Content of Number


Hrubec, M. A Critical Conception of International Order. Axel Honneth on Recognition between States [Abstract] [PDF] 405-422


Sedová, T. The Rise and Fall of the Idea of Progress. Reading The Decay of the Idea of Progress by Zdzisław Krasnodębski   [PDF] 423-430

Discussions - Polemics

Zouhar, M. Saul Kripke in the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors   [PDF] 431-446

Scientific Life

Projecting Freedom: An Invitation to a Conference   [PDF] 446
The Nature of Contemporary Philosophy and Its Method: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 513-519

Young Philosophy

Gogora, A. A City and a House, an Engineer and a Noise [Abstract] [PDF] 447-451
Žiak, J. Structuralism in the Pragmatism of Ch. S. Peirce or A Short Story of a Lost Vision [Abstract] [PDF] 452-457
Šimeček, D. Toulmin’s Concept of „Reasonableness“ [Abstract] [PDF] 458-462
Kekeli, V. Cavell’s Revision of Later Wittgenstein [Abstract] [PDF] 463-468
Žáčková, E. Humans as Products of Artificial Experience? [Abstract] [PDF] 469-474
Šabíková, K. Cosmopolitanism in Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 475-480
Cíbik, M. Kant and Rawls on the Neutrality of a Liberal State [Abstract] [PDF] 481-485
Prokešová, E. Identity Crisis and Strong Evaluation [Abstract] [PDF] 486-490
Hudecová, A. A Libertarian View of the Ownership of Human Body [Abstract] [PDF] 491-496
Lipták, M. On the Phenomenology of Art and Its Application on Conceptual Art [Abstract] [PDF] 497-501


Münz, T. Nandrásky, K.: Jesus and Our Times (in Slovak)   [PDF] 502-505
Gerbery, T. Dreyfus, H. L. – Rabinow, P.: Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics (in Czech)   [PDF] 505-508
Kobová, Ľ. Young, I. M.: Against Oppression and Domination. Transnational Challenges of Political and Feminist Theories (in Czech)   [PDF] 508-512