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Scientific Life

The Era of Globalization as Reflected in Philosophy. An International Conference     74
An International Conference     202
The 5th Central and Eastern European Conference on Phenomenology     203
A Report from the Symposium Gender, Empire, and the Politics of Central and Eastern Europe   [PDF] 294-295
International Workshop Life as an Intertwinning of Subjectivity with Objectivity   [PDF] 383
A Series of Lectures by Helen Longino     457
Chabada, M. An International Conference (The 700 Hundreth Anniversary of the Death of John Duns Scotus): A Report   [PDF] 464-466
Life as an Intersection of Subjectivity and Objectivity. A Workshop Report   [PDF] 550-551
A MacIntyrian Conference   [PDF] 551-553
Prof. Glombik Visiting Philosophical Faculty of the Košice University   [PDF] 553-554
Historical and Contemporary Forms of Thought and Communication. An Invitation to a Conference     555
A SPhA Lecture     732
Plenar Assembly of Slovak Philosophical Association: A Report   [PDF] 733
The Committee of Slovak Philosophical Association (September 13th 2006 – September 18th 2008): A Report   [PDF] 734-739
A New Committee of SPhA   [PDF] 789
An International Seminar Embryonic (and Adult) Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine and PGD. Research and Application Ethics: A Report   [PDF] 846-847
A Conference: A-subjective Phenomenology of Jan Patočka and the History of Philosophy   [PDF] 942-944
Johannes Duns Scotus (1308 – 2008). A Report from an International Conference   [PDF] 944-946


Wollner, U. Plato’s Socrates about Poetry and Rhetoric in Ion and Gorgias [Abstract] [PDF] 18-27
Porubjak, M. The Problem of Anamnesis and Plato’s Meno [Abstract] [PDF] 28-38
Andreanský, E. Socratic Paradoxes and Their Epistemological Importance [Abstract] [PDF] 39-49
Suvák, V. Anthistenes’ Account of Homer [Abstract] [PDF] 50-62
Kvasz, L. Newton and Cartesian Physics [Abstract] [PDF] 93-108
Kanichová, R. Terminological Neologisms in Martin Heidegger [Abstract] [PDF] 109-121
Dupkala, R. Recentivism of J. Bańka as „Practicing Philosophy in Harmony with the Spirit of the Age“ [Abstract] [PDF] 122-130
Belás, Ľ. Kant and the Problem of Politics [Abstract] [PDF] 131-143
Hroch, J. On the Philosophy of William James [Abstract] [PDF] 144-154
Piaček, J. Problems of Perichronosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 206-218
Kalaš, A. Socrates: En Exemplary Citizen, Or a Man Subverting Athenian Democracy? [Abstract] [PDF] 2-17
Hohoš, L. Global Inequality: Justice and Law in the Globalization Era [Abstract] [PDF] 219-228
Szapuová, M. Gender in Philosophy: The Case of Harriet Taylor Mill [Abstract] [PDF] 229-239
Višňovský, E. The Elements of the Conception of Good Life in Classical Pragmatist Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 328-335
Šulavíková, B. Integrity and Good Life [Abstract] [PDF] 336-343
Mistrík, E. Narcist Adoration of Body and the End of Postmodern Culture [Abstract] [PDF] 344-351
Višňovský, E. On the Problem of Norms and Normativity: Basic Conceptions and Questions [Abstract] [PDF] 386-396
Kanovský, M. Social Representations: A Cognitive Research Program [Abstract] [PDF] 397-406
Findor, A. Historical Representations: Theory and a Case of Nationalisation of „Cultural Superiority“ [Abstract] [PDF] 407-416
Sirota, M. The Evidence of Bayesian Reasoning and Its Place in the Context of the Empirical Argument about Rationality [Abstract] [PDF] 417-426
Nagl-Docekal, H. Feminist Philosophy: How Philosophy Could Contribute to the Establishment of Gender-Fair Conditions [Abstract] [PDF] 469-479
Muránsky, M. Is Ethics Absolutely Obligatory? (Freedom in Kantian Tradition) [Abstract] [PDF] 562-572
Šajda, P. The Theory of Image on the Background of the Doctrine of Analogy and Univocity in the Works of Meister Eckhart [Abstract] [PDF] 573-581
Fišerová, M. Beyond the Logic of Representation: The Problem of the Unrepresentable in the Philosophy of Image of J. Rancière [Abstract] [PDF] 582-591
Tomašovičová, J. The Appearance of the Sublime [Abstract] [PDF] 592-599
Šedík, M. The Ontology of a Work of Visual Art as a Process [Abstract] [PDF] 600-610
Sedová, T. Concepts of Human Nature and Culture and The Role They Play in Social Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 657-669
Černík, V. Making of the Theory of Social Fact [Abstract] [PDF] 670-682
Zeleňák, E. The Way Davidson Approaches Events [Abstract] [PDF] 683-694
Dubnička, J. The Theory of Strings and the Physical Picture of the World [Abstract] [PDF] 695-703
Mandzela, M. Is Ethics a Consequence of a Logical Error? [Abstract] [PDF] 704-714
Novosád, F. Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche on the Politics of Theatricality [Abstract] [PDF] 741-749
Muránsky, M. Is Ethics Absolutely Obligatory? Part II (Suspension of Ethics and the Problem of Self-Understanding in Existentialist Tradition) [Abstract] [PDF] 750-762
Palovičová, Z. David Miller and His Grammar of Social Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 763-775
Pauer, J. On Habitation and the Shared World (Architecture: Philosophy and Public Sector) [Abstract] [PDF] 776-789
Bakoš, V. Samuel Štefan Osuský as a Historiographer of Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 849-862
Zigo, M. Anthology of Philosophers’ Works in he Development of Slovak Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 863-873
Mészáros, O. Philosophical Views of Two Neothomists from Nitra on the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries [Abstract] [PDF] 874-882
Šulavíková, B. The Real World and Its Cognition in Slovak Philosophy of the 1940s [Abstract] [PDF] 883-891
Martinkovič, M. Conceptual Parallels and Different Strategies in Slovak Political Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 892-900


Kriššák, M. In a Defense of Another Socrates. A Remark to Jan Patočka [Abstract] [PDF] 63-74
Sedová, T. Constructivism, Constructions, and the Plurality of Worlds [Abstract] [PDF] 155-160
Šajda, P. Kierkegaard’s Rejection of the of the Mysticism of Master Eckhart [Abstract] [PDF] 161-168
Gažík, P. Early-Christian Transformation of the Greek Logos in the Philosophy of Justin Martyr [Abstract] [PDF] 169-173
Mičaninová, M. Philosophical Terminology in Rabbi Solomon Ben Gabirol’s Royal Crown [Abstract] [PDF] 427-432
Pechar, J. Lévinas and Phenomenology   [PDF] 520-528
Vydra, A. Nabokov and Textual Images [Abstract] [PDF] 611-618
Vydrová, J. Phenomenological and Aesthetical Attitudes. Remarks on Their Autonomy and Overlapping [Abstract] [PDF] 619-624
Pauer, J. ome Very Short Reflections (with Very Long Titles) on the Image of the Body and on the Body as an Image, or Also on Desire and Abandonment [Abstract] [PDF] 790-797
Smreková, D. Stumbling Blocks of Euthelia. On L. Bitó’s A Book on Good Death. Euthelia – Euthanasia [Abstract] [PDF] 798-803
Pichler, T. Eötvös, Grünwald, Mudroň and the Idea of the Hungarian State [Abstract] [PDF] 914-920
Xenofón, Oeconomicus. „The Complete Householder“   [PDF] 75-81
Kalaš, A. Sextus Empiricus: Against Logicians Or an Invitation to Ancient Scepticism [Abstract] [PDF] 252-257
Sextos Empiricos, Adversus Mathematicos 7, 1, 1 - 7, 1, 37   [PDF] 258-262
Novosád, F. Andrej Kopčok: A Philosopher Challenging the Disfavors of Times   [PDF] 557-559


Šimon, F. Die Heilkunst als Vorbild in Platons Staatslehre und Ethik. Zur aktuellen Bedeutung und Bewertung der Heilkunst in Platons Schriften (D. Mielke)   [PDF] 82-83
Urbancová, E. Xenofon: Symposion. The Defense of Socrates   [PDF] 84-85
Radová, I. Xenofon: Oeconomicus. „The Complete Householder“   [PDF] 86-87
Wollner, U. Prawda i mniemania. Studium filozofii Parmenidesa z Elei. (D. Kubok)   [PDF] 88-91
Mičaninová, M. Menachem Kellner: Maimonides’ Confrontation with Mysticism   [PDF] 192-196
Hamzová, Z. Milovan Ješič: Descartes and His Metamorphoses in Hegel’s Philosophy   [PDF] 196-199
Hargašová, J. Vladimír Manda: The Epistemology of John Locke   [PDF] 200-201
Farkašová, E. Nagl-Docekal, H., Feminist Philosophy (Results, Problems, Prospects)   [PDF] 281-285
Chabada, M. Matula, J., Epistemological and Psychological Aspects of Th. Aquinas’ Understanding of Man   [PDF] 286-288
Kalaš, A. Palaifatos, Unbelievable Stories   [PDF] 289-290
Kobová, Ľ. Fraser, N., The Radical Imagination: Between Redistribution and Recognition   [PDF] 291-293
Potančok, M. Gálik, S., Philosophy and Mysticism. The Human Spiritual Development from the Perspective of the Mysticisms in the World History   [PDF] 379-380
Sačková, M. Searle, J., Speech Acts   [PDF] 380-382
Omasta, M. Labuda, P., Onto-theology: Plotinos versus Heidegger   [PDF] 458-460
Jusko, Š. Tholt, P., Jan Patočka and the Rise of Mathematical Natural Sciences   [PDF] 460-463
Sisáková, O. Farkašová, E., On the Way to the „Room of Her Own“. Representatives /Patterns/ Problems of the Feminist Philosophy   [PDF] 544-546
Šuch, J. Ankersmit, F., Sublime Historical Experience   [PDF] 547-549
Démuth, A. Schelling, F. W. J., Philosophy of Art   [PDF] 648-651
Vydra, A. Aristotelés, Poetics   [PDF] 652-653
Tokárová, M. Didi-Huberman, G., Before the Time. The History and Anachronism of Images   [PDF] 654-655
Gáliková, S. Petrů, M.: Physiology of Mind: An Introduction to the Cognitive Science   [PDF] 724-727
Černík, V. Brzeziński, I. – Klawiter, A. – Kuipers, T. A. F. – Łastowicki, K. – Paprzycka, K. – Przybisz, P.: The Courage of Doing Philosophy: Essays Dedicated to Leszek Nowak   [PDF] 728-732
Zigman, P. Preuss, D., ... et in pulverem reverteris? Vom ethisch verantwortlichen Umgang mit menschlichen Überresten in Sammlungen sowie musealen und sakralen Räumen   [PDF] 839-841
Popovičová, D. Bitó, L., A Book on a Good Death: Euthelia – Euthanasia   [PDF] 842-845
Lalíková, E. Leško, V. – Plašienková, Z.: Acta Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Šafarikanae. Studia Philosophica, 2008: Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit   [PDF] 935-938
Karol Kollár Mészáros, O.: School Philosophy in the Former Upper Hungary   [PDF] 939-941

Pohľad za hranice

Egyed, B. Nietzsche’s Anti-democratic Liberalism   [PDF] 174-185
Maclean, I. The Science of Nature and the Science of God: Conflict and Collaborationin the Early Modern Period   [PDF] 352-364
Mulnix, J.W. Reliabilism, Intuition, and Mathematical Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 715-723
Varga, S. Expression, Self-Knowledge and Authority. Wittgenstein and Subjectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 830-838

Discussions - Polemics

Münz, T. Focused on Spiritual Periphery   [PDF] 186-191
Maco, R. Critical Remarks on Contemporary Phenomenology   [PDF] 263-269
Bžoch, A. A Hurt Ego Giving Birth to a Critique?   [PDF] 374-378
Sýkora, P. Why There is No Need for an Unconditional Protection of Every Human Zygote   [PDF] 804-816


Chabada, M. Entrenching Ethics in Natural Law in Ian Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 240-251
Chabada, M. Complementarity of Metaphysics and Theology in John Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 433-443
Sitár, M. Does Theology Meet the Aristotelian Standards of a Theoretical Science? A Dispute between Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 444-457
Escoubas, É. On the Anthropology of the Visual. M. Merleau-Ponty and H. Jonas [Abstract] [PDF] 480-487
Krištofová, L. „The Second Sex“ and S. de Beauvoir’s Contribution to the Discussion of Corporeality and Sexuality [Abstract] [PDF] 488-498
Mendelová, L. „The Other among the Others“ as a Permanent Challenge to a Cross-Cultural Dialogue. S. de Beauvoir in the Context of Feminist Epistemologies [Abstract] [PDF] 499-508
Smreková, D. Morals on the Background of Ambiguity [Abstract] [PDF] 509-519
Gluchman, V. The Philosophy (Ethics) of Life of Martin Rázus [Abstract] [PDF] 901-913

Philosophy in the School Desk

Buraj, I. Towards Some Characteristics of the Ancient Political Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 270-280

Young Philosophy

Sedlár, I. Do the Names of Natural Species Have Connotations? [Abstract] [PDF] 297-300
Dolák, A. Tractatus: The Conception of Natural Laws [Abstract] [PDF] 301-304
Bartoš, Vít What Is Meaning? [Abstract] [PDF] 305-310
Kolárová, A. Philosophy Solving the Problem of American Exceptionalism: The Case of Richard Rorty [Abstract] [PDF] 311-317
Timko, M. Interdisciplinary Approach and Evolutionary Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 318-323
Roman, D. An Encounter with V. E. Frankl [Abstract] [PDF] 324-327


Luft, S. Subject As a Moral Person. Towards Husserl’s Late Reflections on the Concept of Person   [PDF] 365-373
Kačerauskas, T. Bodiness and the Living World [Abstract] [PDF] 625-634
Benoist, A. The Ideology of Liberalism: A Critique   [PDF] 817-829


Problems and Prospects of the Feminist Researches. An Interview with Herta Nagl-Docekal   [PDF] 529-534
The Second and/versus the Other. Simone de Beauvoir and Luce Irigaray: An Imaginary Conversation   [PDF] 535-543
Image, Subject, Power. An Interview with Marie-José Mondzain   [PDF] 635-647

From the Archives

Hrušovský, I. Monologues and Dialogues II (A Selection)   [PDF] 921-934