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How Concepts Develop (I)

(Original title: Ako sa vyvíjajú pojmy (I))
Filozofia, 2017, vol. 72, No 7, pp. 567-580.
Language: Slovak
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The contribution draws on the polemic on the issue in the journals Filozofia (1990 –1993) and Organon F (1995 – 2002) which seemed to be terminated by three articles published in 2002. The article focuses on several confusions and misunderstandings implied by this polemic. It also offers a stronger argument in support of the claim that abstract concepts do not develop. According to the author, concepts themselves do not develop; they are developed by people in their minds.


Appropriation of concepts, Developmental chains, Explications of the development of concepts, Ideal concepts and their physical and mental representations, Mental concepts

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