Content of Volume


Zálešák, T. On the Sacral and On the Developmentof Moral Rules [Abstract] [PDF] 1-8
Golema, M. Methodological Dilemmas of Contemporary Theory of Literature [Abstract] [PDF] 9-20
Letz, Ján The Pros and Cons of the Triadic Conception of Humans [Abstract] [PDF] 21-26
Šišmišová, P. Hundred Years of Spanish Philosophy: From Modernity to Postmodernity [Abstract] [PDF] 70-84
Pardińas Béjar, L. The Role of Essay in Spanish Intellectual Tradition: A Brief Outline   [PDF] 85-87
Abellán, J.L. Exile, Literature and Philosophy (The Spanish Exile 1939)   [PDF] 88-93
Cerezo Galán, P. The Clearing of the World: From Logos to Myth. Ten Theses in Conclusion. (On Martin Heidegger's Tracks)   [PDF] 94-109
Chamizo Domínguez, P.J. Ortega and Language   [PDF] 110-117
Heredia Soriano, A. The Making of Philosophical Hispanism   [PDF] 118-123
Rielo, F. A Person Is Neither a Being In Itself, Nor a Being for the World   [PDF] 124-129
Subirats, E. The Spanish Quartet   [PDF] 130-138
Trías, E. The First Meditation   [PDF] 139-150
Leško, V. The History of Philosophy as a Philosophical Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 209-217
Remišová, A. Professional Ethics Codexes [Abstract] [PDF] 218-228
Belás, Ľ. The Metaphysics of History - A New Turn in Kant's Criticism [Abstract] [PDF] 229-241
Hogenová, A. On the Problem of the Inner Perception [Abstract] [PDF] 283-293
Kalaš, A. The Elements of the Stoic Epistemology [Abstract] [PDF] 294-306
Čechvalová, Z. Jung´s Notion of Psyche and the Limits of Experience [Abstract] [PDF] 307-315
Suvák, V. The Words Which Want To Become Acts: The Case Isocrates Revisited [Abstract] [PDF] 361-377
Fedorko, M. Irony and Ironic Thought in the History of Philosophy: Delimiting the Problem [Abstract] [PDF] 378-385
Porubjak, M. Plato's Parable of the Abscissa and the Problem of Evil [Abstract] [PDF] 386-394
Sedová, T. Towards the Explanatory Power of the Interpretativism in Social Sciences [Abstract] [PDF] 443-459
Smreková, D. The Historical - Philosophical Sources of the Renaissance of the Concept of Virtue [Abstract] [PDF] 460-471
Ondrejková, A. Axiological Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 472-483
Nemčeková, M. The Sense of Life, Or the Sense of Death? [Abstract] [PDF] 484-493
Šulavík, Ján The Explanatory Meaning of the Concept of the "Implicit Philosophy" [Abstract] [PDF] 494-501
Hanzel, I. James Woodward on Scientific Explanation and Causal Capacities [Abstract] [PDF] 521-533
Lacko, N. The Problem of the External and the Internal in Bachtin's Philosophy of Language and Action [Abstract] [PDF] 534-544
Smolková, E. Towards the Relationship Between Evaluation and Knowledge in the Environmental Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 545-556
Kvasz, L. The Epistemological Aspects of Modern Painting [Abstract] [PDF] 601-619
Smreková, D. Two Meanings of the Concept of Responsibility [Abstract] [PDF] 620-631
Smrecsányi, T. Archetypes in Chinese Cosmogony and in Tao Te T'ing [Abstract] [PDF] 632-648
Korený, P. Security and Liberty [Abstract] [PDF] 673-691
Palovičová, Z. Towards Some of the Meanings of the Word Good in Moral Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 692-701
Černík, V. The Origins of New Methodology of Sciences in Slovakia 1949-1962 [Abstract] [PDF] 749-763
Mihina, F. Abduction as a Constitutive Part of the Fallibilist Conception of Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 764-776
Višňovský, E. On Contemporary Neopragmatism [Abstract] [PDF] 777-787
Kvasz, L. Epistemological Aspects of the History of the Classical Algebra [Abstract] [PDF] 788-808
Šuch, J. Several Remarks on the Work of Hayden White [Abstract] [PDF] 809-819

Reflections - Essays

Ondrejkovič, P. Violence as a Pathological Social Phenomenon   [PDF] 27-35
Šrobár, Š. The Problem of Man in Modern Christian Thinking   [PDF] 36-38


Habermas, J. Three Normative Models of Democracy   [PDF] 39-46
Chung-Ming, K. The Religion of a Good Citizen   [PDF] 47-52
Schusterman, R. Pragmatism an the Philosophical Life   [PDF] 255-262
Ricœur, P. Between the Mortal and the Monumental Time: Mrs. Dalloway   [PDF] 263-272
Bourdieu, P. A Lesson on a Lesson   [PDF] 424-438
Hiltmann, G. "In Fact Philosophy Should Be Just Phantasized": On Wittgenstein's Conception of Language and Philosophy   [PDF] 507-515
Azzie, P. Why did Hobbes Admire Aristotle's Rhetoric   [PDF] 569-584
Schlick, M. The Philosophical Turn   [PDF] 585-591
Metz, J.B. Religion and Politics on the Ground of Modernity   [PDF] 659-666
Brandom, R. Some Pragmatist Themes in Hegel's Idealism: Negotiation and Administration in Hegel's Account of the Structure and Content of Conceptual Norms   [PDF] 718-741

Scientific Life

Šulavík, Ján Psychiatry, Philosophy and Ethology   [PDF] 53-54
Remišová, A. Business Ethics in Central and East Europe   [PDF] 55-56
Trías, E. - Šišmišová, P. Spanish Philosophy On Internet   [PDF] 170-178
Kouřím, Z. Paging through an Issue of a Journal   [PDF] 179-182
Lenghardtová, J. The Centre for Iberian and Latin-American Studies (A New Institute at the Economic University Bratislava)   [PDF] 183-184
Lenghardtová, J. - Šišmišová, P. The Hundredth Anniversary of The Generation 1898 in Bohemia and Slovakia   [PDF] 185-186


Balážová, J. Nationalism and Modernity - A Burning Problem of Contemporary Theory ofNation (A. D. Smith: Nationalism and Modernism)   [PDF] 57-59
Wollner, U. The Problem of Modern Society (N. Chomsky: Power and Perspectives)   [PDF] 59-63
Potančok, M. On Human Dignity (B. Seilerová: - On Human Dignity. The Heritage of Pico della Mirandola)   [PDF] 63-66
Čechvalová, Z. An Adventurous Spirit (A.Jaffé: TheMemoirs, Dreams and Ideas of C. G. Jung)   [PDF] 66-68
Kouřím, Z. A Book On Unamuno (P. Cerezo Galán)   [PDF] 187-190
Kouřím, Z. The Questions of Education (F. Savater)   [PDF] 190-191
Maliti, R. The Metaphor under a Philosopher´s Magnizying glass (P. J. Chamizo Domínguez)   [PDF] 191-194
Petrovská, M. Inspiring Articles on Portugal Thought (E. Abranches de Soveral)   [PDF] 194-196
Šišmišová, P. Ortega y Gasset: A View from Inside (F. J. Martín)   [PDF] 196-201
Šišmišová, P. The European Identity Rendered Unusual (J. Lomba Fuentes)   [PDF] 202-207
Sedová, T. The Alchemy of the Social World (Pierre Bourdieu)   [PDF] 273-277
Šrobár, Š. Searching for Transcendence in a Postmodern Era (Jolana Poláková)   [PDF] 277-280
Chabada, M. A Dictionary of the Essential Metaphysical   [PDF] 280-282
Sedová, T. On the Way to Weber (F. Novosád)   [PDF] 354-357
Dupkala, R. Spirituality as a Philosophical Problem (J. L. Veverka)   [PDF] 357-358
Balážová, J. A Book On the History of Ideas In the Modernization Process of the Slovak Society (V. Bakoš)   [PDF] 516-518
Špirko, D. Morals As Something "Additional"? (D. Smreková, Z. Palovičová)   [PDF] 518-520
Karol Kollár The Sources of the Philosophical Thinking in Slovakia (R. Dupkala)   [PDF] 592-594
Palovičová, Z. The Essentials of the Environmental Philosophy (D. Špirko)   [PDF] 594-596
Čana, T. Goedel's Philosophical Essays (K. Goedel)   [PDF] 596-600
Bodnár, Ján Nationalists and Citizens (T. Pichler)   [PDF] 667-669
Porubjak, M. Sparagmos Or A Report on the Origins and Background of Philosophy (M. Šedina)   [PDF] 670-672
Letz, Ján A New Editing Act in Slovak Philosophy: Acta Philosophica Tyrnaviensia   [PDF] 742-744
Dupkala, R. Poles Encountering Husserl (Cz. Głombik)   [PDF] 744-746
Bilasová, V. On the Status of Theoretical Knowledge (A. L. Zachariasz)   [PDF] 746-748
Černík, V. An Analysis of Theoretical Reason (Hanzel, I.: The Concept of Scientific Law in the Philosophy of Science and Epistemology. A Study of Theoretical Reason)   [PDF] 820-824


Kouřím, Z. In memoriam Alain Guy (11.VIII.1918-7.IX.1998)   [PDF] 151-169
Slovak Philosophical Association   [PDF] 208
ŠTEFAN POLAKOVIČ (22 September, 1912 - November, 1999)   [PDF] 359-360
Suvák, V. "Filozofia" Or "Filosofia": On the Slovak Transcription of the Greek Word   [PDF] 395-399
Kvasz, L. The Problem of Writing Philosophy in Slovakia   [PDF] 400-413
Kanovský, M. The Autonomy of the Philosophical Field: The Struggle for "s"   [PDF] 414-420
Krupa, V. A Remark on the Normalization and the Reglementation of Language   [PDF] 421-423
The Slovak Philosophical Association   [PDF] 600
Sedová, T. A Reply to L. Kvasz Or On Banality and Oddness   [PDF] 649-653
Gáliková, S. On Philosophy, Sophie, Ludo, Central Committee of The Czechoslovak Communist Party and Other Issues   [PDF] 654-658


Kanichová, R. The Genesis of German Philosophical Terminology   [PDF] 242-254
Pauer, J. Pluralistic Culture: Between the Loss of Centre, Polycentrism and Universalism   [PDF] 316-326
Krsková, A. A Remodelled View of the Conception of Human Rights   [PDF] 327-334
Gálik, S. Philosophy and Meditation   [PDF] 439-441
Višňovský, E. Pragmatism as Ontological Realism and Philosophical Anthropology   [PDF] 502-506
Sedová, T. Rorty's Mirror   [PDF] 557-562
Nandrásky, K. What do I address Addressing You? Milan Rúfus and the Prayer   [PDF] 702-717


Sisáková, O. Hans-Georg Gadamer: A Citizen of the 20th Century   [PDF] 335-341
Gadamer, H.G. Arts and Literature at the End of the 20th Century   [PDF] 342-346
Gadamer, H.G. Semantics and Hermeneutics   [PDF] 347-353
Komorovský, Ján V. S. Solovyov in the Life and Work of A. F. Losev (The Hundredth Anniversary of V. Solovyov's Death)   [PDF] 563-568