Content of Volume


Balážová, J. The Problem of Nation in Slovak Philosophical Thought in the First Half of the 20th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Šmajs, J. Two Ontic Orders [Abstract] [PDF] 13-24
Maco, R. On E. Cassirer's Concept of Symbolic Form [Abstract] [PDF] 25-41
Belás, Ľ. The Problem of Peace in Kant's Philosophy of History [Abstract] [PDF] 75-81
Palovičová, Z. G. E. Moore's Contribution to the Discussion of the Concept of Good in Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 82-89
Hauer, T. G. Deleuze, J. F. Lyotard and Postmodern Public Sphere [Abstract] [PDF] 90-100
Kopčok, A. Slovak Philosophical Thought at the Turn of Centuries Seen from the Perspective of Modernization [Abstract] [PDF] 149-173
Smreková, D. From Rigorism of Duty towards a Moral of Virtue [Abstract] [PDF] 174-186
Letz, Ján A Personal Phenomenon in Postmodern Multitude [Abstract] [PDF] 219-225
Fotta, P. A Conception of Contemporary Realistic Metaphysics [Abstract] [PDF] 226-240
Čana, T. On Directness of Inference in Investigations [Abstract] [PDF] 241-253
Sisáková, O. Money as the Symbol of Modern Culture [Abstract] [PDF] 291-299
Nemčeková, M. Several Remarks on the Concept of Human Dignity [Abstract] [PDF] 300-308
Kvasz, L. Epistemological Aspects of the History of Modern Algebra [Abstract] [PDF] 309-331
Kalaš, A. Cataleptic Phantasy in Stoic Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 363-381
Nandrásky, K. A Non-religious Christianity?! (Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Theological Reflections) [Abstract] [PDF] 382-397
Ondrejkovič, P. Social Pathology, Or Social Deviation? [Abstract] [PDF] 398-413
Smreková, D. Towards Merleau-Ponty's Vision of Man and World [Abstract] [PDF] 441-451
Karol Kollár The Slovak Philosopher Andrej Sirácky and the Problem of Ethic Value [Abstract] [PDF] 452-462
Farkašová, E. - Szapuová, M. Reason, Knowledge, Experience: The Reconstruction of the Traditional Concepts (Not Only) in Feminist Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 463-473
Holubová, M. Cézanne's Eye and Merleau-Ponty's Spirit [Abstract] [PDF] 474-484
Nandrásky, K. A Non-Religious Interpretation of the World of Angels [Abstract] [PDF] 519-525
Dufferová, A. Will Europe Overcome the Paradox of Its Own Epoch? [Abstract] [PDF] 526-537
Letz, Ján Anglo-American Personalism [Abstract] [PDF] 538-556
Várossová, E. The Place and the Importance of Svätopluk Štúr in the Context of the XXth Century Slovak Philosophy   [PDF] 594-600
Pichler, T. Svätopluk Štúr and the Politics of Ideas   [PDF] 601-606
Bakoš, V. The Fortunes of Modern Slovak Philosophy: Štúr and Hrušovský   [PDF] 607-611
Bodnár, Ján Noetic Aspects of the Transcendence in the Philosophy of Svätopluk Štúr   [PDF] 612-617
Münz, T. Svätopluk Štúr's Philosophy of Life   [PDF] 618-619
Kopčok, A. From Philosophy Into Life (The Postwar Journalism of Svätopluk Štúr)   [PDF] 620-626
Uher, Š. Reflections and Reminiscences of Svätopluk Štúr   [PDF] 627-630
Novosád, F. The Will To Reason Against the Will To Power (Štúr's Treatise On the German Ideology Or an Attempt At an Ideological Prevention)   [PDF] 631-635
Karol Kollár Several Remarks on Štúr's Struggles and Wrong Paths of Modern Humans (Zápasy a scestia moderného človeka)   [PDF] 636-639
Viceník, J. Svätopluk Štúr's Reflections On Logic   [PDF] 640-646
Balážová, J. The Meaning of the Slovak Renaissance: Svätopluk Štúr On the Problem of Nationalism in Slovak Philosophical Thought   [PDF] 647-651
Dupkala, R. Towards the Searching for Synthetic Rationality In the Works of S. Štúr   [PDF] 652-656
Furjelová, A. Remarks On Štúr's Conception of the Life Build-Up as A Positive Alternative to Vitalism   [PDF] 657-661
Lalíková, E. Animating Encounters With Svätopluk Štúr   [PDF] 662-665
Palovičová, Z. Contemporary Moral Philosophy and the Problem Of Virtue [Abstract] [PDF] 669-678
Kvasz, L. Epistemological Aspects Of the History Of Classical Mechanics [Abstract] [PDF] 679-702
Šulavík, Ján Two Conceptions Of the Relationship Between Philosophy and Psychology [Abstract] [PDF] 703-713


Várossová, E. Essays On Contemporary Croatian Philosophy   [PDF] 42-45
Yi-zhuang, C. A Self-organizing Cosmology Revealed by an Ancient Taoist Text Newly Discovered   [PDF] 101-108
Fromm, E. Humanism as a Chance to Survive   [PDF] 109-116
Valent, T. The Philosophy of History of O. Spengler and A. J. Toynbee   [PDF] 254-258
Gluchman, V. B. F. Skinner: For and Against Freedom and Human Dignity   [PDF] 259-265
Kuna, M. Is Rawls' Liberalism of Public Reason Hopelessly Sectarian?   [PDF] 414-422
Trgiňa, M. On the Phenomenon of Advertising Industry   [PDF] 423-430
Šmihula, D. On the Nature of Human Rights   [PDF] 431-437
Pauer, J. Difference and Order   [PDF] 485-494
Fusek, M. Miguel de Unamuno - Self-Will Or Subversion?   [PDF] 557-561
Pauer, J. Splinters of M. Cusanus   [PDF] 714-718


Gáliková, S. - Gálik, D. On Existential Aspect and Ontological Status of Natural Entities   [PDF] 46-52
Kvasz, L. What is the Purpose of Writing Philosophy in Slovakia?   [PDF] 53-64
Novosád, F. The Metagrumbler and His Stick (Several Remarks on Substitute Problems of the Depthmeasurer Ladislav Kvasz)   [PDF] 187-193
Sedová, T. A Farewell to My Opponent   [PDF] 194-199
Gahér, F. An Inquisitorial Verdict on Gödel?   [PDF] 276-281
Gáliková, S. The Land of False Mirrors   [PDF] 355-356
Smolková, E. On One Polemic Review   [PDF] 579-581
Svätopluk Štúr: A Bibliography   [PDF] 666
Power and values in contemporary world: terror and the globalization of power   [PDF] 719-727

Scientific Life

Višňovský, E. Philosophy and Time (The 2nd Slovak Philosophical Congress)   [PDF] 65-68
Hábová, Ľ. A Report from Olomouc   [PDF] 200-202
Sedová, T. Towards Interpretation from the Perspective of the Philosophy of Language   [PDF] 282-283
Štekauerová, Ľ. Living Philosophy of H. Skolimowski At he Department of Philosophy, Philosophical Faculty, Prešov University   [PDF] 728-729


Karol Kollár The Specificity of the Identity Forming Process (M. Czáky, E. Mannová)   [PDF] 69-71
Sedová, T. A Modern Explanation of the Stoic Logic (F. Gahér)   [PDF] 72-74
Marcelli, M. Foucault Revisited (I. Buraj)   [PDF] 143-145
Špelda, D. Changes in the Grammar of Science (L. Kvasz)   [PDF] 146-148
Smreková, D. The Prospectives of the Consequentialist Ethics in Slovakia (V. Gluchman)   [PDF] 203-206
Wollner, U. Liberalism Versus Communitarianism? (J. Velek)   [PDF] 207-210
Šlosiar, Ján Tolerantion - A Way to Postmodern Thinking? (V. Seiler - B. Seilerová)   [PDF] 210-212
Vinjar, I. A Contribution to the Phenomenology of E. Stein (P. Volek)   [PDF] 213-216
Dupkala, R. Philosophiacal Reflections on the Aesthetics of Michal Greguš (J. Sošková)   [PDF] 284-285
Chabada, M. A Challenge for Existentialism (J. Novozámská)   [PDF] 286-288
Volek, P. A Compendium of Logic for the Students of Humanities (P. Sousedík)   [PDF] 288-289
Sedová, T. Sexual Disposition Versus Body and Pleasure (M. Foucault)   [PDF] 357-360
Sťahel, R. The Cultural Task of Philosophy is to Maintain the Conversation (R. Rorty)   [PDF] 360-362
Višňovský, E. Restored Poetics of Philosophy (R. Shusterman)   [PDF] 438-440
Holubová, M. The Visible and The Invisible (M. Merleau-Ponty)   [PDF] 510-513
Cedzo, R. A Rather Confusing Introduction to Logic (P. Volek)   [PDF] 513-518
Višňovský, E. Reconstruction As the Core of Pragmatism (John J. Stuhr)   [PDF] 582-585
Chabada, M. A Philosophical Introduction To Theology (D. Allen)   [PDF] 585-588
Zigman, P. Hegeleship Not Only for (Until) Uninitiated (H. Schnädelbach)   [PDF] 588-591
Kopsová, R. The Phenomenon of Russian Mentality (Eds.: Russian Mentality: Methods and Problems of Its Inquiry; in Russian)   [PDF] 730-733
Suvák, V. Amicus Plato magis amica veritas (B. Dembiňski)   [PDF] 733-738
Piaček, J. Husserl's Correspondence - Volume I   [PDF] 739-741
Tomašovičová, J. The Munich Phenomenologists   [PDF] 741-742
Piaček, J. The 3rd Volume of Husserl's Correpondence   [PDF] 743-744


Longing for the Absolutely Other (Helmut Gumnior's Interview with Max Horkheimer)   [PDF] 117-130
The Hermeneutics of Faith (An Interview with Lenka Karfíková, ThD.)   [PDF] 572-578


Blahynka, M. Johann Sebastian Bach in the Philosophy of the 20th Century   [PDF] 131-142


Bonhoeffer, D. Legacy and Decay   [PDF] 266-275
Simmel, G. Cities and Spiritual Life   [PDF] 332-340
Newton, I. Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica   [PDF] 341-354


Epštejn, M. Act and Event: Towards A Theory of Fortune   [PDF] 495-509

Philosophy in the School Desk

Šrobár, Š. Some Aspects of the Dynamic Ontology of H. Bergson   [PDF] 562-567
Degro, I. Thomas Aquinas and His Philosophical Interpretation of the World   [PDF] 568-571