Content of Volume


Višňovský, E. Mind and Culture [Abstract] [PDF] 1-9
Popper, M. Evolutionary Psychology and Standard Social Science Model [Abstract] [PDF] 10-22
Plichtová, J. Mind and Semiotic Activity [Abstract] [PDF] 23-34
Kvasnička, V. Connectionist Modelling in Cognitive Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 35-43
Rybár, J. Perception, Language and Intuitive Mind [Abstract] [PDF] 44-55
Hvorecký, J. Intentionality and Authorship [Abstract] [PDF] 56-61
Sýkora, P. Ethnicity in an Evolutionary-Psychological Perspective [Abstract] [PDF] 62-69
Palovičová, Z. The Ethics of Virtue and the Problem of Moral Character [Abstract] [PDF] 75-86
Pauer, J. Is a Common World Still Possible? On a Unity in Diversity and On a Common Ground in Potency I [Abstract] [PDF] 87-97
Bakoš, O. Ethical Dimensions in the Pure Judgement of Taste in Kant's Aesthetics [Abstract] [PDF] 147-154
Török, J. On the Christianists Group: What was the Purpose of So Called Jakubčíkism in Slovakia? [Abstract] [PDF] 155-168
Remišová, A. Early Wittgenstein on Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 169-180
Belás, Ľ. Machiavelli and the Renaissance [Abstract] [PDF] 181-187
Pauer, J. Is a Common World Still Possible? On a Unity in Diversity and On a Common Ground in Potency II: Complex Domain of Potency [Abstract] [PDF] 188-198
Mistrík, E. Does the Postmodernity Need the Term Sublime? [Abstract] [PDF] 221-232
Volek, P. Presuppositions of the Conception of Man According to Raimundus Lullus [Abstract] [PDF] 233-247
Smreková, D. The Meaning of the Rehabilitation of the Notion of Happiness [Abstract] [PDF] 248-258
Zouhar, M. The Reasons of The Rise of Analytical Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 259-271
Chabada, M. Common Nature with Ian Duns Scotus - Ord. II D.3 P.1 Q.1 N.1 - 42 [Abstract] [PDF] 293-304
Fotta, P. The Source of Philosophical Questions [Abstract] [PDF] 305-323
Palovičová, Z. - Smreková, D. Practice, Narration, and Tradition: A. MacIntyre's Theory of Virtue [Abstract] [PDF] 324-337
Mészáros, O. On the Philosophy of Religion of Edmund Szelényi [Abstract] [PDF] 338-346
Zouhar, M. Frege and Wittgenstein on A Logically Perfect Language [Abstract] [PDF] 363-382
Bystřický, J. Image and Virtual Scene (The Problem of Images, Power and Representation According to V. Flusser) [Abstract] [PDF] 383-395
Palovičová, Z. The Ethics of Virtue and the Ethics of Rules: Complementary, Or Alternative Theories? [Abstract] [PDF] 396-408
Remišová, A. Wittgenstein's Views of Ethics in the Middle and the Late Periods of his Philosophical Development [Abstract] [PDF] 437-449
Bakoš, V. The Founding Father of Slovak Academic Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 450-461
Gloznek, R. Sellarsian Myth of The Given [Abstract] [PDF] 462-470
Smolková, E. Environmental Values in Value Systems [Abstract] [PDF] 471-483
Šajda, P. A Critical Outline of Kierkegaard´s Concept of Love in the Works of M. Buber, T. W. Adorno and K. E. Løgstrup [Abstract] [PDF] 484-493
Bednáriková, M. Is Subjective Experience Reducible? [Abstract] [PDF] 494-503
Urbancová, E. M. Tullius Cicero and the Formation of Latine Philosophical Vocabulary [Abstract] [PDF] 513-522
Bystřický, J. Playing with the Multiplicity of Signs According to U. Eco [Abstract] [PDF] 523-543
Mornár, P. On the Characteristics of Intuitivism in the Philosophy of N. O. Lossky [Abstract] [PDF] 589-611
Benická, J. FaCang (643-712), Tractatus on Golden Lion [Abstract] [PDF] 612-623
Bakoš, V. Questions about the History of Slovak Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 671-683
Pichler, T. History and the Movement of Ideas in Slovak Political Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 684-689
Kopčok, A. Philosophical Engagement of the Slovak Sociologist A. Hirner [Abstract] [PDF] 690-702
Bodnár, Ján Svätopluk Štúr and the Problem of So Called Psycho-physical Unity [Abstract] [PDF] 703-710
Kopsová, R. The Reception of the Historical Skill in Philosophical Dissident Community [Abstract] [PDF] 711-716
Mészáros, O. On School Philosophy in Former Upper Hungary [Abstract] [PDF] 717-726
Karol Kollár Towards the Place and Relationship of Philosophy and Sociology in One Theoretical Conception [Abstract] [PDF] 727-735
Balážová, J. Mythicism of History from the Perspective of National Ideology [Abstract] [PDF] 736-744
Šulavíková, B. Philosophy of Humanity in Political Life [Abstract] [PDF] 745-750


Sedová, T. On One Non-Elementary View of Philosophy (P. F. Strawson)   [PDF] 70-72
Gluchman, V. Rationality and Ecological Crisis (P. Jemelka)   [PDF] 73-74
Smolková, E. Letters to Philosophers (T. Münz)   [PDF] 143-146
Zouhar, M. Paradoxes in Logic and Philosophy (B. Švandová)   [PDF] 217-219
Gluchman, V. A Letter to Dr. T. Münz (T. Münz)   [PDF] 284-288
Zeleňák, E. What Are the Issues of the Philosophy of Social Sciences? (B. Fay)   [PDF] 288-291
Słomski, W. Philosophy in Evangelical College in Prešov (R. Dupkala)   [PDF] 291-292
Kozoňová, S. The Language of Sciences and Education (Š. Švec)   [PDF] 434-435
Labuda, P. On the Way from Anthropologism to Philosophical Anthropology (J. Šlosiar)   [PDF] 435-436
Smreková, D. An Inspiring Product of the Collaboration of Departments (L. Bohunická, M. Marcelli (ed.))   [PDF] 571-574
Adamec, R. A Tacit Voice of Being (K. Nandrásky)   [PDF] 574-580
Gluchman, V. On Not Only Christian Ethics (and Morals) (I. Kišš)   [PDF] 581-583
Dupkala, R. On the Philosophical Anthropology of Karol Wojtyła - John Paul the 2nd (H. Pilus)   [PDF] 584-587
Mihina, F. Evolutionary Ontology as a Possible End of the Ontological Anemia (J. Šmajs - J. Krob)   [PDF] 666-670
Karol Kollár An Instructive Contribution to the History of Logic   [PDF] 755-757


Desanti, J.T. An Introduction to Phenomenology. An Introduction   [PDF] 98-114
Sivák, J. In memory of Jean-Toussaint Dessanti   [PDF] 115-118
Sagnol, M. Walter Benjamin: An Archeologist of Modernity   [PDF] 272-283
Schütz, A. Concept and Theory Formation in the Social Sciences   [PDF] 347-359
Sperber, D. Methodological Individualism and Cognitivism in Social Sciences   [PDF] 504-512
Gluchman, V. The Biological and the Social in the Ethics of Social Consequences (On Determination and Free Will or Moral Freedom)   [PDF] 119-137
Mandová, T. Who Was N. O. Losski? (A Response to One Contribution)   [PDF] 138-142


Suvák, V. Metaphysics of the Difference Between the Theoretical and the Practical: Towards the Responsibility for Our Own Action   [PDF] 199-208
Karul, R. Percepting and Recording Life (M. Henry on Art)   [PDF] 209-212
Komorovský, Ján N. A. Berdyaev's Experience with Anthroposophers   [PDF] 213-216
Várossová, E. This Is Also How I Knew Him (Ján Uher died on 1 of January in Bratislava)   [PDF] 360-362
Gluchman, V. Honoré de Balsac As a Critic of the French Society and Morals of the 19th Century   [PDF] 409-425
Šulavíková, B. More Than a Story: Towards the Discourse of Identity   [PDF] 426-433
Pauer, J. From Dezintegration to Cooperation Or Where and Where To is Sailing the Ship of Our World?   [PDF] 544-550
Baňas, Ján Aristotelian Versus Stoic Logic [Abstract] [PDF] 551-563
Čarnogurská, M. Is the World Philosophy Entering a New Historical Era of So Called Transmodernism? (A report and impressions from XXIst World Philosophical Congress in Istanbul, Turkey, August 10. - 17. 2003)   [PDF] 624-635
Herec, O. An Explorer of Virtual Reality   [PDF] 636-655
Forró, T. Francis Bacon and the Metanaratives of the Instrumental Knowledge   [PDF] 656-665
Sivák, J. Comments on 21st World Philosophical Congress   [PDF] 751-754


When It Is Impossible to Indentify Science with Reason (An Interview with Prof. Paul Janssen)   [PDF] 564-570