Content of Volume


Labuda, P. Plato’s Parmenides and Republic as the Origins of Plotinus’ theory of the One [Abstract] [PDF] 1-13
Bracanović, T. Utilitarian Impartiality and Contemporary Darwinism [Abstract] [PDF] 14-25
Chabada, M. Univocality of the Concept of Being and Possible Knowing of God [Abstract] [PDF] 26-43
Labuda, P. Plotinus’ theory of the One and its Language [Abstract] [PDF] 91-109
Šajda, P. Preferential and Non-Preferential Love in Søren Kierkegaard’s Work: An Outline [Abstract] [PDF] 110-121
Miloš Taliga On Two Mistakes of Popper’s Theory of Verisimilitude [Abstract] [PDF] 122-135
Jemelka, P. Bioethics as a Discipline. Several Commentaries on Its Status [Abstract] [PDF] 186-190
Sýkora, P. On the Necessity of Global Bioethics in a Multicultural World [Abstract] [PDF] 191-202
Volek, P. Thomas Aquinas’ Views on the Origins of Humans and Contemporary Embryology [Abstract] [PDF] 203-215
Fábry, B. Human Being and Person in Jurisprudence and in Bioethics: The Impact of Bioethics on Contemporary Discussion of the Concepts of Human being and Person in Jurisprudence [Abstract] [PDF] 216-222
Kuře, J. A Nice Death: Towards a Philosophical Explication of the Concept of Euthanasia [Abstract] [PDF] 223-234
Višňovský, E. The Relevance of Pragmatism to Bioethics [Abstract] [PDF] 235-244
Hála, V. Universalistic Pretensions in Ethics. Formalism and Some of the Attempts at Establishing a Value Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 273-281
Čipkár, Ján Self-subsistence of Russian Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 282-297
Cuny, H. Preface   [PDF] 361-362
Rouet, G. Introduction   [PDF] 363-364
Sebbah, F.D. Subjectivity in Contemporary French Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 365-377
Marion, J.L. A Saturated Phenomenon [Abstract] [PDF] 378-402
Depraz, N. The Husserlian Theory of Intersubjectivity as Alterology. Emergent Theories and Wisdom Traditions in the Light of Genetic Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 403-412
Petit, J.L. Reflecting Ricœur’s Saying: „It is not the Brain, What Thinks, It is me.“ [Abstract] [PDF] 413-421
Janicaud, D. Phenomenology Following in the Track of Inappearness of Time [Abstract] [PDF] 422-433
Bakoš, V. A Life in the Idea (The 100th Birthday Anniversaries of Jan Patočka and Igor Hrušovský) [Abstract] [PDF] 474-486
Hála, V. Spiritual Man and „Possessors of Reason“ (The 100th Birthday Anniversary of Jan Patočka) [Abstract] [PDF] 487-496
Šulavíková, B. On the Dispute about Scientific Principles in the Slovak Philosophy of the 1940s [Abstract] [PDF] 497-506
Sivák, J. O jednej metafyzickej lektúre Husserlovej fenomenológie [Abstract] [PDF] 507-523
Piaček, J. Hrušovský’s Contribution to Perichronosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 524-534
Buraj, I. „The Regime of Truth“: Its Notion, Structure and Mechanisms of Its Production (Inspired by the Thoughts of Michel Foucault) [Abstract] [PDF] 569-578
Rusnák, P. Philosophy of Language of P. A. Florensky [Abstract] [PDF] 579-589
Baç, M. Epistemological Naturalism, Skeptical Threat and the Question of Normativity in Post-Apocalyptic Times [Abstract] [PDF] 590-600
Palovičová, Z. Normative Character of the Notion of Recognition [Abstract] [PDF] 658-667
Vydrová, J. Between Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 668-674
Huba, M. Human Values, Ethics, Sustainability and Quality of Life: Theory and Praxis [Abstract] [PDF] 675-685
Sedová, T. Constructivism as a Philosophy and a Sociology of Science: Problems, Possibilities and Limits [Abstract] [PDF] 750-764
Černík, V. - Viceník, J. The Method of Situational Analysis [Abstract] [PDF] 765-776
Schenk, J. Agent-Based Modeling as a Methodological Innovation [Abstract] [PDF] 777-789
Kusá, Z. Participatory Approach in Social Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 790-800
Hanzel, I. Scientific Law: On the History of One Concept [Abstract] [PDF] 801-812
Dubnička, J. Antropic Principle [Abstract] [PDF] 813-824
Bakoš, V. Philosophical Production of the Association for Scientific Synthesis: Towards the 70th Anniversary of Its Foundation [Abstract] [PDF] 853-869
Sivák, J. Igor Hrušovský as a Philosopher (In the Light of His Problems of Philosophy) [Abstract] [PDF] 870-878
Mészáros, O. Philosophy of Neo-Thomism in Hungary in the 19th Century (As Reflected in the Early Volumes of the Journal Bölcseleti Folyóirat) [Abstract] [PDF] 879-889


Višňovský, E. Community: An Authentic Home for Humans? [Abstract] [PDF] 44-53
Horák, V. „Bildwissenschaft“: On the Parish of a New Science? [Abstract] [PDF] 136-141
Kovaľová, D. Habermas, Or Which Ethics for Bioethics? [Abstract] [PDF] 245-252
Koukolík, F. Reading M Gazzaniga’s Book Ethical Brain: A Brief Reflection   [PDF] 253-254
Vydra, A. On Philosophical Writing. The Transformations of Philosophical Essays in the Hands of A. P. Martinich [Abstract] [PDF] 329-335
Smreková, D. Sartre’s Concept of Intentionality in Current Researches [Abstract] [PDF] 457-467
Novosád, F. Igor Hrušovský in the 1950s   [PDF] 535-541
Šulavíková, B. Potentiality and Good Life [Abstract] [PDF] 601-610
Pauer, J. Between Man’s „Rebirth“ and His „Death“ (Towards Some Forms of the Relationship between Person and Society). Part 1: From the Dissolving of Transcendence to the Kingdom of Man [Abstract] [PDF] 686-695
Smreková, D. Where does the World of Forgiveness Begin and Where is Its End? [Abstract] [PDF] 696-703
Pauer, J. Between Man’s „Rebirth“ and His „Death“ (Towards Some Forms of the Relationship between Person and Society) Part II: From the Realm of Humans to the „Death“ of the Person [Abstract] [PDF] 825-833
Nandrásky, K. The God is Slipping His Old Skin   [PDF] 890-902
Lalíková, E. The Idea of Future in the Writings of Several Slovak Intellectuals [Abstract] [PDF] 903-910
Sitár, M. Towards the Writing of St. Thomas Aquinas On Kingdom   [PDF] 54-56
Akvinský, T. On Kingdom. The First Book (chaps. 1 – 7)   [PDF] 57-68
Akvinský, T. On Kingdom. The First Book (chaps. 8 – 16); The Second Book (chaps 1. – 4)   [PDF] 142-163
On Philosophical Knowledge   [PDF] 630-641
Richard Rorty (1931-2007)   [PDF] 651-655
What is Philosophy Good for in Our Time?   [PDF] 716-733

Philosophy in the School Desk

Tavel, P. Philosophical Grounds of Viktor E. Frankl’s Theory (Philosophical Background of the Concept „Wille zum Sinn“)   [PDF] 69-83
Palovičová, Z. The Autonomy of Will as the Ground of Moral Action [Abstract] [PDF] 164-175
Sedlár, I. Kant and Frege on Analyticity [Abstract] [PDF] 336-347

Scientific Life

Conference on Sign and Phenomenon     83
Recent events in SPhA   [PDF] 87-89
Gluchman, V. Globalization in the Light of Diffrent Philosophical Traditions (Interim World Philosophy Congress, New Delhi, December 15. – 17. 2006)   [PDF] 179-181
Sivák, J. A New Way of Philosophical Thinking   [PDF] 181-182
Igor Hrušovský – A Personality of Slovak Philosophy: A Conferrence on the Occasion of the 100th Birthday of the Philosopher   [PDF] 183
A Conference on TheTransformations of the Anthropological Question in Contemporary Philosophy     252
A SPA Lecture     270
Šablicová, V. Ethic and Bioethics in Education: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 271
A SFA Lecture     309
A Conference     323
„Igor Hrušovský: A Remarkable Figure in Slovak Philosophy“ (A Report from the International Conference Bratislava – Smolenice)   [PDF] 565-567
The 3rd Year of Bratislava Philosophical Days     567
SPA Lectures (October – December 2007)     648
Symposium on Ecologization and Humanization     649
Young Philosophers’ Conference The Future of Philosophy     695
The Future of Feminist Philosophy (A Lecture delivered by H. Nagl-Docekal)     733
SPA Lectures January – June 2008     902
Between Image and Technology   [PDF] 943-944
Summer University 2007: A Report   [PDF] 944-947


Chabada, M. An Introduction to Various Resolutions of the Relationship between Philosophy and Theology not Only in Medieval Thought (T. Machula)   [PDF] 84-86
Sedová, T. The Function of Psychological Concepts in Interpretation (P. Koťátko)   [PDF] 176-178
Smreková, D. Humans as Subjects and Objects of Philosophical Reflection (J. Šuch – U. Wollner)   [PDF] 269-270
Leško, V. Czesław Głombik Celebrating His Jubilee (B. Szotek – A. J. Noras; Cz. Głombik)   [PDF] 348-352
Šulavíková, B. In the Cave of the Illusions of Our World (J. Pauer)   [PDF] 352-354
Kolárová, A. Religion in Postmodern Age (R. Rorty – G. Vattimo)   [PDF] 354-357
Geremešová, G. Morals of the Past from the Contemporary Perspective (V. Gluchman, ed.)   [PDF] 357-359
Fišerová, M. Selected Representatives of Contemporary French Phenomenology (P. Cabestan, G. Deniau, É. Escoubas, V. Gérard, J.-F. Lavigne, A. Pabst, F.-D. Sebbah, L. Tengelyi)   [PDF] 468-471
Harris, E. dentity and Violence in Contemporary International Politics (Amartya Sen)   [PDF] 560-562
Sivák, J. Homage to Roman Ingarden (Czesław Głombik (ed.))   [PDF] 562-564
Novosád, F. Slovak Torments with Psychoanalysis (A. Bžoch)   [PDF] 642-645
Fridmanová, M. The Hermeneutics of the Living ( A. Kliková – K. Kleisner)   [PDF] 645-648
Szapuová, M. A „New Reading“ of (not Only) History (E. Farkašová)     740-743
Smreková, D. Narrative Interview as a Specific Approach to Gender (Z. Kiczková et al.)   [PDF] 744-747
Černík, V. Post-fordism or Post-capitalism? (Hinshi Uchiba (ed.))   [PDF] 846-848
Zeleňák, E. The Counterfactual Theory of Causality (John Collins – Ned Hall – L. A. Paul (eds.))   [PDF] 848-851
Bakoš, V. The Philosophy of National and European Histories (Boris Zala)   [PDF] 927-930
Pichler, T. Towards the Subject of Inter-subjectivity (R. Karul – M. Muránsky – J. Vydrová (eds.))   [PDF] 931-932
Pichler, T. Towards the History of Slovak Philosophical Thinking (K. Kollár)   [PDF] 932-933
Šulavíková, B. The Ideals, Ideas, and Fortunes of the Slovak Avant-garde (V. Bakoš)   [PDF] 933-935
Karol Kollár On the Boundary, but not on the Margin... (A. Kopčok)     935-937
Karol Kollár The Contribution of the „Hlasists“ to the Development of Modern Thinking in Slovakia (R. Klobucký)   [PDF] 937-939
Gluchman, V. A Systematic View of the Problems of Social Ethics (I. Kišš)   [PDF] 940-942

Pohľad za hranice

Reichlin, M. Bioethics in Italy: Two Reasons of Discontent   [PDF] 255-261
Budriunaité, A. The Existential Experience of One’s Own Death or The ‘Dispute’ of M. Heidegger and E. Levinas in the Eyes of Everyman [Abstract] [PDF] 704-715

Discussions - Polemics

Čarnogurská, M. Could a „Rent Agreement with the Earth“ Become a Philo- sophical Problem? [Abstract] [PDF] 262-268
Davidson, D. Truth Rehabilitated   [PDF] 611-621
Rorty, R. Response to Donald Davidson   [PDF] 622-629
Volek, P. Approaching Human Embryos   [PDF] 734-739

Young Philosophy

Kolárová, A. R. Rorty Discovering Religion [Abstract] [PDF] 298-303
Bajúszová, Z. Fallibilism in the Conception of Ch. S. Peirce [Abstract] [PDF] 304-309
Brezňanová, D. Searching for the (Lost) Meaning in A. Camus [Abstract] [PDF] 310-316
Lesňák, S. Violence and Rationality in the Context of Ecological Crisis [Abstract] [PDF] 317-323
Podroužek, J. Anaphora and Restricted Quantification [Abstract] [PDF] 324-328
Scientific Life
A SFA Lecture   [PDF] 433
Novotný, K. Appearing and Givenness. Marginal Commentaries on Contemporary Conceptions of Phenomenality [Abstract] [PDF] 434-450
Vydra, A. On Touching That does not Grasp [Abstract] [PDF] 451-456

A View From Otherwhence

Barbaras, R. Life and Intentionality   [PDF] 542-549

From the Archives

Hrušovský, I. Monologues and Dialogues I (A Selection)   [PDF] 550-559

From Recent Theses

Zeleňák, E. At the Beginning There Was the Cowering-Law Model [Abstract] [PDF] 834-845
Martinkovič, M. Political Realism in the Ideology of the New School [Abstract] [PDF] 911-920


Münz, T. The Philosophy of Religion in Hegel´s Phenomenology of Mind   [PDF] 921-926