Current Volume

Volume 75 (2020)

Mészáros, O. Actual State of the Historiography of the Hungarian Philosophy [Abstract] [PDF] 1-12
Guba, Á. Isaacus Zabanius’ Existentia Atomorum. Searching for a New Historical-Philosophical Context [Abstract] [PDF] 13-27
Mester, B. Béla Hamvas’s Concept of Authentic Tradition in European Context [Abstract] [PDF] 28-39
Kovács, G. National Characterology in the Interwar Hungarian Thought [Abstract] [PDF] 40-50
Szabados, B. Georg Lukács in Heidelberg: A Crossroad Between the Academic and Political Career [Abstract] [PDF] 51-64
Kuna, M. A Critique of Brown’s Concept of Hate Speech [Abstract] [PDF] 77-90
Bielik, L. Alternative Options for Reconstructing, Analyzing and Evaluating Argument [Abstract] [PDF] 91-108
Vydrová, J. Convergence of Phenomenology, Prague Structuralism and Art Creation. Genealogy of Phenomenology in Central European Context [Abstract] [PDF] 109-120
Horyna, B. Hamann and Herder on Metacriticism. Contribution to the History of Concepts [Abstract] [PDF] 133-147
Launter, P. NÉMETH, Atilla: Epicurus on the Self. Issues in Ancient Philosophy   [PDF] 65-66
Tákács, D. GURKA, Dezső (ed.): Changes in the Image of Man from the Enlightenment to the Age of Romanticism – Philosophical and Scientific Receptions of (Physical) Anthropology in the 18 – 19th Centuries   [PDF] 67-68
Véber, V. BOROS, Gábor – SZALAI, Judit – TÓTH, Olivér István (eds.): The Concept of Affectivity in Early Modern Philosophy   [PDF] 69-70
Foltin, M. ANNA ALEXANDROVA: A Philosophy for the Science of Well-being New York: Oxford University Press, 2017, pp. xlv + 196   [PDF] 158-162
Lipták, M. JAROSLAVA VYDROVÁ: Výraz, dielo, telesnosť. Fenomenologické eseje Červený Kostelec: Pavel Mervart, 2019, 167 s.   [PDF] 163-167
Hévizi, O. - Szabados, B. Remembering Ágnes Heller     72-75
Démuth, A. On the Problematics of Geometrizing Beauty and Aesthetic Terms [Abstract] [PDF] 121-132
Lacko, I. Not Random, Not Deliberate – Something In-Between: Posthumanist Themes in Ex Machina [Abstract] [PDF] 148-157