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Bakoš, V. Arguments Concerning Modernity of Slovak (Philosophical) Thinking [Abstract] [PDF] 775-793
Pichler, T. „West“ and „East“ in Ethnic Romanticism of Ľudovít Štúr [Abstract] [PDF] 794-803
Zigo, M. Slovak Philosophical Society/Slovak Philosophical Association and Fortunes of Making Slovak Philosophy a Professional Discipline [Abstract] [PDF] 804-818
Karol Kollár On the History of the First Philosophical Journal in Slovakia II [Abstract] [PDF] 819-826
Mészáros, O. The Paradoxes of Ján Čaplovič Or on One Way of Marginalizing [Abstract] [PDF] 827-837
Martinkovič, M. The Ideas of Hungarian Patriotism and Civic Individuality on the Crossroads of Political Strategies [Abstract] [PDF] 838-858


Šulavíková, B. Consciousness and Subconsciousness: Philosophy of Psychology of Stanislav Felber   [PDF] 859-869
Bilasová, V. Ethos and National Consciousness   [PDF] 870-878


Pichler, T. Globalization as a Challenge for Philosophical Reflection (M. Muránsky – R. Karul (eds.))   [PDF] 879-881
Karol Kollár On Recent History of Logic and Methodology of Science in Slovakia and Bohemia (P. Cmorej – V. Černík – J. Viceník (eds.))   [PDF] 881-885
Karol Kollár Towards Researching the Cultural-Nation Making Conception of Ján Kollár (T. Ivantyšynová (ed.))   [PDF] 885-889

Scientific Life

Sivák, J. Observations from Leuven   [PDF] 890-891


Hábová, Ľ. Philosopher opposing the oppression of the era   [PDF] 892-894
Pichler, T. The work as virtue and as resistance   [PDF] 895-896