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Young Philosophy

Sedlár, I. Do the Names of Natural Species Have Connotations? [Abstract] [PDF] 297-300
Dolák, A. Tractatus: The Conception of Natural Laws [Abstract] [PDF] 301-304
Bartoš, Vít What Is Meaning? [Abstract] [PDF] 305-310
Kolárová, A. Philosophy Solving the Problem of American Exceptionalism: The Case of Richard Rorty [Abstract] [PDF] 311-317
Timko, M. Interdisciplinary Approach and Evolutionary Ontology [Abstract] [PDF] 318-323
Roman, D. An Encounter with V. E. Frankl [Abstract] [PDF] 324-327


Višňovský, E. The Elements of the Conception of Good Life in Classical Pragmatist Ethics [Abstract] [PDF] 328-335
Šulavíková, B. Integrity and Good Life [Abstract] [PDF] 336-343
Mistrík, E. Narcist Adoration of Body and the End of Postmodern Culture [Abstract] [PDF] 344-351

Pohľad za hranice

Maclean, I. The Science of Nature and the Science of God: Conflict and Collaborationin the Early Modern Period   [PDF] 352-364


Luft, S. Subject As a Moral Person. Towards Husserl’s Late Reflections on the Concept of Person   [PDF] 365-373

Discussions - Polemics

Bžoch, A. A Hurt Ego Giving Birth to a Critique?   [PDF] 374-378


Potančok, M. Gálik, S., Philosophy and Mysticism. The Human Spiritual Development from the Perspective of the Mysticisms in the World History   [PDF] 379-380
Sačková, M. Searle, J., Speech Acts   [PDF] 380-382

Scientific Life

International Workshop Life as an Intertwinning of Subjectivity with Objectivity   [PDF] 383