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Novosád, F. Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche on the Politics of Theatricality [Abstract] [PDF] 741-749
Muránsky, M. Is Ethics Absolutely Obligatory? Part II (Suspension of Ethics and the Problem of Self-Understanding in Existentialist Tradition) [Abstract] [PDF] 750-762
Palovičová, Z. David Miller and His Grammar of Social Justice [Abstract] [PDF] 763-775
Pauer, J. On Habitation and the Shared World (Architecture: Philosophy and Public Sector) [Abstract] [PDF] 776-789

Scientific Life

A New Committee of SPhA   [PDF] 789
An International Seminar Embryonic (and Adult) Stem Cells: Regenerative Medicine and PGD. Research and Application Ethics: A Report   [PDF] 846-847


Pauer, J. ome Very Short Reflections (with Very Long Titles) on the Image of the Body and on the Body as an Image, or Also on Desire and Abandonment [Abstract] [PDF] 790-797
Smreková, D. Stumbling Blocks of Euthelia. On L. Bitó’s A Book on Good Death. Euthelia – Euthanasia [Abstract] [PDF] 798-803

Discussions - Polemics

Sýkora, P. Why There is No Need for an Unconditional Protection of Every Human Zygote   [PDF] 804-816


Benoist, A. The Ideology of Liberalism: A Critique   [PDF] 817-829

Pohľad za hranice

Varga, S. Expression, Self-Knowledge and Authority. Wittgenstein and Subjectivity [Abstract] [PDF] 830-838


Zigman, P. Preuss, D., ... et in pulverem reverteris? Vom ethisch verantwortlichen Umgang mit menschlichen Überresten in Sammlungen sowie musealen und sakralen Räumen   [PDF] 839-841
Popovičová, D. Bitó, L., A Book on a Good Death: Euthelia – Euthanasia   [PDF] 842-845