Content of Volume

Slavische Rundschau, Prag, 1938: Edmund Husserl   [PDF] 1
Sivák, J. Introduction   [PDF] 2-3
Šmajs, J. - Višňovský, E. An Invitation to a Discussion   [PDF] 161-164
Školkay, A. The 3rd Slovak Philosophical Congress, Or: If We Take Philosophy Seriously   [PDF] 165-167
Čarnogurská, M. If We Take Philosophy Seriously, Then, What Next, Slovak Philosophers   [PDF] 167-171
Leško, V. - Tholt, P. A New Philosophical Institute Established   [PDF] 345-346
Acknowledgement   [PDF] 597
Karul, R. Introduction   [PDF] 598-600
Smreková, D. Introduction   [PDF] 697-698
In Memoriam Vladiír Cirbes   [PDF] 763


Piaček, J. „… Die Zeit ist noch nicht.“ (Perichrony, the So Called „Late Heidegger“ and Terminological Questions) [Abstract] [PDF] 4-15
Vydrová, J. Edmund Husserl’s New View of Ideen I [Abstract] [PDF] 16-29
Sivák, J. Paul Ricœur (1913 – 2005) [Abstract] [PDF] 30-45
Smreková, D. Violence and Its Everyday Forms (J.-P. Sartre as a Theoretician of Violence) [Abstract] [PDF] 87-106
Fotta, P. The Theory of Participation in the Context of the Metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas [Abstract] [PDF] 107-118
Volek, P. The Problem of the Ontological Status of Human Embryos [Abstract] [PDF] 119-135
Nandrásky, K. The Hell and Our Times Or The Problem with the Hell [Abstract] [PDF] 181-207
Shusterman, R. Philosophy in the Global Dialogue between Pragmatism and Chinese Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 208-230
Plašienková, Z. A Meeting and an Interview with Professor Henryk Skolimowski   [PDF] 231-233
Skolimowski, H. Cosmocracy as a New Stage in the Development of Democracy [Abstract] [PDF] 234-246
Xiaoping, W. From Principles to Contexts: Marx, Nozick, and Rawls on Distributive Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 247-260
Zouhar, M. On Some Semantic and Cognitive Aspects of Proper Names [Abstract] [PDF] 265-280
Belás, Ľ. Hume and Kant’s Philosophy of History [Abstract] [PDF] 281-294
Šulavíková, B. The Ideal of a „Good Life“ Seen from a Personal Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 295-308
Dopita, M. The Epistemology of Pierre Bourdieu [Abstract] [PDF] 309-322
Leško, V. Heidegger: Modern Mathematical Science and Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 347-358
Nezník, P. Renaissance and Modernity on the Way to Cleverness and Brightness [Abstract] [PDF] 359-368
Tholt, P. Jan Patočka: Philosophy as a Concept of the Caring of the Soul [Abstract] [PDF] 369-386
Ješič, M. Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology and Descartes I [Abstract] [PDF] 387-402
Smreková, D. Vice and Its Social Sense [Abstract] [PDF] 427-440
Šulavíková, B. The Ideal of Flexibility and the Paradoxes of the Cult of Juvenility [Abstract] [PDF] 441-452
Ješič, M. Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology and Descartes II [Abstract] [PDF] 453-463
Ábel, F. The Relationship between the Aesthetical and Religious Functions of Human Spirit in the Theology of Paul Tillich [Abstract] [PDF] 464-472
Mlynarčík, P. A Contribution to the Biography of the Czech Philosopher Josef Tvrdý (1877 – 1942) [Abstract] [PDF] 473-488
Riška, A. Hobbes as a Philosopher of Power [Abstract] [PDF] 511-519
Huba, M. Values for a Sustainable Future vs. Global Problems and Threats [Abstract] [PDF] 520-532
Buraj, I. Michel Foucault and His Innovative Conception of Power (One of the Most Influential French Philosophers of the 20th Century would be Eighty This Year) [Abstract] [PDF] 533-546
Navrátilová, D. Status of Ethics as a Humanistic Discipline within the Contexts of Technology Civilization [Abstract] [PDF] 547-561
Rukriglová, D. The Nature of „Levinas’ Judaism" [Abstract] [PDF] 601-610
Komanická, I. Death and Responsibility [Abstract] [PDF] 611-621
Novotný, K. A Phenomenon between Intentionality and Sensation. Levinas and Husserl [Abstract] [PDF] 622-630
Rozemberg, A. A Privileged View [Abstract] [PDF] 631-641
Sucharek, P. Through the Tourniquet of Levinas’ Time [Abstract] [PDF] 642-658
Palovičová, Z. Self-interpretation and Ethic [Abstract] [PDF] 699-713
Muránsky, M. The End of Subject? Questions and Question Marks in Hubert L. Dreyfus’ Phenomenological Conception of Moral Maturity [Abstract] [PDF] 714-725
Plichtová, J. The Concept of Cultural Evolution: Its Cognitive and Social Preconditions [Abstract] [PDF] 726-742
Ježík, P. Wittgenstein: From Tractatus to Later Ohilosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 743-751
Bakoš, V. Arguments Concerning Modernity of Slovak (Philosophical) Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 775-793
Pichler, T. „West“ and „East“ in Ethnic Romanticism of Ľudovít Štúr [Abstract] [PDF] 794-803
Zigo, M. Slovak Philosophical Society/Slovak Philosophical Association and Fortunes of Making Slovak Philosophy a Professional Discipline [Abstract] [PDF] 804-818
Karol Kollár On the History of the First Philosophical Journal in Slovakia II [Abstract] [PDF] 819-826
Mészáros, O. The Paradoxes of Ján Čaplovič Or on One Way of Marginalizing [Abstract] [PDF] 827-837
Martinkovič, M. The Ideas of Hungarian Patriotism and Civic Individuality on the Crossroads of Political Strategies [Abstract] [PDF] 838-858


Karul, R. Living in a Dream World as a From of Visuality (Bachelard and Happy Melancholy)   [PDF] 46-52
Vydra, A. Text as a Necropolis (A Brief Essay on the Phenomenology of Writing)   [PDF] 53-54
Pauer, J. Global Transformation, Changing Human and Minerva's Owl   [PDF] 136-146
Letz, Ján A Philosopher and Revolutionist: The Centenary of Emmanuel Mournier   [PDF] 147-156
Sivák, J. A Slovak Neocartesian Juraj Cíger   [PDF] 157-160
Várossová, E. A Visiting Seneca in Córdoba   [PDF] 323-326
Šmajs, J. The Place and Role of Culture in Nature   [PDF] 327-334
Gluchman, V. Reflexion of English Morals in the Literature of the 19th Century (Charles Dickens and His Contemporaries)   [PDF] 403-423
MacIntyre, A. The Privatization of the Good. An Inaugural Lecture   [PDF] 489-501
Pauer, J. Medial Transformation of Humans Or the Absence of a Noble Resistance in the Times of Television   [PDF] 502-507
Sýkora, P. Are We to Protect Human Zygota at All Costs?   [PDF] 562-568
Jemelka, P. Slovak Philosopher Ján Maliarik (The 60th Birthday Anniversary of the Philosopher)   [PDF] 569-579
Čipkár, Ján „A Slovanophil“ Ivan V. Kirievski (1806 – 1856) (The 200th Birthday Anniversary)   [PDF] 580-591
Smreková, D. On Levinas’ Analysis of the Philosophical Essence of Hitlerism   [PDF] 659-666
Karul, R. One Way of Being Passive: Picture in J.-L. Marion   [PDF] 667-671
Čarnogurská, M. Classical Chinese Ontology and Its Terminological Expressions as an Example of Inspiration for a Transmodern World Meta-Philosophy   [PDF] 752-762
Šulavíková, B. Consciousness and Subconsciousness: Philosophy of Psychology of Stanislav Felber   [PDF] 859-869
Bilasová, V. Ethos and National Consciousness   [PDF] 870-878

Scientific Life

The Worl Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning: Scholarly Programs 2005-2006   [PDF] 55
Gálik, S. A Report from the 3rd Slovak Philosophical Congress   [PDF] 172
International Conference on Intersubjectivity in the Time of Globalization   [PDF] 696
Sivák, J. A Report from the 10-th International Conference on Law and Language   [PDF] 770-771
Call to UNESCO   [PDF] 772-773
Invitation to a Books-Presentation   [PDF] 773
Sivák, J. Observations from Leuven   [PDF] 890-891


Sivák, J. Husserl’s Lovain in Past and at Present   [PDF] 56-62
Husserl, E. Pure Phenomenology, Its Method and Its Field of Research (Inauguration lecture delivered at the University of Freiburg in Breisgau on May 3 1917)   [PDF] 63-72


Sivák, J. Phenomenology in Poland (C. Głombik); (C. Głombik – A. J. Noras)   [PDF] 73-76
Sucharek, P. On the Origins of Lévinas’ Thought (E. Lévinas)   [PDF] 76-79
Vydra, A. Will It Do? (T. de Boer)   [PDF] 80-84
Vydrová, J. Reflecting Space (M. Ajvaz – I. Havel – M. Mitášová (eds.))   [PDF] 84-86
Sedová, T. Modernity and Postmodernity (G. Delanty)   [PDF] 173-176
Bernát, L. De apice theorie (N. Cusanus)   [PDF] 177-178
Zouhar, M. A New Book on Analytical Philosophy (J. Peregrin)   [PDF] 261-264
Petrucijová, J. On the Philosophy of S. L. Frank (J. Feber)   [PDF] 335-338
Kalaš, A. A Publication on the History of Ethics (V. Gluchman, ed.)   [PDF] 339-341
Chabada, M. Problems with the Interpretation of the Epistemology of Duns Scotus (G. Sondag)   [PDF] 341-344
Dolista, J. History and Civilization according to A. J. Toynbee (M. Sapík)   [PDF] 424-426
Malankievičová, S. Intersections of Philosophy, Ethics, and Literature (V. Bilasová – V. Žemberová)   [PDF] 508-510
Smreková, D. Creative Results of Philosophical Self-reflection (Z. Plašienková – E. Lalíková, eds.)   [PDF] 592-594
Šulavíková, B. Reflections on Multiculturalism (E. Mistrík)   [PDF] 594-596
Vydra, A. Ethics is not a Spectator Sport (S. Critchley – R. Bernasconi (eds.))   [PDF] 685-689
Vydrová, J. Another Way (N. Depraz – D. Zahavi (eds.))   [PDF] 689-691
Karul, R. On the Forms of Weariness (J.-L. Chrétien)   [PDF] 691-695
Dubnička, J. On One Holistic Explanation of Reality (I. Z. Cechmistro)   [PDF] 764-767
Oborný, J. - Štefaničiaková, E. An Outline of a New Topic in Philosophical Thinking: „Philosophical Kinathropology“ (I. Jirásek)   [PDF] 768-769
Pichler, T. Globalization as a Challenge for Philosophical Reflection (M. Muránsky – R. Karul (eds.))   [PDF] 879-881
Karol Kollár On Recent History of Logic and Methodology of Science in Slovakia and Bohemia (P. Cmorej – V. Černík – J. Viceník (eds.))   [PDF] 881-885
Karol Kollár Towards Researching the Cultural-Nation Making Conception of Ján Kollár (T. Ivantyšynová (ed.))   [PDF] 885-889

In Memoriam

Zigo, M. Juraj Cíger (1914-2005)   [PDF] 179-180


Levinas, E. On Escape   [PDF] 672-684


Hábová, Ľ. Philosopher opposing the oppression of the era   [PDF] 892-894
Pichler, T. The work as virtue and as resistance   [PDF] 895-896