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Šišmišová, P. Hundred Years of Spanish Philosophy: From Modernity to Postmodernity [Abstract] [PDF] 70-84
Pardińas Béjar, L. The Role of Essay in Spanish Intellectual Tradition: A Brief Outline   [PDF] 85-87
Abellán, J.L. Exile, Literature and Philosophy (The Spanish Exile 1939)   [PDF] 88-93
Cerezo Galán, P. The Clearing of the World: From Logos to Myth. Ten Theses in Conclusion. (On Martin Heidegger's Tracks)   [PDF] 94-109
Chamizo Domínguez, P.J. Ortega and Language   [PDF] 110-117
Heredia Soriano, A. The Making of Philosophical Hispanism   [PDF] 118-123
Rielo, F. A Person Is Neither a Being In Itself, Nor a Being for the World   [PDF] 124-129
Subirats, E. The Spanish Quartet   [PDF] 130-138
Trías, E. The First Meditation   [PDF] 139-150


Kouřím, Z. In memoriam Alain Guy (11.VIII.1918-7.IX.1998)   [PDF] 151-169

Scientific Life

Trías, E. - Šišmišová, P. Spanish Philosophy On Internet   [PDF] 170-178
Kouřím, Z. Paging through an Issue of a Journal   [PDF] 179-182
Lenghardtová, J. The Centre for Iberian and Latin-American Studies (A New Institute at the Economic University Bratislava)   [PDF] 183-184
Lenghardtová, J. - Šišmišová, P. The Hundredth Anniversary of The Generation 1898 in Bohemia and Slovakia   [PDF] 185-186


Kouřím, Z. A Book On Unamuno (P. Cerezo Galán)   [PDF] 187-190
Kouřím, Z. The Questions of Education (F. Savater)   [PDF] 190-191
Maliti, R. The Metaphor under a Philosopher´s Magnizying glass (P. J. Chamizo Domínguez)   [PDF] 191-194
Petrovská, M. Inspiring Articles on Portugal Thought (E. Abranches de Soveral)   [PDF] 194-196
Šišmišová, P. Ortega y Gasset: A View from Inside (F. J. Martín)   [PDF] 196-201
Šišmišová, P. The European Identity Rendered Unusual (J. Lomba Fuentes)   [PDF] 202-207
Slovak Philosophical Association   [PDF] 208