Content of Number


Bendlová, P. An Uneasily Classified Philosopher Vladimir Jankélévitch   [PDF] 317-320
Jankélévitch, V. The Phenomenon of Death   [PDF] 321-335
Sivák, J. On Tolerance in the Light of A Treatise on Virtues [Abstract] [PDF] 336-342

Young Philosophy

Katina, J. K. Popper on Probability [Abstract] [PDF] 343-355
Dunaj, Ľ. The Dialectic of the Enlightenment [Abstract] [PDF] 356-360
Gogora, A. Le Corbusier, J. Jacobs and Their Rationality [Abstract] [PDF] 361-365
Ujházyová, M. The Reconstruction of the Category of Responsibility: Theory and Practice [Abstract] [PDF] 366-370
Dvoranová, E. What is Education? Several Remarks on the Philosophy of Education [Abstract] [PDF] 371-377
Žáčková, E. The World of an Expanded Reality Generated by Computers [Abstract] [PDF] 378-382
Nevrkla, S. What is Logic Good for in Philosophy and Vice Versa? [Abstract] [PDF] 383-388
Nietzsche, F. Human, All Too Human   [PDF] 389-399
Hodás, M. Blaha, Ľ.: Back to Marx? Social State, Economic Democracy and the Theories of Justice (in Slovak)   [PDF] 400-401


Sitarčíková, Z. Hrkút, J. (ed.): Argumentation in Bioethics (in Slovak)   [PDF] 402-404
Wollner, U. Kalaš, A.: Early Pyrrhonism Or A Blissful Life without Values (in Slovak)   [PDF] 404-406
Mazag, M. Korsgaard, Ch. M.: Self-Constitution. Agency, Identity, and Integrity (in English)   [PDF] 407-410

Scientific Life

An International Conference Ethics and Existentialism: Inspirations and Challenges for Our Times     412
The 4th Slovak Philosophical Congress Identity – Difference     413-415