Content of Volume


Belás, Ľ. The Prince and the Technology of Politics [Abstract] [PDF] 1-7
Hajko, D. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and the Religion of the Spirit [Abstract] [PDF] 8-19
Buraj, I. Historical Event as a Philosophical Problem (Foucault's Conception of Event) [Abstract] [PDF] 20-30
Šíp, R. Rorty and Foucault: The Dialectic of Enlightenment and Romanticism [Abstract] [PDF] 31-40
Degro, I. Philosophische Grundlagen der Unzerstörbarkeit des menschlichen Lebens [Abstract] [PDF] 41-53
Baitenova, N.Z. East - West: The Basic Tendencies of World Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 75-80
Čarnogurská, M. The Meaning of Classical Chinese Ontological Conceptions In Global World Philosophical Context [Abstract] [PDF] 81-87
Bo, M. On Becoming-Extincting and Being Complementarity: From the Point of View of the Yin-Yang Metaphysical Vision of the Yi-jing’s Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 88-99
Plichtová, J. On the Double Human Nature [Abstract] [PDF] 100-109
Fula, M. The Problem of Happiness in Moral Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 110-123
Štekauerová, Ľ. The Space of Context in Pronatural Ethical Reflection [Abstract] [PDF] 124-136
Hanzel, I. Brian Ellis and Karel Berka on Measurement [Abstract] [PDF] 305-317
Smreková, D. Immanence and Ethics: Spinoza Seen by Robert Misrahi [Abstract] [PDF] 318-333
Pauer, J. Art as a Philosophy? [Abstract] [PDF] 334-342
Bystřický, J. Transgression and Prohibition (Bataille´s Version) [Abstract] [PDF] 343-355
Chabada, M. Insufficient Solutions of the Problem of Individuation According to Johannes Duns Scotus [Abstract] [PDF] 356-365
Mészáros, O. Evidence and Quasi-Evidence in the Historiography of So Called National Philosophy (On the Concept of National Philosophy in Hungarian Thought, Part I) [Abstract] [PDF] 385-400
Palovičová, Z. Identity and the Good: Moral Theory of Ch. Taylor [Abstract] [PDF] 401-415
Tholt, P. The Beingness of Mathematical Science in the Deliberations of Jan Patočka [Abstract] [PDF] 416-433
Šmihula, D. Means of Power in International Relationships and the Nature of Using the Violence [Abstract] [PDF] 434-447
Zálešák, T. On the Rehabilitation of the Legacy of the Classical Philosophy As Related to Modern Politics: Reflections on Several Aspects of the Work of Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin [Abstract] [PDF] 448-461
Mészáros, O. Evidence and Quasi-Evidence in the Historiography of so Called National Philosophy (On the concept of National Philosophy in Hungarian Thought, Part 2) [Abstract] [PDF] 467-481
Šulavíková, B. Self-image in a Land of False Mirrors [Abstract] [PDF] 482-490
Kalnická, Z. In the Name of Seduction [Abstract] [PDF] 491-501
Gluchman, V. Human Dignity and the Non-Utilitarist Consequentialist Ethics of Social Consequences [Abstract] [PDF] 502-507
Hauer, T. An Arrow, which did not Reach Its End [Abstract] [PDF] 508-514
Smreková, D. Does It Make Sense to Differentiate Between Ethics and Morality? [Abstract] [PDF] 549-562
Muránsky, M. Imperative der Freiheit in Kants Moralphilosophie [Abstract] [PDF] 563-570
Tavel, P. Bedürfnis nach dem Sinn des Lebens (Thesen zum Begriff “Wille zum Sinn” von Viktor E. Frankl) [Abstract] [PDF] 571-579
Tomašovičová, J. Humans in the Age of Technology [Abstract] [PDF] 580-587
Palovičová, Z. Ethics and the Principle of Authenticity [Abstract] [PDF] 627-640
Smolková, E. Possible Consequences of Environmental Skepticism [Abstract] [PDF] 641-653
Mandzela, M. Facts, Values and Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 654-664
Nemčeková, M. Philosophical Aspects of the Quality of Life [Abstract] [PDF] 665-674
Pichler, T. Slavdom es Europeandom: Štěpan Launer and his Idea of Modernization [Abstract] [PDF] 697-706
Karol Kollár Fragments from the Year-Book Philosophica slovaca [Abstract] [PDF] 707-714
Mészáros, O. Philosophical system of So Called Psychism of Michael Petöcz [Abstract] [PDF] 715-726
Bakoš, V. Slovak (Philosophical) Thought Between Tradition and Modernity [Abstract] [PDF] 727-739
Kopsová, R. A View on the Works of Miroslav Kusý During the Normalization Period [Abstract] [PDF] 740-756
Šulavíková, B. “Disenchantment of Folk-tales” As Searching for National Identity [Abstract] [PDF] 757-765
Martinkovič, M. Intellectual Contribution of the “New School” to Nation-Building Thought [Abstract] [PDF] 766-782

Spanish Political Thought: Contemporary Perspectives

Gonzáles, F.C. Introduction   [PDF] 155


Volek, P. Non-standard Does Not Mean Embarrassed   [PDF] 54-57


Sýkora, P. Gigantomachy of Nature and Culture: An Evolutionary Ontology from Brno (J. Šmajs - J. Krob)   [PDF] 58-64
Zigman, P. On Heaven, Earth, and a Double-Clever Man: On a View Beyond the Rubicon (J. Šmajs)   [PDF] 65-68
Gluchman, V. Various Contexts of the Idea of Human Dignity (G. Collste)   [PDF] 69-74
Martinkovič, M. Searching for Meaning (F. Novosád, ed.)   [PDF] 379-382
Gáliková, S. The Brain and Its Self (F. Koukolík)   [PDF] 532-535
Štekauerová, Ľ. We Never Had Been Modern (B. Latour)   [PDF] 535-539
Vydrová, J. Philosophy Rendered Analytically (P. F. Strawson)   [PDF] 539-541
Žilinek, J. Philosophy Rendered Analytically (P. F. Strawson)   [PDF] 542-547
Školkay, A. Rules of a Reflexive–Morally Acting Subject (V. Gluchman)   [PDF] 612-614
Školkay, A. A New Understanding of Divine Providence (I. Smelý)   [PDF] 614-616
Žilinek, J. Meaning and Language Games in Colored Books (L. Wittgenstein)   [PDF] 616-621
Selnekovič, J. Meditations on Music, Beauty and Life (H. H. Eggebrecht)   [PDF] 622-624
Kučečková, V. Fiction and Possible Worlds (L. Doležel)   [PDF] 691-695


Adamec, R. Theology as a Way to Atheism? A Brief Outline of Two Types of Philosophy of Religion According to Paul Tillich   [PDF] 137-140
Dolista, J. Philosophical Anthropology As Presupposition of Understanding Social Ethics   [PDF] 141-147
Čarnogurská, M. Contemporary American Philosophy - A Brilliantly Maintained Museum of Westrn Philosophical Thought   [PDF] 515-525
Gálik, S. From ego to eco – A Metaphor for a Global Metanoia   [PDF] 526-531
Pauer, J. Globalization: Full Bloom, Or the Breakdown of an Imperium?   [PDF] 588-600
Ježek, V. The Theology of Person and Divine Revelation in V. I. Nesmeloff   [PDF] 601-605
Figal, G. How to Understand?: On Heidegger´s Conception of Hermeneutic   [PDF] 606-611
Ábel, F. Parallels Between the Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus and Christianity   [PDF] 675-680
Kaščák, O. Who is the Author? M. Foucalt – P. Bourdieu – Iconology   [PDF] 681-687


Söder, J.R. From Ontocosmology to Ontologic   [PDF] 148-154
Mc Evoy, J. On the Reception of the Aristotelian Notion of Friendship in Scholastic   [PDF] 366-378

The Views of the Past

Gonzáles, F.C. The Political Uses of Philosophy. Elective Affinities in the Spanish Transition to Democracy   [PDF] 156-171
Villacańas Berlanga, J.L. The Impossible Charisma. A critique of Spanish Intellectuals of the Early XXth Century   [PDF] 172-184
Gonzáles García, J.M. Metaphors of Power (From Metaphor to Image: Political Emblems of the Baroque)   [PDF] 185-200

Interpreting Rights and Bonds

Hernández, J.M. Tolerance, Liberalism and Human Rights   [PDF] 201-220
Thiebaut, C. Cosmopolitism and Belonging   [PDF] 221-236
Velasco, J.C. Constitutional Patriotism and Republicanism   [PDF] 237-249
Muguerza, J. The Obedience to Law and the Imperative to Dissent   [PDF] 250-262

The Need of Critique

Mate, M.R. Politics of the Fringe   [PDF] 263-285
Castro, F.Q. A New Political Imagination   [PDF] 286-303
In Memory of Kathleen Vaughan Wilkes (March 23, 1946 – August 21, 2003)   [PDF] 462-463
In Memory of Janka Balážová   [PDF] 625
Karl Schuhmann (1941 – 2003)   [PDF] 696

Slovak Philosophical Association

Gálik, S. A Report on the 1st Philosophical Olympics in Slovakia   [PDF] 464-466

Scientific Life

Jurková, A. Kant Today   [PDF] 688-690