Content of Number


Nagl-Docekal, H. Feminist Philosophy: How Philosophy Could Contribute to the Establishment of Gender-Fair Conditions [Abstract] [PDF] 469-479


Escoubas, É. On the Anthropology of the Visual. M. Merleau-Ponty and H. Jonas [Abstract] [PDF] 480-487
Krištofová, L. „The Second Sex“ and S. de Beauvoir’s Contribution to the Discussion of Corporeality and Sexuality [Abstract] [PDF] 488-498
Mendelová, L. „The Other among the Others“ as a Permanent Challenge to a Cross-Cultural Dialogue. S. de Beauvoir in the Context of Feminist Epistemologies [Abstract] [PDF] 499-508
Smreková, D. Morals on the Background of Ambiguity [Abstract] [PDF] 509-519


Pechar, J. Lévinas and Phenomenology   [PDF] 520-528


Problems and Prospects of the Feminist Researches. An Interview with Herta Nagl-Docekal   [PDF] 529-534
The Second and/versus the Other. Simone de Beauvoir and Luce Irigaray: An Imaginary Conversation   [PDF] 535-543


Sisáková, O. Farkašová, E., On the Way to the „Room of Her Own“. Representatives /Patterns/ Problems of the Feminist Philosophy   [PDF] 544-546
Šuch, J. Ankersmit, F., Sublime Historical Experience   [PDF] 547-549

Scientific Life

Life as an Intersection of Subjectivity and Objectivity. A Workshop Report   [PDF] 550-551
A MacIntyrian Conference   [PDF] 551-553
Prof. Glombik Visiting Philosophical Faculty of the Košice University   [PDF] 553-554
Historical and Contemporary Forms of Thought and Communication. An Invitation to a Conference     555
Novosád, F. Andrej Kopčok: A Philosopher Challenging the Disfavors of Times   [PDF] 557-559