Content of Number


Buraj, I. Power in the Structure of Power Relations [Abstract] [PDF] 417-427
Halas, J. From the Philosophy of Law to Political Economy: Marx’s Thought in 1842 – 1844 [Abstract] [PDF] 428-439


Višňovský, E. Philosopher and Scientist with a Heart of an Artist (100th Death Anniversary of William James) [Abstract] [PDF] 440-448
Nuhlíček, M. Common Sense in the Philosophy of Thomas Reid [Abstract] [PDF] 449-460
Piaček, J. Vojtech Filkorn’s Contribution to Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 461-470
Boethius z Dácie On the Highest Good, or On the Life of the Philosopher   [PDF] 471-476

Pohľad za hranice

Râmbu, N. The barbarity of interpretation [Abstract] [PDF] 477-484


Szapuová, M. Reflections on Gender and Science Or From the Question of Women in Science to the Question of the Gender-Determined Science   [PDF] 485-492
Sedová, T. A Brief Reflection on One Attempt at Differentiating between Ethics and Morals: Smreková, D. – Palovičová, Z.: Ambiguity of Ethical Concepts (in Slovak)   [PDF] 493-498

Scientific Life

An International Conference Ethics and Politics     498
Dunaj, Ľ. A Symposium Enlightenment as a Way of Thinking. A report   [PDF] 517-518

Inaugural Lectures

Kalaš, A. Searching for the Ideal of Felicity in Ancient Skepticism   [PDF] 499-503


Sedová, T. Leško, V. – Plašienková, Z.: Kant in the Contexts of Husserlian and Heideggerian Philosophy (in Slovak)   [PDF] 504-506
Višňovský, E. Farkašová, E.: Time for Still (in Slovak)   [PDF] 507-509
Farkašová, E. Szapuová, M. (ed.): A Situated Science: Forms and Contexts of the Production of Knowledge (in Slovak)   [PDF] 509-512
Šabíková, K. Rawls, J.: The Law of Peoples (a Czech translation)   [PDF] 513-516