Content of Volume


Smreková, D. The Good and the Virtue in Moral Philosophy of V. Jankélévitch [Abstract] [PDF] 1-14
Pichler, T. Slovak Political Thought in the XXth Century: Essential Issues [Abstract] [PDF] 15-20
Belás, Ľ. Descartes and the Doctor of Princes [Abstract] [PDF] 21-30
Szmrecsányi, T. Archetypes as the Basic Sources of Milesian Protophilosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 31-47
Letz, Ján Jean Guitton: A Philosopher of Intimity and Silence [Abstract] [PDF] 73-83
Hauer, T. Back To Classless Society? Footnotes To Rorty's Political Vision [Abstract] [PDF] 84-96
Hruška, I.L. Hegel and Causality [Abstract] [PDF] 97-108
Feber, J. Reason and Faith: Remarks on the Structure of Human Consciousness [Abstract] [PDF] 151-162
Kalaš, A. The Role of Instinct and Assent in Stoic Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 163-180
Szmrecsányi, T. Parmenides: The Founding Father of the European Dualistic Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 233-244
Kovaľová, D. Introduction to the Problematics of Bioethics [Abstract] [PDF] 245-258
Wollner, U. The Thought of the Main Representatives of the French Traditio_nalism of the XIXth Century: Selected Problems [Abstract] [PDF] 259-274
Smreková, D. Are We Prisoners of Our Own Character? (Replies of Kant, Sartre and Mounier) [Abstract] [PDF] 307-320
Tholt, P. The Problem of Life-world and the Principles of J. Patočka's Inquiries of the History of Philosophy and Science [Abstract] [PDF] 321-334
Tomašovičová, J. The Challenge of Technology - Only for Martin Heidegger? [Abstract] [PDF] 335-341
Farkašová, E. Scientific Knowledge: Its Situatedness Versus Its Objectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 383-392
Szapuová, M. The Problem of Empiricism in Feminist Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 393-404
Kalaš, A. The Influence of Cynicism on Stoicism [Abstract] [PDF] 405-430
Bohunická, L. The Possibilities of Ethical Discourse in the Making of Moral Standards [Abstract] [PDF] 431-436
Palovičová, Z. Virtues and the Human Goodness [Abstract] [PDF] 465-474
Piaček, J. Syncriticism as a Philosophy and a Way of Life [Abstract] [PDF] 475-492
Bystřický, J. Fractal Identity and Hannah Arendt (Towards the Problematic of Identity and the Defragmentation of Subject) [Abstract] [PDF] 493-503
Floss, P. A Contribution to the Problematic of Contemporary Moral Discourse and the Idea of Personality [Abstract] [PDF] 536-540
Floss, K. The Betrayal of Scholars and Public Intellectual [Abstract] [PDF] 541-545
Gažík, P. Gabriel Marcel and the Lasting Value of His Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 546-550
Mičaninová, M. Belief - Intellect - Interpretation: The Backbone of Saadia's Depiction of Humans [Abstract] [PDF] 551-558
Dufferová, A. The Priority of Truth in the Epistemology of Edith Stein from a Personalist Point of View [Abstract] [PDF] 559-564
Glasa, J. - Glasová, M. Personalism and the Topical Issues of Contemporary Bioethic [Abstract] [PDF] 565-570
Sivák, J. Towards the Hermeneutic Phenomenology of P. Ricoeur [Abstract] [PDF] 571-581
Letz, Ján Prosoponic Ontology and Its Prospectives [Abstract] [PDF] 582-590
Gálik, S. Several Remarks on the Problem of the Consciousness/Person Relationship Seen from the Spiritual-Evolutionary Perspective of Humans [Abstract] [PDF] 591-595
Vargová, M. Reflections on Modern Society and the Importance of Responsibility for the Individual and for the Society [Abstract] [PDF] 596-599
Hrašková, J. The Concept of Heart in the Moral Personalism of B. P. Vysheslavtsev [Abstract] [PDF] 600-604
Barníková, Z. The Problem of Freedom in Russian Exile Philosophers of the 20th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 605-611
Balážová, J. In a Defense of Nation: The Conception of the Conservative S. H. Vajanský [Abstract] [PDF] 613-620
Šulavíková, B. A Tacit Revolution of Personal Power [Abstract] [PDF] 621-630
Rozemberg, A. Ways to Dialogical Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 631-650
Kopčok, A. The Processes of Reformation in Slovak Philosophy: Rifts in a Totalitarian Monolith [Abstract] [PDF] 683-697
Bakoš, V. Freedom for Marxism, Or Freedom from Marxism? [Abstract] [PDF] 698-712
Kopsová, R. The Place of Miroslav Kusý in Slovak Philosophy of the 1960s [Abstract] [PDF] 713-724
Karol Kollár Toward the Theoretical Activity od the Slovak Sociologist and Philosopher A. Sirácky in the 1960s [Abstract] [PDF] 725-734
Balážová, J. Slovak Philosophical Society in the 1960s [Abstract] [PDF] 735-744


Mikláš, N. How to Make a Selfironic a Subject of Irony? (Philosophy, or Literary Science?)   [PDF] 48-50
Kopsová, R. The Fear of Normalization and The Normalization of Fear   [PDF] 109-115
Halama, P. The Problem of Conscience in V. E. Frankl's Existential Analysis and Logotherapy   [PDF] 206-212
Bakoš, O. An Introduction to Contemporary Aesthetics   [PDF] 342-348
Mihina, F. R. Musil's Vision of the Drama od Civilization   [PDF] 349-356
Gažík, P. From the Intellectual Heritage of Teilhard de Chardin (The 120th Anniversary)   [PDF] 357-360
Zigman, P. Many Greetings from Neandertalland   [PDF] 437-443
Bartko, M. Tomáš Trnka Or the Mystery of Consciousness and Knowledge   [PDF] 504-509
Cehelník, M. Karl R. Popper: A Philosophy of the Quest for a Better World (An intellectual portrait: The hundredth anniversary of the birthday of the founder of critical realism)   [PDF] 510-524
Sarf, H. The Postmodern Errors I   [PDF] 525-528
Hrehová, H. Topical Character of Russian Philosophical Personalism in Contemporary World of Moral Nihilism   [PDF] 745-751
Novotná, I. Selected Aspects of Polish Personalism: On the Example of the Personalism of Karol Wojtyła   [PDF] 752-755


Cassirer, E. Structure and Causality   [PDF] 51-61
A discussion on J. Pauer's paper Difference and Order   [PDF] 62-64
Slavomil Strohs (1926 - 2001)   [PDF] 231-232
Münz, T. Consequentialist Ethics by Vasil Gluchman   [PDF] 275-284
Bakoš, V. Receptivness of Slovak Thought as a Problem   [PDF] 285-289
A Discussion on Professor K. Nandrásky's Essay: A Non-Religious Interpretation of the World of Angels, published in No 8/2001 of FILOZOFIA   [PDF] 290-298
Imrich Staríček (17.11.1919 - 26.1.2002)   [PDF] 306
Imrich Staríček (17. 11. 1919 - 26. 1. 2002)   [PDF] 377-379
Hans-Georg Gadamer Died at the Age of 102   [PDF] 380-381


Kopsová, R. A Mosaic Outline of the Russsian Philosophy of the XXth Century (Eds.: Russian Philosophy in the Second Half of the XXth Century; in Russian)   [PDF] 65-68
Labuda, P. The History of the Interpretation of the Song of Solomon as the Perfect of European Thought (Origen)   [PDF] 68-70
Štekauerová, Ľ. Trying to Justify the Origin of Virtues Sociobiologically (M. Ridley)   [PDF] 71-72
Pichler, T. Philosophy in Cultural Context (A Festschrift for Prof. Milan Zigo)   [PDF] 137-138
Sivák, J. The Fourth Volume of Husserl's Correpsondence (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 138-141
Maco, R. Husserl and the Neocantians (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 141-144
Sivák, J. The Letters of Philosophers (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 144-148
Znášik, J. Husserl and Scientists (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 217-218
Sivák, J. Husserl and Institutions (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 218-220
Truchlíková, E. On Death (R. Steindl)   [PDF] 221-227
Sošková, J. Culture from a Philosophical Point of View (A. Fischerová, ed.)   [PDF] 228-230
Leško, V. Descartes' Early Works (René Descartes)   [PDF] 299-302
Maco, R. Edmund Husserl in the Light of His Correspondence (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 302-305
Sivák, J. Husserl in Family Correspondence (K. Schuhmann, E. Schuhmann, eds.)   [PDF] 372-373
Kopsová, R. You will know them by their fruits (I. L. Andreieva, ed.)   [PDF] 373-376
Plašienková, Z. The Phenomenon of European Dimension in Educational Process (M. Žilinek)   [PDF] 462-463
Mészáros, O. A View On German Writing Authors of the Enlightment Period in Hungary ((János Rathmann (Hrsg.))   [PDF] 529-531
Hroch, J. The Medial Discours of Postmodernity (J. Bystřický)   [PDF] 532-534
Zouhar, M. The Last Book of W. V. O. Q. Quine (W. V. O. Q. Quine)   [PDF] 677-681
Mihina, F. The Virtue in Toga, Or Virtus in the Philosophy of M. Tullius Cicero (E. Urbancová)   [PDF] 756-758


Veljak, L. International Reception of the Praxis Philosophy   [PDF] 116-122
Ryder, J. Reconciling Pragmatism and Naturalism   [PDF] 123-136

Homo Philosophicus

Ján Šulavík is dead   [PDF] 149-150

Philosophy and Theology

Nandrásky, K. The End of the World?!   [PDF] 181-205

Scientific Life

Gloznek, R. Several Observations on the International Conference Pragmatism and Semantics in Prague   [PDF] 213-216

Ad fontes

Heidegger, M. Building, Living, Thinking   [PDF] 361-371
Hertz, R. The Principles of Mechanics   [PDF] 444-453


Several Jubilees to Reflect Upon: An Interview with Professor H. Skolimowski   [PDF] 454-461


Voropaj, T.S. Humans in the World of Word: Mikhail Mikhailovitsh Bachtin (1895-1975)   [PDF] 651-666
Jakšič, B. Dissidents: An (Un)Completed Story   [PDF] 667-676