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Bakoš, V. Philosophical Production of the Association for Scientific Synthesis: Towards the 70th Anniversary of Its Foundation [Abstract] [PDF] 853-869
Sivák, J. Igor Hrušovský as a Philosopher (In the Light of His Problems of Philosophy) [Abstract] [PDF] 870-878
Mészáros, O. Philosophy of Neo-Thomism in Hungary in the 19th Century (As Reflected in the Early Volumes of the Journal Bölcseleti Folyóirat) [Abstract] [PDF] 879-889


Nandrásky, K. The God is Slipping His Old Skin   [PDF] 890-902
Lalíková, E. The Idea of Future in the Writings of Several Slovak Intellectuals [Abstract] [PDF] 903-910

Scientific Life

SPA Lectures January – June 2008     902
Between Image and Technology   [PDF] 943-944
Summer University 2007: A Report   [PDF] 944-947

From Recent Theses

Martinkovič, M. Political Realism in the Ideology of the New School [Abstract] [PDF] 911-920


Münz, T. The Philosophy of Religion in Hegel´s Phenomenology of Mind   [PDF] 921-926


Bakoš, V. The Philosophy of National and European Histories (Boris Zala)   [PDF] 927-930
Pichler, T. Towards the Subject of Inter-subjectivity (R. Karul – M. Muránsky – J. Vydrová (eds.))   [PDF] 931-932
Pichler, T. Towards the History of Slovak Philosophical Thinking (K. Kollár)   [PDF] 932-933
Šulavíková, B. The Ideals, Ideas, and Fortunes of the Slovak Avant-garde (V. Bakoš)   [PDF] 933-935
Karol Kollár On the Boundary, but not on the Margin... (A. Kopčok)     935-937
Karol Kollár The Contribution of the „Hlasists“ to the Development of Modern Thinking in Slovakia (R. Klobucký)   [PDF] 937-939
Gluchman, V. A Systematic View of the Problems of Social Ethics (I. Kišš)   [PDF] 940-942