Content of Supplementary Issue

Filozofia 68 (2013),
Supplementary Issue 1: Interiority, Exteriority, Responsivity

Karul, R. - Tomašovičová, J. - Vydrová, J. Introduction: Interiority, Exteriority, Responsivity   [PDF] 1

I. Phenomenological Interpretations

Waldenfels, B. The Birth of Ethos from Pathos. The Ways of Responsive Phenomenology [Abstract] [PDF] 4-15
Bierhanzl, J. A Trace of Sincerity Left by Words. Shedding light on the difference between what one says and saying itself in late Levinas [Abstract] [PDF] 16-24
Starzyňski, W. Phenomenologically Determined Interiority in Phenomenological Cartesianism [Abstract] [PDF] 25-35
Vydrová, J. I and Alien-to-I: An Archaeological Approach to the Core-Structure in Husserl’s Texts on Time Constitution [Abstract] [PDF] 36-44
Rokoee, R. Lived World According to Hayy ibn Yaqzan and the Lifeworld [Abstract] [PDF] 45-59
Calin, R. Pretence, Intentionality, and Subjectivity in Bachelard [Abstract] [PDF] 60-70
Vydra, A. Intimacy in Bachelard’s Fragment d’un journal de l’homme [Abstract] [PDF] 71-80

II. Topology of Natural and Cultural Bonds

Prévost, B. Interiority, Exteriority and Appearence in Adolf Portmannn [Abstract] [PDF] 82-90
Karul, R. Animal Soul and Human Soul: Reading Plotinus [Abstract] [PDF] 91-99
Urban, P. To See the Mind in Other Body [Abstract] [PDF] 100-111
Pauer, J. Philosophy, Dwelling and the Common World [Abstract] [PDF] 112-121
Nitsche, M. The Conception of Space and Its Influence on Conceiving Transcendence: The Development of Heidegger’s Explanation of the Sacred Space from an Empty and Open to a Topological One [Abstract] [PDF] 122-132
Koubová, A. The Topology of the Interior and the Exterior in Authorial Acting [Abstract] [PDF] 133-143
Bartha-Kovács, K. The Concept of Intimacy in the 17th Century Painting: Poussin’s Self-Portraits and Vermeer’s Genre Scenes [Abstract] [PDF] 144-156

III. Forms of Social Space

Janssen, P. Philosophical Aspects of Some Current Theories of the Social World as a Societal System [Abstract] [PDF] 158-169
Novosád, F. Subjectivity and the Patterns of Coordination [Abstract] [PDF] 170-174
Hauser, M. Adorno Cataloguing the Exteriority [Abstract] [PDF] 175-186
Tomašovičová, J. Preconditions of the Social Dimension in Heidegger’s Being and Time [Abstract] [PDF] 187-196
Zvarík, M. Relativism and the World from the Perspective of the Phenomenology of Political World [Abstract] [PDF] 197-205