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Jemelka, P. Bioethics as a Discipline. Several Commentaries on Its Status [Abstract] [PDF] 186-190
Sýkora, P. On the Necessity of Global Bioethics in a Multicultural World [Abstract] [PDF] 191-202
Volek, P. Thomas Aquinas’ Views on the Origins of Humans and Contemporary Embryology [Abstract] [PDF] 203-215
Fábry, B. Human Being and Person in Jurisprudence and in Bioethics: The Impact of Bioethics on Contemporary Discussion of the Concepts of Human being and Person in Jurisprudence [Abstract] [PDF] 216-222
Kuře, J. A Nice Death: Towards a Philosophical Explication of the Concept of Euthanasia [Abstract] [PDF] 223-234
Višňovský, E. The Relevance of Pragmatism to Bioethics [Abstract] [PDF] 235-244


Kovaľová, D. Habermas, Or Which Ethics for Bioethics? [Abstract] [PDF] 245-252
Koukolík, F. Reading M Gazzaniga’s Book Ethical Brain: A Brief Reflection   [PDF] 253-254

Scientific Life

A Conference on TheTransformations of the Anthropological Question in Contemporary Philosophy     252
A SPA Lecture     270
Šablicová, V. Ethic and Bioethics in Education: A Report from a Conference   [PDF] 271

Pohľad za hranice

Reichlin, M. Bioethics in Italy: Two Reasons of Discontent   [PDF] 255-261

Discussions - Polemics

Čarnogurská, M. Could a „Rent Agreement with the Earth“ Become a Philo- sophical Problem? [Abstract] [PDF] 262-268


Smreková, D. Humans as Subjects and Objects of Philosophical Reflection (J. Šuch – U. Wollner)   [PDF] 269-270