Merleau-Ponty’s Visible and Invisible)   [PDF] 238-251
Gadamer, H.G. What is Truth?   [PDF] 252-261
Serres, M. Communication Web: Penelope   [PDF] 474-480
Jacquemond, O. Considering Friendship Together with Blanchot [Abstract] [PDF] 748-756
Escoubas, É. The Ontology of Image: An Outline   [PDF] 757-764
Čana, T. - Gálik, D. - Rybár, J. - Hanzel, I. On Methodological Cognition   [PDF] 70-82
Our authors   [PDF] 177-179
Vojtech Filkorn (8. 4. 1922 – 14. 4. 2009)   [PDF] 513-514
Galénos, The Best Physician is Also a Philosopher   [PDF] 577-583
Zigo, M. The Series Philosophical Legacy (1973 – 1990): Its Character, Implementation and Significance [Abstract] [PDF] 984-995


Chabada, M. Cesar Ribas Cezar, Das natürliche Gesetz und das konkrete praktische Urteil nach der Lehre des Johannes Duns Scotus   [PDF] 83-85
Stojka, R. Patočka, J., Eternity and Historicity (Věčnost a dějinnost)   [PDF] 85-87
Sivák, J. Bal, K. – Wilková, J. (eds.): Gadameriana. Hans-Georg Gadamer w zbliżeniach Połska-Niemcy. Annäherungen Polen-Deutschland   [PDF] 286-287
Sivák, J. Tonkli-Komelová, A. (ed.): Europe, World and Humanity in the 21st Century. Phenomenological Perspectives   [PDF] 288-290
Kriššák, M. Heidegger, M.: Phenomenological Interpretations of Aristotle   [PDF] 291-293
Zouhar, M. Peregrin, J.: A Philosophy for Normal People   [PDF] 396-399
Mičaninová, M. Lasker, D.: Jewish Philosophical Polemics against Christianity in the Middle Ages   [PDF] 399-404
Debnár, M. Žižek, S.: A Horseshoe above the Door. Selected Texts   [PDF] 501-502
Oniščenko, J. Lotman, J. M.: The Semiotics of the Film and the Problems of Film Aesthetics   [PDF] 503-505
Münz, T. Kováč, D.: Through Psychology to Metanoia   [PDF] 505-511
Žiak, J. Drong, L.: Disciplining the New Pragmatism. Theory, Rhetoric, and the Ends of Literary Study   [PDF] 604-606
Kriššák, M. Fehr, J. – Kouba, P. (eds.): Dynamic Structure. Language as an Open System   [PDF] 607-608
Sedová, T. Dakers, J. R.: Defining Technological Literacy: Towards an Epistemological Framework   [PDF] 711-713
Sedová, T. Parusniková, Z.: Reason, Criticism, Openness: Living Legacy of the Philosophy of K. R. Popper   [PDF] 713-715
Sucharek, P. Calin, R. – Sebbah, F.-D.: Le vocabulaire de Levinas (Levinas’s Vocabulary)   [PDF] 810-812
Šrobár, Š. Poláková, J.: The Meaning of Dialogue. Aiming at the Fullness of Human Communication   [PDF] 903-905
Zigman, P.M. Rusterholz, P. – Meyer Schweizer, R. (Ed.): Kulturhistorische Vorlesungen: Aktualität und Vergänglichkeit der Leitwissenschaften   [PDF] 905-908
Bakoš, V. Kohák, E.: Hearth and Horizon (Cultural Identity and Global Humanity in Czech Philosopy   [PDF] 1001-1004
Karol Kollár Kiliánová, G. – Kowalská, E. – Krekovičová, E. (eds.): We and the Others in Modern Society   [PDF] 1005-1007
Pichler, T. Kollár, K.: From Ethics to Apologetics: On the Confines of Philosophy, Sociology and Ideology   [PDF] 1008-1009
Smreková, D. Lalíková, E. – Szapuová, M. (Eds.): Patterns of Philosophizing Past and Present   [PDF] 1009-1011

Discussions - Polemics

Sivák, J. Dominique Janicaud on Time: Remarks on One Critique   [PDF] 219-228
Mészáros, O. The Informative Value of One Book on the History of Neothomist Metaphysics   [PDF] 394-395

Inaugural Lectures

Korený, P. Conscience and Personal Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 275-285

Young Philosophy

Sedlár, I. Implication and Three Types of Meaning Connection [Abstract] [PDF] 339-345
Podroužek, J. Dynamic Logic of Strict Processes [Abstract] [PDF] 346-350
Mikláš, N. Reversibility and Dogmatism as Philosophical Styles [Abstract] [PDF] 351-355
Šabíková, K. On Recognition [Abstract] [PDF] 356-361
Gogora, A. Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari and the Problem of Place [Abstract] [PDF] 362-368
Dvoranová, E. he Concept of a Scholar in the Philosophy of Johann Gottlieb Fichte [Abstract] [PDF] 369-374
Rafailov, B. Philosophical Context of Jung’s Theory of Complexes and Archetypes [Abstract] [PDF] 375-382
Mikláš, N. Philosophical Style: Between Self-Irony and Dogma [Abstract] [PDF] 693-703


Can Feminist Theory Be Useful outside Feminism? (An Interview with H. E. Longino)   [PDF] 383-393
What Politics of Images? (An Interview with Georges Didi-Huberman)   [PDF] 492-500

Philosophy in the School Desk

Belás, Ľ. Kant and Hegel on Enlightenment [Abstract] [PDF] 584-591


Višňovský, E. Philosophy as a Reflection of Experience (150th Birthday Anniversary of John Dewey) [Abstract] [PDF] 765-773
Gálik, D. Evolution and the Search for Meaning: Darwinian Anniversary   [PDF] 889-893