Content of Number


Korený, P. On Tolerance and Intolerance [Abstract] [PDF] 301-314
Čáp, J. The Awareness of Mortality: The Other in Us? [Abstract] [PDF] 315-324
Dubnička, J. The Theory of Quantum Gravitation and the Theory of Relativity [Abstract] [PDF] 325-335
Lee, H. - Yun, S.W. Antoine Berman’s Philosophical Reflections on Language and Translation: The Possibility of Translating without Platonism [Abstract] [PDF] 336-346
Moghaddam, A.R.H. Stewart Cohen and the Contextualist Theory of Justification [Abstract] [PDF] 347-352
Panayides, C. The Socratic Quest for Definitions and the Emergence of the Theory of Forms. A Discussion Note [Abstract] [PDF] 353-366

Discussions - Polemics

Volek, P. Objects as Substances   [PDF] 367-373
Schmidt, M. Can the Analysis of Language be Labeled Metaphysics?   [PDF] 374-377
Hrkút, J. The Myth of a Negative Method and the Critique of a Falsifiable Theory   [PDF] 378-385


Galovičová, L. Fraassen, B. C. van: Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective (in English)   [PDF] 386-390
Dvoranová, E. Henrich, D.: The Basic Structure of the Modern Philosophy (in Czech)   [PDF] 391-394
Gerbery, T. Capra, F.: Hidden Links (in Slovak)   [PDF] 395-397
Tokárová, M. Petr Jemelka - Slavomír Lesňák - Andrej Rozemberg: Environmentalism and Slovak Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 398-400

Scientific Life

Šajda, P. Concepts of Choice and Freedom in Continental and Analytical Philosophy: A Report from an International Workshop   [PDF] 401-402
An International Conference Philosophical Thinking in the Central Europe Region: Traditions and the Present Taking Place in Košice   [PDF] 403