Content of Volume


Višňovský, E. Rationality as Normativity [Abstract] [PDF] 1-7
Kanichová, R. Multi-aspect Typology of Philosophical Terminology [Abstract] [PDF] 8-32
Vendel, Š. Abortion: An Analysis of Moral Arguments [Abstract] [PDF] 33-51
Kalaš, A. The Polemic on Knowledge between Stoics and Academics [Abstract] [PDF] 77-89
Kuric, M. Plato’s Conception of Man [Abstract] [PDF] 90-102
Szapuová, M. Philosophical View on the Equality of Women and Men: The Perspective of J. S. Mill [Abstract] [PDF] 103-114
Zeleňák, E. On the Regularity Conception of Causality in Historiography [Abstract] [PDF] 115-127
Pacek, M. The Relationship between Logic and Metaphysics on the Example of Predication (Selected Issues of the Theory of Predication of Bertrand Russell) [Abstract] [PDF] 150-154
Vydrová, J. Is Natural Attitude Still an Attitude (The Problematics of Natural Attitude in Husserl’s Works on Reduction) [Abstract] [PDF] 155-161
Sťahel, R. Some Reflections on the Concept of Economic Crisis [Abstract] [PDF] 162-169
Blaščák, F. On Husserl’s Concept of Inner Time Consciousness [Abstract] [PDF] 170-175
Geistová Čakovská, B. Meaning, Denotation, Signification and Reference in TIL Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 176-184
Hrdinská, A. Crosscultural Dialogue, Merleau-Ponty’s Reversibility and Its Interpretation by Means of Yoga [Abstract] [PDF] 185-191
Fridmanová, M. Paul Ricoeur: The Problem of Interpretation and Understanding [Abstract] [PDF] 192-197
Lauko, J. A Brief Outline of Personalistic Social Philosophy of Jacques Maritain [Abstract] [PDF] 198-201
Šúst, J. Truth and Dialogue [Abstract] [PDF] 202-207
Hanzel, I. Quality, Quantity and the Typology of Measurement [Abstract] [PDF] 217-229
Šulavíková, B. „Ethical“, „Esthetical“ and Good Life [Abstract] [PDF] 230-240
Chabada, M. The Critique of the Illumination Theory as the Basis of the John Duns Scotus’ Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 241-253
Belás, Ľ. Social Consequences of Kant’s Ethic [Abstract] [PDF] 254-268
Smreková, D. Sartre’s Project of Morals (On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the philosopher) [Abstract] [PDF] 293-310
Sivák, J. Jean-Paul in the Light of Sartre's Century [Abstract] [PDF] 311-333
Karul, R. The Ground of Comparison: Sartre and Levinas [Abstract] [PDF] 334-341
Palovičová, Z. The Socratic Question How should I Live and Contemporary Moral Theory [Abstract] [PDF] 383-398
Farkašová, E. Standpoint as an Epistemological/Methodological Strategie? (Discussions in contemporary feminist philosophy) [Abstract] [PDF] 399-411
Žilinek, J. To the Notion of Meaning of the the Indexical Expressions [Abstract] [PDF] 412-429
Kuric, M. Ricœur’s Conception of Human Failing [Abstract] [PDF] 430-439
Karul, R. A Henologic Reduction: The Nonliving One [Abstract] [PDF] 440-447
Fotta, P. Existentialist Conception of Being of Thomas Aquinas on the Background of his De ente et essentia [Abstract] [PDF] 473-489
Taročková, T. Towards the Main Objects of Narrative Psychology [Abstract] [PDF] 490-497
Šedík, M. The Problem of Authorship [Abstract] [PDF] 498-511
Gluchman, V. The Idea of Humanity in the Context of Contemporary Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 512-531
Berta, J. Speech Acts from the Philosophical-Linguistic Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 551-572
Ábel, F. The Resolution of the Problem of Theodicy in the New Testament [Abstract] [PDF] 573-595
Hroch, J. The Prospectives of the Philosophical and Depth Hermeneutics (H.-G. Gadamer, C. G. Jung, J. Derrida) [Abstract] [PDF] 596-612
Gluchman, V. The Place of Humanity in the Ethics of Social Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 613-623
Palovičová, Z. Inspirations and Limits of Neoaristotelian Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 637-655
Hanzel, I. Rorty, Language and the Philosophy of Science [Abstract] [PDF] 656-667
Smolková, E. On the Rise and Importance of Bioethics [Abstract] [PDF] 668-681
Šulavíková, B. [Abstract] [PDF] 682-697
Kopčok, A. The Reception of the Yugoslavian Journal Praxis in Slovakia [Abstract] [PDF] 723-745
Bakoš, V. Structuralism Redivivus (Situation in the 1960s) [Abstract] [PDF] 746-760
Pichler, T. Nationalism, Conservatism, Modernism: On Political Discussion in the Slovak Journal Prúdy (An outline of the problematic) [Abstract] [PDF] 761-773
Karol Kollár On the History of the First Philosophical Journal in Slovakia I [Abstract] [PDF] 774-783
Mészáros, O. Evidences and Quasi-evidences in the Historiography of So Called “National Philosophy” III (National philosophy in Slovak thinking and an attempt at solving the problem) [Abstract] [PDF] 784-795
Dubnička, J. The Philosophy of Natural Sciences in the Works of M. Zigo [Abstract] [PDF] 796-803
Martinkovič, M. The Idea of Slavic Solidarity in the Interpretations of the Representatives of the New School [Abstract] [PDF] 804-818


Kunovský, J. Azerbaijani Poet Nezámí Ganjaví and His Humanistic Legacy   [PDF] 52-63
Dura, A.A. Thinking of Professor Józef Bańka (On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the philosopher's birthday)   [PDF] 128-143
Nandrásky, K. From a Pious Boy to an Enigmatic Atheist   [PDF] 269-276
Funda, O. Several Remarks on Deconstruction and Its Conceptions with Paul de Man and Harold Bloom   [PDF] 277-286
Štrauss, T. Let Us Say Sartre. A Century of Occupation, Escapes and Cowardliness? (On the book of B. H. Lévy, but not only on it)   [PDF] 342-354
Žukovskij, V.A. Philosophical Language   [PDF] 532-535
Lenovský, L. Identity: (Today) A Commodity among Others(?)   [PDF] 536-541


Gluchman, V. On the Contemporary Ethics (and Philosophy) in Slovakia, Or on the Ethics of Virtue a Bit Differently (D. Smreková – Z. Palovičová)   [PDF] 64-69
Žilinek, J. Three Lectures on Proper Names (Saul A. Kripke)   [PDF] 70-76
Lačný, M. A Philosopher of Mystical Intuition (N. O. Lossky)   [PDF] 144-146
Kollárová, L. Umberto Eco about Selected Problems of Today (U. Eco)   [PDF] 146-148
Vydrová, J. Philosophy from Latvia (Kule, M.)   [PDF] 213-215
Stachoň, M. Kant from Contemporary Perspective (Ľ. Belás, ed., Proceedings from a conference on Kant)   [PDF] 287-290
Šulavíková, B. Cultural Literacy from the Social-Psychological Perspective (O. Zápotočná)   [PDF] 290-292
Žilinek, J.   [PDF] 461-465
Šulavíková, B.   [PDF] 465-468
Bernát, L. What is metaphysics   [PDF] 468-470
Belás, Ľ. A Book of Philosophical Memories (E. Várossová)   [PDF] 542-544
Feber, J. Christian Faith and Rationality (J.Dolista)   [PDF] 544-547
Sapík, M. The Relationship Between Faith and Rationality (J. Dolista)   [PDF] 547-549
Pichler, T. On Hungarian Philosophical Thought (Béla Mester, László Perecz)   [PDF] 624-626
Nemčeková, M. Discussions on the Problems of Medical Ethics and Bioethics in Poland (Ślęczek-Czakon Danuta)   [PDF] 626-628
Gluchman, V. Postmodern Reflections on Ethics and the Ethical (Edith Wyschogrod - Gerald P. McKenny)   [PDF] 628-634
Kalaš, A. The Project Sophistes (   [PDF] 634-636
Gáliková, S. What is the Foundation of the "Rosiness" of the Rose Color? (On hte Problem of the Starting point) (A. Démuth)   [PDF] 698-705
Gerát, I. Bringing the Art to Teology (Bonaventura)   [PDF] 705-708
Žilinek, J. Introduction to the philosophy of Language   [PDF] 709-715
Sedová, T. Social Conflicts, Justice and Normative Legitimization in the Globalization Era (N. Fraserová - A. Honneth)   [PDF] 716-719
Karol Kollár A Contribution to the History of the "World of Thought" in Slovakia (E. Várossová)   [PDF] 829-832
Hegel, G.W.F. Who Thinks Abstracted?   [PDF] 208-212
Ivan Mládenek (15. 1. 1948- 4. 5. 2005)   [PDF] 550-551
In Memory of Paul Ricoeur   [PDF] 720-722


Janssen, P. Sartre's Misinterpretation of the Human Reality on the Basis of Existential Isolation of Being in Itself. On the Beginning and the Conclusion of Being and Nothingness   [PDF] 355-382


Bakša, P. Michel Foucault and phenomenology   [PDF] 448-453
Mitterpach, K. The land and the horizon   [PDF] 454-460

Scientific Life

Marcelli, M. New philosophical journal   [PDF] 471


Sedlák, J. In Memoriam of doc. PhDr. Jiří Kánský, CSc.   [PDF] 472


Mészáros, O. On One Forgotten Dissertation   [PDF] 819-828