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Pichler, T. Samuel Štefanovič: A Political Thinker in the Time of Passivity [Abstract] [PDF] 929-938
Viceník, J. - Zigo, M. Internal and External Influences in I. Hrušovský’s Conception of the Development of Scientific Knowledge [Abstract] [PDF] 939-952
Plašienková, Z. Enigmatic Cíger [Abstract] [PDF] 953-964
Mészáros, O. The First Public Dispute in Hungarian Philosophy: Disagreement about Kant’s Philosophy at the Turn of the 18th Century [Abstract] [PDF] 965-978
Gluchman, V. Erasmus of Rotterdam and Ján Milochovský: Two Humanistic Conceptions of Christian Political Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 979-989
Martinkovič, M. Political and Philosophical Views of Young S. Hurban Vajanský in Národné noviny [Abstract] [PDF] 990-1003

Scientific Life

A New Committee of SPhA   [PDF] 1026
Jan Hus Association Summer University of French Philosophy 2010: A Report   [PDF] 1019-1022
Nemec, R. An International Conference: Education through Science. Kant's “The Conflict of the Faculties”   [PDF] 1023-1025
Karul, R. The General Assembly of SPhA: A Report   [PDF] 1025-1026
Pichler, T. ELENA VÁROSSOVÁ (1926 – 2010)   [PDF] 1027


Münz, T. Lalíková, E.: Reality and Philosophy in Slovakia. Ján Lajčiak, Gejza Vámoš and Svätopluk Štúr (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1004-1007
Karol Kollár Bakoš, V.: Philosophical Initiatives of Igor Hrušovský (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1007-1010
Hála, V. Kopeček, M.: The Origins of Marxist Revisionism in Central Europe 1953 – 1960 (in Czech)   [PDF] 1011-1015
Kondrla, P.: Values and Post-modernity (in Slovak)   [PDF] 1015-1018